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Grace Digital Mondo Troubleshooting

An internet radio. Identified by model number GDI-IRC6000. Provided with a 1-year parts and labor manufacturer warranty.

MONDO Will Not Power On ¶ 

The screen just won’t light up.

Faulty Power Cable ¶ 

Make sure the cable is plugged in firmly to the wall outlet and the ’’DC IN’’ jack on the Mondo. Inspect the power cable for any exposed wiring or wear at the connecting ends of the wires. You may need a new power cable. Also, make sure there is a green light on the adapter plugged into the wall that indicates if there is power being supplied from the wall.

Separate Battery ¶ 

An additional battery can also be purchased. If you’re unsure if you have one or not, unscrew the cap off the bottom of the device with a phillips head screwdriver and check to see. The battery charges by plugging the Mondo in to the wall via the power cable while the battery is. If the battery is over a year old and doesn’t stay charged while unplugged, it may need to be replaced.

Selection Keys Are Not Responding ¶ 

"The keys won't respond and appear to be broken."

Keys Are Stuck In Place ¶ 

If the keys can't be pressed, it could be that there is something underneath the keys preventing it from being pressed. To fix this problem, remove the key and wipe away any particles underneath the key. Place the keys correctly back onto the device to ensure they will work.

Keys Are Missing ¶ 

If some or all of the selection keys are missing, here is a guide to replace them.

Won’t Connect to Wifi ¶ 

You want to enjoy Pandora or iHeart Radio, but can’t connect to wifi.

Device Is Not Registered ¶ 

You’re connected to your personal wifi, but the premium radio apps like Pandora won’t let you play music. This is not a wifi issue. You need to register your Mondo at and create an account. Make sure your device is still connected to wifi while registering online.

Wifi Password ¶ 

Make sure your wifi either has a WPA or WEP password protection. If the password you’ve entered is correct, try connecting to a different (preferably unprotected) wifi and check to see if you connect. If you still can’t connect, you may need to replace the motherboard.

No Sound is Playing or Distorted ¶ 

You're ready to jam out, but nothing is playing.

Volume Knob May Be Broken ¶ 

Make sure the volume knob is not broken by watching the screen while turning up the volume to verify the current level of volume.

Auxiliary Test ¶ 

On the right side (display side) of the Mondo there is a port for an auxiliary cord to be used to play music from another device. This is a great way to test if your speaker is working if you're unsure of its condition. Plug in your device and make sure the volume is turned up. Begin to play audio from your separate device through the Mondo. This is a great way to bypass any software, application, or network issues. If you do not hear anything coming from the speaker, get your multi-meter ready to test for a blown speaker.

Remote Control is Not Working ¶ 

Simply point and click isn't as easy as it sounds

Faulty/Dead Batteries ¶ 

Typically, you can just plug in the batteries to another remote/device to see if they work but if you want to go the extra length, keep reading. Testing the infrared signal is a great way to check if your batteries need to be changed or not. Get out a camera. Your phone will work just fine. Aim the the little plastic bulb on the front of the remote towards the camera and press any button (power button works best). You should see a flash on your screen, indicating an infrared signal being sent from the remote. If not, you may want to go the extent to check the charge in your batteries. To test the battery, turn on your multi-meter/voltmeter, put the voltmeter on DCV and make sure that it is far above the battery voltage, on most voltmeters there is a setting "20" in the DCV area, so switch your voltmeter to that setting. With the battery in front of you, put the red probe to battery's nipple (+) and the black probe to the battery's flat side (-). Notice the voltage reading on the voltmeter. If the reading is more than 1.3V for alkaline battery (not rechargeable battery) then the battery still has some juice left in it, don't throw it away. Otherwise, properly discard of the battery and get a new one. If in the chance the batteries do work and the remote is still not working, then you may need a new circuit board in your remote.

Buttons Are Stuck ¶ 

Sometimes a button sticks underneath the plastic frame on top, or around, the buttons and is a simple diagnosis. If your other buttons are working just fine, then it might be time to re-adjust the button pad. Get ready to take apart your remote control with this guide.

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If there is no sound from your speaker, check the settings > speaker on/off. Also, if the headphone jack is being used the speaker will cut off.

Whole Witt - 답글

Have shipped our Mondo back 4X to Grace for repairs. The first time, paid for the shipping and repair. This should have triggered the ‘One Year Warranty’. Problem has been in the WiFi Transceiver. Won’t connect to WiFi with password protocols, but will to an ‘Open’ network, which puts your system open to hacking. Assurances of being fixed have proved smoke. Can no longer recommend the purchase of a Grace product until their repair department reaches a higher level. To make our Mondo to connect, we have resorted to using a USB WiFi 150 Mbps Adapter. Once inserted into the USB port, one has to unplug the power and restart. Nice concept, bad service.

Pat Reysen - 답글

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