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Kindle 3 Troubleshooting

Released July 28, 2010. Kindle Keyboard Third Generation. Model number: D00901.

Common Kindle 3 Problems ¶ 

Cracked Screen ¶ 

I dropped my Kindle and the screen cracked.

My Kindle was crushed in my luggage, and the screen cracked.

A cracked screen should be replaced to avoid user injury. A cracked screen will impair eBook readability.

Keys Are Stuck ¶ 

I got water in the Kindle keyboard and it won't type.

I spilled something on my keyboard.

Try to clear keyboard with compressed air. If one is still experiencing difficulty with the keyboard, consider replacement.

Drained Battery ¶ 

My Kindle is not holding its charge.

Before replacing the battery, reset device. If poor charge persists, replace the battery.

댓글 3개

I dropped the pad and it won't com on.

The back had loosened slightly and I clipped it back but it still will not come on.

The battery is fully charged and shows a green light and the pd witches on and off.

Can someone help please.

Thank you


Ruth Perl - 답글

My kindle will no longer switch on. I switched off then 10 mins later tried to switch on but nothing happened no green light or orange light just screen saver. I have 4 new unread books on store. How can I access them and my library. Have I lost the lot and have to start again?

Chris June 9th

Christine Bryars - 답글

I can't get it to connect to the Wi-Fi

mcherrette - 답글

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