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Ask questions. Get answers. Fix your things.

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Need to fix something, but not quite sure how to do it? You’ve come to the right place. iFixit Answers connects you with friendly fixers from around the world to help you with your repair questions. So ask any repair question you’d like. About your laptop, about your bicycle, about your refrigerator—seriously, ask us anything (as long as it’s repair-related)! We’re just a helpful bunch of people who care about our things and want to make them as long as possible.

Who answers? ¶ 

It takes a village to answer a repair question. iFixit is that village. We don’t run Answers. Our community does. Hundreds of thousands of people use iFixit every single day. We’re betting some of them have had the same problem you’re having now—and maybe they figured out how to fix that problem. So, ask your repair question, and know that the entire iFixit community is working to find you a solution. In fact, all of the information on our site is collaboratively edited by our community. Our goal is to build a database of repair guides and answers that’s useful for years to come. So when you see a community member categorize your question or add tags, that’s OK! We encourage everyone to improve posts by editing or commenting.

How to ask  ¶ 

Before you ask, make sure you’ve searched our existing Answers first. Odds are that someone else has run into your same problem—especially if you’re repairing a popular device. They might have already asked your same question, and gotten an answer that fixed the problem. Check out the database of repair solutions by using the search box at the top of Answers, or by checking out questions at the bottom of the repair guide for your device.

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Still not finding what you need? Time to ask a question. Our community wants to help answer your questions. The better the question, the more answers you’ll get. We’ve set up some simple guidelines to help you ask great questions.

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A clean site is a happy site ¶ 

Tags help keep our site tidy and make it easier for our community to find questions to answer. Add a tag to your question by selecting the device you’re working on from the dropdown. If your question is related to multiple devices, use multiple tags. You can click any tag to see a list of questions associated with that tag using our tags list.

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Don’t see the tag you need? Not a problem. You can add new tags using our question wizard.

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What worked for you? ¶ 

There’s usually more than one way to do a repair, so most questions receive multiple answers from our community. We encourage our entire community to upvote good answers, which pushes them to the top of a thread and makes it easier for everyone to find the best information. You can also downvote bad answers to push them to the bottom.

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An “accepted” answer indicates the asker has chosen a solution that worked for them. (Another solution on the thread might still work for you, so be sure to look through the entire thread.) An accepted answer will be marked with “chosen solution” and rise to the top of the thread with a green highlighted box around it.

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If you find someone in the community has already asked your question, you can use the “I have this problem too” button. This indicates that you are also interested in an answer.

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