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Movement of the device causes the earphone to fall out.

Clean/wipe the surface between the earphone and the magnet inside the device.

If the earphone still will not stay in place, the magnet inside the device may need to be replaced.

Frayed or worn out wires causes the device to not function properly.

Strip the material covering the wire off, and use wire splicing techniques to merge the break in the wire segment.

Battery light is violet or red after device has charged for two hours or more.

"If not able to charge, change the power source of the charger/power cord."

Inspect the charger for obvious signs of malfunction such as burned or frayed wire.

If the charger seems to be in working order, use a pin or small screwdriver to locate the lead inside the charger port. If it is bent, attempt to bend it back to its normal state.

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my headset keep saying vibrate off

Garrett Stewart - 답글

You can't splice enameled wire.

Dirk Mittler - 답글

The stock ear-pieces have thinly-braided, enameled leads, given color at one end of a single wire to denoted (+). I don't know whether that polarity-color-label extends into the covered length, that might be frayed. But if it does, then your greatest challenge might be, in de-insulating that kind of wire. Its insulation consists of a thin but tough, transparent coating. I found in my youth, that the easiest way to do that, was actually to hold a cigarette-lighter-flame to it for a few seconds. After that, you might be able to "splice" it, if you apply very good dexterity.

Dirk Mittler - 답글

My HBS-750 is not connecting with Bluetooth or sometimes disconnecting after being connected. At the same time it started altering its voice. When the device say "Power On.... Trying to connect" it has now started to say it in a very high pitch or a very low pitch. When it says that in an abnormal pitch it will not connect via Bluetooth.

Doug Barrineau - 답글

Headset was working great until a phone call. It is charged and connected but will not play

jodyk - 답글

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