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LG G3 Vigor Troubleshooting

Use our LG G3 Vigor troubleshooting guide to diagnose your device's issues.

You can't get your LG G3 Vigor to connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi must be enabled first in order to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This problem could be due to the fact that your device's Wi-Fi is turned off.

There may be a problem with the router or the other source that is supplying the Wi-Fi or it could simply just be unplugged.

If the wireless network password is incorrect then your LG G3 Vigor will not connect to the Wi-Fi network.

You can't get your LG G3 to charge.

The outlet that you are trying to plug your charger into could be faulty and thus the reason that your device is not charging.

There could be some debris in the charging port that could be preventing your phone from charging. If the charging port looks to be debris free, the problem could be related to the battery or the gold contacts being dirty.

The charging problem may not be your phone at all but due to the fact that you have a faulty charger.

Your LG G3 is unresponsive or has slowed down.

Sometimes the SD card can slow down the device and removing it will help. From the home screen tap the All Apps icon. From there tap on the Settings icon and scroll and tap storage. Find the option to Unmounted SD card tap it and hit OK. Then remove the SD card from the phone.

Some apps run in the background and slow the devices performance down, removing them can help with performance.

Your LG G3 Vigor won't turn on.

The power button may be broken and need to be replaced.

The device won’t turn on when the battery is uncharged. To charge the battery, we need to plug the device into a computer or AC adapter and see if the battery is charging.

The battery might be dead and need to be replaced. If the device suddenly turned off, or the battery dose not last long, these are signs of a faulty battery. When the battery is no longer charging, then the battery will need to be replaced.

The device might be working and the battery is charged, but the display is non-responsive or faulty . We can try to charge the device and press the power button and see nothing change. In this case, bring the device close enough to hear the device is working. If that’s happened we know that the problem is the display, and it will need to be replaced.

Your LG G3s speakers are not working or producing sound.

The first thing to check when realizing that the speaker on the LG G3 Vigor is not working is to go right to the source and check the speaker to see if there is any debris blocking the speaker and preventing it from making sound. The speakers may be broken and need to be replaced.

Your devices volume may be all the way down or it is on a silent or mute mode. Try and locate the audio settings for your LG G3 Vigor and check to see if it is in any of those modes.

A common problem that usually leads to the device not performing up to standards is that the software it could be running on is old and has bugs that cause these hiccups. That being said make sure that your phone is up to date on software updates and if not try updating your phone to the most up to date software ( MAKE SURE TO BACKUP DEVICE PREVIOUS TO UPDATE IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT NO DATA IS LOST)

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