HP iPAQ H2200 Troubleshooting

The device is powered on but the screen remains blank or the screen turns off during use.

The backlight might be set to turn off after only a few seconds. The timer may be changed in the Backlight Settings menu.

If the battery is not sufficiently charged, the backlight might not turn on or the device might not power on at all. Try plugging in the AC adapter.

The battery's charge does not last for more than an hour.

To ensure a fully charged battery, always keep the HP iPAQ Pocket PC connected to the AC adapter when it is not in use.

To reduce the length of time the backlight remains on, reduce the backlight time in the Backlight settings menu.

No network connection could be found.

To ensure a reliable network connection, be sure the hardware being used with the HP iPAQ Pocket PC is properly configured and operational.

The Internet browser could not be opened because of a connection error.

If attempting to connect to a home network, make sure the router is not encrypted or protected by some sort of password.

If attempting to connect to an internet hotspot, you must agree to the provider's Terms of Use. To do so, turn on your WiFi, open an internet browser, navigate to any webpage and the Terms of Use should appear on the screen.

The screen or one or more applications may be frozen.

The internal RAM might have too much information stored on it and may need to be cleared.

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My IPAQ 2200 does not turn on- When I plug charger in I get a blue and orange light.

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