Kyocera Oystr TroubleShooting

Kyocera Oystr ¶ 

About ¶ 

Kyocera Oystr is a flip phone made by Kyocera Communications Inc.

Broken Screen ¶ 

-Shine light on phone screen, if display still shows up then your backlight on your phone may be out, if it doesnt then you may need a brand new screen

Battery Issues ¶ 

-Check to see if you have Kyocera certified battery

-Check if you have certified phone charger

-Replace Battery

Phone Wont Ring ¶ 

- If your phone is going straight to voicemail and you have good service and sufficient power then you may to to contact your provider to reset your voicemail

Antenna Broken ¶ 

Speaker Problems ¶ 

Keygaurd appears on screen ¶ 

- Press button below "Keyguard," then press 123 or the "OK" key to unlock the Keyguard feature. The phone will display "Keyguard Disabled."

Other Issues? ¶ 

-Contact Kyocera

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