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Kindle 3 Troubleshooting

Released July 28, 2010. Kindle Keyboard Third Generation. Model number: D00901.

I dropped my Kindle and the screen cracked.

My Kindle was crushed in my luggage, and the screen cracked.

A cracked screen should be replaced to avoid user injury. A cracked screen will impair eBook readability.

I got water in the Kindle keyboard and it won't type.

I spilled something on my keyboard.

Try to clear keyboard with compressed air. If one is still experiencing difficulty with the keyboard, consider replacement.

My Kindle is not holding its charge.

Before replacing the battery, reset device. If poor charge persists, replace the battery.

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I dropped the pad and it won't com on.

The back had loosened slightly and I clipped it back but it still will not come on.

The battery is fully charged and shows a green light and the pd witches on and off.

Can someone help please.

Thank you


Ruth Perl - 답글

My kindle will no longer switch on. I switched off then 10 mins later tried to switch on but nothing happened no green light or orange light just screen saver. I have 4 new unread books on store. How can I access them and my library. Have I lost the lot and have to start again?

Chris June 9th

Christine Bryars - 답글

I can't get it to connect to the Wi-Fi

mcherrette - 답글

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