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LG 32CS560 Troubleshooting

General Problems ¶ 

Cannot control the TV with the remote control ¶ 

If the TV remote control is not working, please try the following:

  • Check the remote control sensor on the remote and try again.
  • Remove any obstacles between remote and TV.
  • Check if the batteries in the remote are still good.

No sound or image is displayed ¶ 

  • Check if the TV is on.
  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
  • Test the wall outlet by plugging in another appliance.

Image appears slowly when TV turns on ¶ 

  • This is a normal function of the TV. If image does not appear after 30 seconds, unplug TV and try again.
  • If problem persists, you may have a bad power supply board or control board inside the TV. See the power supply diagnosis and replacement guide here and the control board diagnosis and replacement guide here. Or, you may contact the authorized service center in your area.

Cannot connect external devices ¶ 

  • See the manual area "Connection Overview" to learn about connecting external devices to your TV.

The TV turns off suddenly ¶ 

  • Check the outlet power. The power may have been suddenly interrupted.
  • Make sure the auto sleep feature isn't activated.
  • If there is no signal for 15 minutes, the TV will automatically turn off. This is normal and is used to save power when a signal is not present.

Audio Problems ¶ 

Images are displayed but no sound is present ¶ 

  • Make sure the volume is turned up and the "MUTE" button is not activated. You can control these settings by using the controls on the TV or by using the remote.
  • Test sound on other channels or input devices as the problem may be with the TV signal.
  • Make sure the TV Speaker feature is activated in the settings menu of the TV.

Only one speaker produces sound ¶ 

  • Change the balance setting in the TV settings menu

Video Problems ¶ 

Image is black and white ¶ 

  • Adjust the color setting in the TV settings menu
  • Remove other close by electronic devices because one may be interfering with the TV signal.
  • Test sound on other channels or input devices as the problem may be with the TV signal.

Horizontal or Vertical Bars are present ¶ 

  • Remove any close by electronic appliances or power tools as they may be interfering with the TV signal.

Screen appears extremely dark ¶ 

  • Adjust the brightness and contrast setting in the TV settings menu.

No Signal appears on screen ¶ 

  • Make sure the signal cable is properly connected to the back of the TV
  • Connect another device to the TV to test if the problem is with the signal cable or the TV.

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