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IdeaTab Tablet is blue screened or has burning smell ¶ 

System Board short circuit ¶ 

At this point you may need a new tablet if the issue is the burning smell, but you may still attempt to repair the system board with a new one to try and resolve this issue and the blue screen.

You can find how to repair this issue here.

IdeaTab Tablet USB ports/SD card not working ¶ 

USB not working ¶ 

If your IdeaTab USB port is not recognizing a connection to another device although you do have a connection, possible issues may be that the USB port has a bad connection or it has been damaged from a fall or liquid.

SD Card not recognized ¶ 

If your SD card is not being recognized when you try access it through the tablet there may be something wrong with the SD card reader. First attempt to try another SD card so that we may rule out the idea that it may be the card.

You can find how to fix these issues here.

Tablet not holding charge ¶ 

Faulty Adapter ¶ 

Plug in your power adapter and check for either a notification on the display or a sound to play notifying you that the device is charging. If there is no notification display or sound make sure your outlet is working. If your outlet is working then you may need to replace your power adapter.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your IdeaTab wont turn on, the battery is draining quickly, or your battery won't charge, but you get a notification that it is charging your battery may need to be replaced.

You can find how to repair this issue here.

Camera not working ¶ 

Software Problem ¶ 

If you try to open the camera app and it crashes as it is trying to open then you have a software problem. Try force closing the app and reopening it. If that does not work turn the device completely off and then turn it back on.

Hardware Problem ¶ 

If your IdeaTab will not display a picture from the camera, the image is distorted, or has a crack, it is possible the camera has broken and needs to be replaced.

You can find how to repair this issue here.

Tablet sound not working, in one speaker ¶ 

If you have no sound, make sure your sound is on, and you don't have headphones plugged in.

If sound from your IdeaTab is still missing or is distorted, and unclear, your speakers connection may be broken, or a speaker may be blown and need to be replaced.

You can find how to repair this issue here.

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