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The phone does not respond to button inputs including powering on or off.

The phone will not respond to any button inputs but the phone is on. Attempt to turn off the phone by holding the power off button. The phone does not respond to this then it could be left alone until the battery charge runs out or the battery could be removed. To remove the battery, open the back cover by pushing in on the arrow and sliding down. Remove the battery pack and place it back again. Recharge the battery and use the phone normally again.

If the LG VX8300 will not turn on, place it on the charger for a few hours and attempt to turn it on again.

If the battery has been charged and will still does not turn on, it may be best to contact the phone manufacturer to seek a replacement battery. To replace the battery yourself, follow the LG VX8300 Battery Replacement Guide.

The LG VX8300 will not turn on if moisture is present in the battery compartment. To dry the battery properly, remove the battery pack cover by pressing in on the arrow and sliding down. the battery can e removed in the same fashion. Dry the battery and reinsert.

The power button may be broken and needs to be fixed or cleaned out. To learn to clean or repair the phone buttons, follow the LG VX8300 Button Repair Guide.

There may be a malfunction inside the LG VX8300 preventing it from turning on. If the phone does not turn after the aforementioned methods have been attempted, the phone may need replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Your screen is unreadable while powered on.

The brightness can be changed by editing the settings manually. Enter the tools menu on the LG VX8300 and then scroll to enter the Display section. In this new menu, scroll for the brightness option and enter it. Here you can change the brightness to the desired level.

If the screen has smudges or scratches, use a high fiber content towel to rub the surface. Glass cleaner and glass scratch removal liquids are safe for the screen as well but be careful not to get liquid inside the machine.

If there is debris under the glass that cannot be reached, follow the LG VX8300 screen Replacement Guide to learn how to reach the inside of the screen to clean it properly.

Buttons are stuck in pressed position or do not input correct data to the phone.

If the LG VX8300 does not respond to button inputs the buttons may need replacing. Follow the LG VX8300 Button Replacement Guide to repair broken or unresponsive buttons. If the phone does not respond to any button inputs the phone may be frozen and the LG VX8300 is Frozen or Unresponsive troubleshooting guide should be followed.

If the buttons are not returning to their original position, there may be some debris blocking the buttons. To learn how to reach the buttons, follow the LG VX8300 Button Repair Guide. When the buttons have been reached, remove any debris using compressed air or a cotton swab.

If the button you press does not input the correct direction into the phone, there may be something blocking the button from the inside. Follow the same procedure as the above "Buttons Stuck in Place" guide to fix this problem.

LG VX8300 will not respond to pressing the power button.

Your battery might just be dead. Charge your phone for a few minutes and then try turning it on. If that does not work, wait until it is fully charge and try one more time.

Your battery may have fully ran out of charge or is damaged making your battery unusable. A replacement battery would be suitable for the

Wet phones will damage your phone. If this happens check the battery and there should be a white strip at the end of the battery. If this strip is a red or pink color, your battery has water damage and most likely the inside of the phone also got wet. Follow the disassemble guide and dry each component.

Check to make sure your battery is connected properly. Open the back case and see if there is a battery. If battery is present, take out the battery and put it back in and check if it works.

LG VX8300 gives off an abnormal amount of heat.

If the phone is used too frequently without allowing it to be idle, the phone may overheat. When you feel the phone become hot, simply set it aside and wait ten or fifteen minutes to let it cool down.

Loading a phone up with full memory impedes on the device’s processing capabilities. If your device storage is full, delete unnecessary files to keep the phone from overheating.

Sometimes dust or other small particles may get lodged inside the phones hardware. To solve this issue, see the device’s teardown page which illustrates how to carefully take the phone apart. Once, the phone is apart, carefully remove any debris that may be preventing it from cooling down.

There may be a piece of hardware on the inside of the device that either needs to be repaired or replaced. Visit the devices teardown page to disassemble the phone, then observe all hardware for compromises.

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