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HP Pavillion 14-Q020nr Troubleshooting

Touchpad Unresponsive

Tapping the touchpad and its left and right buttons produces no result.

Enable Touchpad

Double tap the touchpad in the upper left corner to re-enable it.

Failure to Power On

The chromebook will not turn on or screen shows an error message when trying to power on.

Battery Life is Spent

If the light on the power button blinks but the screen will not turn on, then the chromebook does not have enough power to function. Be sure the charger is plugged into a working outlet and the cable is connected snugly to the laptop. Allow the chromebook to charge for 15-30 minutes before turning it on.

Charger is Broken

If the chromebook is plugged in for at least 30 minutes and still will not turn on, check the charger cord for external damage. Common locations of concern include the AC adapter, the cord, and the connector at the end of the cable. If damages are apparent, you may need to purchase a new AC adapter and power cord on the HP website. Also check the charging port, as it may have desoldered from the circuit board component.

Computer needs a hard reset

Remove and reinstall the battery pack.

If light is flashing but the screen is blank, turn the computer off completely and remove any external connected devices. Locate the back panel of the computer and remove the 6 screws holding the back cover on. Take out the battery and then hold down the power button on the chromebook for 15 seconds. Place the battery back in and power the chromebook back on. If a startup menu opens, use the arrow keys to select “start windows normally” and press enter.

New Battery Needed

If none of the above solutions work.

If a reset has been attempted and laptop will still not turn on, you may need to replace the battery due to wear and tear.

Screen Issue: Dark Spots

Due to External Injury

Screen has at least one circular spot with a wide area pixel defect. This is usually caused by an object hitting the screen, not internal issues. If you believe the damage was external, replace your screen

Screen Issue- Diagonal or Jagged Lines

Due to External Injury or Internal Failure

These can be white or black, extending into sections of the screen but not usually the whole area. This can be caused by either an external injury or internal failure. One set of lines usually indicates a broken panel, but a screen full of lines can also be caused by internal issues like a graphics system failure. If you believe the damage was external, replace your screen.

Does not maintain a charge for complete 8 hour battery life

The chromebook battery drains way faster than it used to when I purchased it

Battery Damaged

To check the health of the Chromebook battery, first unplug the charging cable and close any open tabs.

Press the ctrl + alt + t keys to open Crosh (the window that will allow you to check the battery). Type battery_test 1 (with a space between test and 1) and press enter.

Locate the section labeled Battery Heath. If the percentage displayed here is less than 50, then the battery is worn and should be replaced.

In addition, if this section displays unknown, then the battery will need to be replaced.

Keyboard Unresponsive

When trying to type using the keyboard, nothing is registering on screen.

Connection with Keyboard Needs to Be Refreshed

Computer needs to be totally restarted.

First turn the computer off. Remove any and all external connected devices, including AC adapter.

Perform a hard reset: Unscrew 6 screws in back panel and remove the battery. Press and hold power button for 15 seconds.

Reconnect AC adapter and power source. Power computer on and select "Start Windows Normally" if screen appears and press Enter.

It is now safe to reconnect any external devices. Run Windows Update and HP Support Assistant to update all device drivers, as this is often the issue.

Keys are Slow to Respond

There is a delay between striking the key and it showing up on screen

Due to Malware on Laptop

If this problem just began, try a scan for spyware and malware. If this offers no information, try:

1. Attaching a wireless keyboard and attempting to type, if it works seamlessly, your current keyboard may need to be replaced

2. Using different programs to see if the lag takes place everywhere, or just in a particular program.

Due to Sluggish Operating System

3. Update your computer with the newest operating system and delete old files

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