Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation Troubleshooting

Kindle won’t turn on ¶ 

Kindle is simply unresponsive to contact. Screen remains blank.

Battery is not fully charged. ¶ 

Plug the USB cable into the Kindle and make sure the other end is plugged into a power source. When the device is fully charged, the amber light at the bottom of the Kindle will turn green. Try to turn the device on again by pressing and holding the power button.

Battery will not charge ¶ 

Battery is not responding to any charging method.

Kindle is not set up for charging ¶ 

Make sure that when attempting to charge the battery, the Kindle is turned on and sleep mode is turned off.

USB cable is not working properly ¶ 

Check both ends of the cable to see if they are damaged. If they are, they must be replaced.

Make sure that the USB cable is fully inserted into the USB port of the Kindle Paperwhite and the USB port of your computer.

Is the amber light on the bottom of the Kindle turned on? It will turn green when fully charged.

Make sure that the charge light is on. If it is not then you may have to replace the USB cable.

Display is damaged ¶ 

A nasty scratch or permanent stain has made your Kindle unreadable.

Damaged front screen ¶ 

Check that the device still functions. The display is made of several layers, and the tough plastic layer on top will often shield the internals from damage. Still, a large scratch in the protective cover can make the rest of the screen unreadable, and the only solution is to replace the entire screen.

Display is frozen ¶ 

Kindle does not change pages, is unresponsive to touch, or does not load.

Touchscreen cannot properly detect user activity. ¶ 

The touchscreen is sensitive, but dirty fingers or inadequate contact can prevent it from picking up your input. Use the pads of your fingers, multiple fingers, or a larger area on the palm of your hand when using your Kindle to ensure good contact with the screen. Keep your hands clean when using the touchscreen so that dirt and grime do not interfere with the touchscreen's operation.

Kindle has crashed ¶ 

Your Kindle has probably suffered some sort of internal software error. Fortunately, you can fix these kinds of errors by restarting the operating system. Restart the device by holding down the power button down for 20 seconds.

Display is bad ¶ 

Your Kindle's display might have gone bad. If you can still connect your Kindle to a computer and transfer data via USB, the display is at fault, and needs replacement.

Motherboard is bad ¶ 

If nothing else works, your motherboard has probably died, and will need replacement.

Screen light is stuck on particular brightness setting ¶ 

Kindle is turned on and functioning, but the brightness cannot be adjusted.

Screen light isn’t on ¶ 

Press screen light icon then hold the + button. The screen should brighten.

Internal error ¶ 

Your Kindle might have suffered some kind of internal error. Restart the device by holding the power button down for 20 seconds. If Kindle will not restart, charge your device (40% or greater) and try again.

Screen light is not functioning properly ¶ 

Screen light is completely off or the lighting is uneven.

You may need to reload your Kindle. Screen Light Unresponsive To Brightness Setting Changes

Lighting is uneven ¶ 

The Kindle's LED light display is not perfectly even. Lighting variations are seen in the margin; this is normal.

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My kindle paper white is stuck on amazon shop I can buy books but the button to go to home screen to read the books does not work and if I try to read them on my Apple tablet it does not show me all the books in my library

carolwoods50 - 답글

Will not take a charge, all charging cords feel loose in the port and screen is frozen on a charge your battery announcement.

Roxanne Petrilla - 답글

The battery is charged, when I hold down the on/off it displays a green light, but will not turn on... HELP

Karen Kimball - 답글

Hi mine is doing this, did you ever find a solution?

karen_watson01 -

My Kindle won't charge.. it is continuously showing a low battery icon on the screen... Tried charging it on 3 different chargers... What can I do?

Ameya Kulkarni - 답글

I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Karlijn -

The screen is very readable in direct sunlight, with or without sunglasses. It transitions extremely well from bright sunlight to indoor light to dark as well. This is a very great product in that way! [|Hope this helps!]

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