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Insignia Flex 10.1 Troubleshooting

Black tablet, Identified by model number NS-14T004

Tablet does not turn on when the power button is pressed.

If your tablet fails to turn on, ensure that the battery is charged. Try plugging the charger into the tablet and waiting a few minutes.

It is possible that your tablet is fine but your charger is broken. Try using a different functional micro-USB charger. If it still does not charge your tablet, there may be an issue with the micro-USB port on your tablet. Check out this guide to replace your motherboard.

If the charger is functional and plugged in and you are still experiencing problems with the battery holding charge, consider replacing your battery. Replace the battery using this guide

If replacing the charger or battery still does not charge your tablet, it may be an issue with the micro-USB port on your tablet. Check out this guide to replace your motherboard.

The display remains the same and is unresponsive to touch.

Restart the Tablet by holding down the power button for several seconds until it is off. Press the power button again to turn it on.

Your tablet is using too much computing power. Try closing some applications that are running. This allows the tablet to run smoother.

If your screen is cracked and does not respond to touches, your screen is most likely damaged and needs to be replaced. You can replace the screen by following this guide.

The tablet does not make any sound.

Make sure the volume is not muted. Try pressing the volume up button on the side of the tablet. Another way to turn up the volume is to go into your settings and then go to sound.

If the volume is turned on and you still do not hear any sound, consider replacing your speaker by following this guide.

Voice calls, voice memos, and voice commands do not function properly.

Your ports may have collected dirt or dust. Clean out the dust by using a compressed air duster to carefully blow out the ports.

If your tablet still does not record audio, consider replacing your microphone by following this guide.

While you are working, your tablet randomly shuts off without notification.

Remove the tablet from any hot environments and put it in a cool environment.

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Hi I have the 10.1 insignia and the touch screen won't work I've already tried rebooting it and still won't work what can I do at this point

ferna014 - 답글

Same problem too

db204696 -

I have a insignia 10.1 silver .My camera won't camera icon only camcorder icon is on the startup of the webcam.????

Bobby lee Miller - 답글

I have a insignia tablet that turns it self off once I turn it on

Untwan Tate - 답글

my insignia tablet just got it august 14th and has had the problem or resetting itself automatically every single day when i use it, when i’m playing a game or even when i’m just watching a single short video, and it started happening before any updates or downloads . i think its overheating but that doesn’t make much since for a tablet to overheat even in a huge room that has the ac on cold constantly running, even the counter it is on is cold. Haven’t even overcharged it think i might just end up sticking with labtops and pcs cause this my first tablet that i havent even dropped once and its already giving me problems before i even started making or changes to it or adding any apps to it.

innocent1akamaru - 답글

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