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Jazz Ultratab C954 Troubleshooting

This is a guide to help solve common problems with the Jazz Ultratab C954 Tablet yourself.

The tablet will not charge when connected to the charging adaptor.

Check to see if the charger is connected to a power strip or power board. If it is, try unplugging the power strip and re-plugging the charger directly to the outlet. This test will help identify whether or not the problem lies within the power strip. If the device is still not charging, the next step would be to try using another outlet. Doing this step will test if the problem lies with that specific outlet.

If the device is still not charging, then the problem lies either in the device charging adaptor or the device itself. Try to first replace the charger, it will be the least tasking approach. If a replacement charger will not fix the issue, then something within the device is not functioning properly.

At this point, it is recommended to replace the battery.

The device will not sync to an existing network.

Check to see if your device’s wifi is turned on. Make sure the device’s sleep mode is not activated.

Check to see wifi signal strength, the signal strength is represented by how many bars is on the wifi icon. If the signal strength is low, try moving closer to the router to get better connection.

Take a look at the wifi source(router or modem). Make sure the service is still up and running, do this by checking to see if the internet icon is lit up. If not, call the service provider. The problem will lie in the router or modem.

Even though the tablet’s sound volume is up, the speakers will not produce any sounds.

Check to see if plugging in headphones will display sound, this checks to see if the speakers work properly. If it sounds to be functioning correctly, the problem lies in the speakers. They will need to be replaced.

Sometimes there can be bugs within the software. An easy fix for something like that would be to power off and on your device. This process is called rebooting. If the last step does not help, try a factory reset of the device. To do this, go to Settings, tap on Back up and Reset, tap on Factory Data Reset, tap on Reset Tablet.

WARNING: Doing a factory reset will wipe out all data and memory. It will be wise to store important memory elsewhere before doing this step.

If none of the above works, the problem most likely will lie in hardware. This will require a replacement of the audio jack and/or motherboard.

The loading time for generally everything on the tablet such as opening apps and initiation of the home button is drastically longer.

Step 1: Reboot your tablet. Doing this will allow the tablet to start up running only the necessary processes. In other words, it will use less processes after the boot up, allowing the response of the device to speed up.

Close unused apps running in the background by going to “Apps or Manage Application” under Settings, tap the unwanted app, and select “Force Close”. Doing this will free up some space in the RAM space.

Check the memory usage under the settings. It can be found by tapping Settings >> Manage Application >> Task Manager >> RAM. On the RAM tab, select “Clear Memory”. Uninstalling unnecessary apps also helps. (Game apps can be problematic when its file memory gets big.) To do this, go to Settings >> Application Manager and start going through the lists of apps, select the apps you want to delete, and tap delete.

The tablet won’t start. It only goes to a loading screen.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix the issue is a hard factory reset. Doing this will wipe out all current memory and data on the device. To do this, you would first turn off the device. Plug in the charger cable and unplug it after waiting a few seconds. Hold down the Volume UP and Power button at the same time until the system recovery screen appears. Using the Volume buttons, scroll down and select “Factory Reset” using the power button. The device should then restart as if it is booting up for the very first time.

For more information and help regarding this device, click on the link below to redirect the page to the Jazz Ultratab C954 device page.

[Jazz Ultratab C954 Device Page]

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