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Earphone falls out of the device ¶ 

Movement of the device causes the earphone to fall out.

Obstruction in the earphone cavity ¶ 

Clean/wipe the surface between the earphone and the magnet inside the device.

Bad Magnet ¶ 

If the earphone still will not stay in place, the magnet inside the device may need to be replaced.

Device is not functioning ¶ 

Frayed or worn out wires causes the device to not function properly.

Break in one of the connecting wires ¶ 

Strip the material covering the wire off, and use wire splicing techniques to merge the break in the wire segment.

Device is not charging ¶ 

Battery light is violet or red after device has charged for two hours or more.

"If not able to charge, change the power source of the charger/power cord."

Charger is not working ¶ 

Inspect the charger for obvious signs of malfunction such as burned or frayed wire.

Charger Port is not working ¶ 

If the charger seems to be in working order, use a pin or small screwdriver to locate the lead inside the charger port. If it is bent, attempt to bend it back to its normal state.

댓글 45개

my headset keep saying vibrate off

Garrett Stewart - 답글

You can't splice enameled wire.

Dirk Mittler - 답글

The stock ear-pieces have thinly-braided, enameled leads, given color at one end of a single wire to denoted (+). I don't know whether that polarity-color-label extends into the covered length, that might be frayed. But if it does, then your greatest challenge might be, in de-insulating that kind of wire. Its insulation consists of a thin but tough, transparent coating. I found in my youth, that the easiest way to do that, was actually to hold a cigarette-lighter-flame to it for a few seconds. After that, you might be able to "splice" it, if you apply very good dexterity.

Dirk Mittler - 답글

My HBS-750 is not connecting with Bluetooth or sometimes disconnecting after being connected. At the same time it started altering its voice. When the device say "Power On.... Trying to connect" it has now started to say it in a very high pitch or a very low pitch. When it says that in an abnormal pitch it will not connect via Bluetooth.

Doug Barrineau - 답글

Headset was working great until a phone call. It is charged and connected but will not play

jodyk - 답글

I'll charge it then after it supposedly charges the blue light comes on, but when i take it off the charger and turn it on to use it it blinks red and blue....i dont know what's going on with it and dont know how to fix it. Please help

shanea smith - 답글

Did u ever fix this problem mine do this now

BigFamily OfFUN -

Need help please. Headphones work great for music, but I have a lot of cutting out when I get a phone call.

stacijervis - 답글

Did you ever get this fixed? I have a Note 5 and am having the same issue. Music is fine but phone calls cut out and/or sound echo'y or metallic.

Walter -

Any fix on this? I am experiencing the same thing.

Irene Mendoza -

While listening to audio book all of the sudden the headset dials the last number I called sometimes 3-4 times in a row thoughts?

djartjar - 답글

I'm having same issue, have you found a solution?

guikawano -

I am having the same issue as well... Has anyone figured out a solution?

Bret Butler -

stereo not working only mono what could be wrong

sheldon - 답글

There is light on the headphones and it connects but there's no sound on both earbuds.

edwinonline0628 - 답글

How do you know if it is charginng

ElizaBeth Lee - 답글

I can't hear if I'm playing music only if I'm on a call

Juquitta Payne - 답글

my device wont turn on. put on charger-showing purple light, but wont power on

michael - 답글

same here, although charging

Ahmed Samir -

my lg bluetooth earphones won't work even though I charged it. When I opened it after charging, I didn't heard the European lady speaking and won't even connect to my phone. When I turned it off the red light is on and it's not blinking. Please help me. What should I do with it?

Alexander Felix Kauffman - 답글

For some reason, mine like skips while listening, almost like it's cutting out.

bigrossthehoss2012 - 답글

My head phones have they blueish red light on and it won't connect or turn on and it's getting me worried

Devin - 답글

Everytime I use it to answer a call the audio has so much ec ho I have to disconnect the headset and use my cell phone instead. Is there a setting that controls echo? If not, these will be returned.

critika_la - 답글

Will not stop vibrating. Won't come one won't charge won't connect nothing.

Wesley thrash - 답글

Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same problem with mine.

Delia Bradley -

My headset has a solid violet light that wont go way andbit doesn't have any type of function, no sound, no connection, nothing.

miguel guzman - 답글

My headset is not working. I cant check if it is charging coz there is no LED light while charging. It doesn't turn on. I didn't drop it. It just stopped working. What seems to be the problem. Need help!

Alexes Panganiban - 답글

Have you fixed this problem or found a solution my earphones(hbs-900) won't charge I put them on charger for 2 days and still no light came on it never powered up it just feels like it has short bursts of vibration when it’s on the charger

Jessica R McEwen -

Mines charge i see the red light but they will not turn on help me

Patrick Nuncio - 답글

The problem I have is that it never charged for me. When I went to charge it for the first time after the headphones died it never connected.

Ms JD - 답글

When my headset power switch is turned on, if it touches anything ( ike my neck ) it power off whole the switch is on the “power on" setting. Please help.

Ian ecb - 답글

Its a lg. Throw them in the trash and buy the bose. Cost more but not a piece of $@$*

Clifton Hassett -

One ear bud is working but the other one does not. How do I fix it?

Fred Wigley - 답글

Lg tone hb 760

lost right side advance song slider.

need to know how to fix and replace.

Christen trout - 답글

Ours sound like you are shouting from across the room the microphone amplifies background noise and mutes voices. This is the second one we had with this issue. The first one would cut in and out so sometimes it was super clear then very very distant faint voice.

DeAnna Colegate - 답글

My headset will charge with the charging light on, but the device will not turn on at all!!! Help!!

Victor and harlee Ingraham - 답글

I have the same problem

Karrie sink -

My headset will not turn on after charging overnight. The light is blue

Michael LaRocque - 답글

That's charging overnight my headset will not turn on. The light is blue.

Michael LaRocque - 답글

When I try to charge mine the blue light flickers on then it’s goes away and they won’t cut on.


Dameon - 답글

Why does my headset loose volume every time I get a text or notification. I have to turn the volume up quite frequently. I bought a new LG headset and it still happens.

fordpi - 답글

my headphones will vibrate when I have a call but I can not hear or answer using the blue tooth. this is my 4th pair of LG headphones that I have purchased from Best Buy!!

GeraldRatliff - 답글

My has 760. Bluetooth headphones won't come on or charge and the charging port looks fine does any one know what's wrong with them

Dakota nash - 답글

My Headphones keep turning off and back on. 4 or 5 times in ten minutes. I really love these headphones. Hopefully they can be fixed.

Shaun Dungan - 답글

Hello, Shaun. Have you fixed this? I am having the same problem.

Irene Mendoza -

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