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Sometimes, there are problems where you can't figure out why your device will not start up. Here are some possible causes.

Sometimes, it really just comes down to charging your device before you try to turn it on. While port issues sometimes come into play, try charging your device for a day or so without touching it.

Your battery might just have some internal wiring issues. If charging doesn't fix it, look online to find a battery to replace it. Sometimes, a way to tell if there is a problem with your battery is to look and see if one of the sides rises up. If your battery goes to 40% before it quickly drains and shuts down, definitely look into replacing it.

While we all dread the idea of replacing the motherboard, it might just be the cause of your problem. If the other two options did nothing for you, our repair guide will show you just how to replace it so you don't have to do it alone.

A good option for fixing most screen problems is replacing the screen. Like laptops and other devices, the screen is not always perfect. The screen and backlight may just need to be changed out. Follow our guide in how to assemble a screen.

Unfortunately, the best thing you can try is to press and hold the power button to turn down the device and the restart it.

The best fix to any speaker problems, is to just get rid of the old and bring in the new. We'll teach you how to replace your speaker if you head over to our guide.

If your sound problem only happens when you plug in your headphones, there could be a problem with the audio jack in the device. Make sure there is no dust in your audio jack or see if it is slightly looks. This, too, might need to be replace. Though, if you audio jack seems completely fine, it might be a problem with your headphones. See if they are actually compatible with your device and then check with another device. If your headphones work on another device, it might be a problem with the device.

Most of the time, as stated earlier, the cause of all your problems is going to be the motherboard. Like computers, the motherboard can fry itself. But don't fret too much! Replacement can be simple and we'll be hear to show you how.

Many people have trouble with a camera taking low quality images. Unfortunately, this device is only 1-2 megapixels. Up to 2 megapixels is designed to be a small image. This is good for profiles on social media or photos for your personal blog.

Wiring can go wrong on occasion or the camera can break randomly. If this is your problem, the best way to go about fixing it most the time is to just take it out and put in a new one. We can help you how to replace the camera in our repair guide.

You might need to replace that motherboard! If it immediately shuts down, even after you've charged it for hours upon hours, your problems lies within the motherboard.

If your tablet is having trouble starting up, even after you've replaced the motherboard, it might be a problem with your hard drive. The hard drive is where all the memory of your device goes. Your operating system is in here and if the hard drive is faulty or broken, your OS will be problematic.

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