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Graco Snugrider Elite Troubleshooting

The Stroller will not fold

The gray folding mechanism will not move or is very stiff.

Severed connection between the frame and the folding mechanism

If the folding mechanism squeezes normally but does not allow for folding, then the connection between it and the frame may be severed or disconnected. Make sure the connecting pieces on either side of the cup holder piece are firmly placed in the connectors on the frame. If they are in place and the problem still persists, you will need to replace the handlebar on the stroller.

The Brakes are not responding

The brakes are either stuck and won't let the wheel move freely, or they will not stop the wheels at all.

The brake lever is stuck in place

If the brake lever is stuck in place, you most likely need to lubricate it to allow movement. If lubrication does not relieve the problem, you will need to replace the back wheels/brake system.

The brake spokes are broken

If the wheels still spin freely even after the brakes have been applied, then it is likely that some or all of the brake spokes on the wheel have been broken. You will need to replace the back wheels on the stroller.

The Handlebar will not fold properly

The folding handlebars are stuck and cannot move or the handlebars will not stay in place.

The locking mechanism is broken

If the handlebars are either stuck in place or will not lock in place, it is likely that the locking mechanism is broken. The handlebars will have to be replaced.

The wheels are not responding

"The rear or front wheels will not properly support the stroller or allow for movement"

The wheels are broken

If the any of the wheels are damaged to the point where the stroller does not move easily or at all, they will need to be replaced. You will need to either replace the rear wheels or replace the front wheels.

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The clip to make it collapse broke and won’t fold up

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