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Lenovo S21e-20 Troubleshooting

Released January 2015, identified by model name 80M4.

The computer turns on, but then turns off by itself, and repeats this, without a display appearing.

The RAM may have failed and needs replacing, or be loose and needs to be reseated.

If the RAM has been reseated/replaced and the problem is still happening, then the motherboard is not working, and needs to be replaced.

When the laptop is on, there’s a strange rattling or grinding noise happening.

If the cooling fan is not spinning, and the noise is persisting, the hard drive is probably the cause of the sound, and needs to be replaced.

The cooling fan may be dusty, or needs to be replaced. If the fan is dusty, use a compressed air duster to blow the dust off of the fan. If this does not resolve the issue, try replacing the fan.

The battery is not charging while plugged into the charger.

If the battery charges when the laptop is plugged into the power adapter, but only after the power adapter is adjusted, or in a certain position, then the DC power connector has failed and needs to be replaced.

Try reconnecting the battery, by removing it and replacing it. If the battery still doesn’t charge, remove the battery, and plug the laptop into the power adapter. If it runs fine while plugged in, then either the battery or the motherboard are faulty and needs to be replaced.

If the battery is not the cause of the problem, the motherboard will need to be replaced.

The image displayed on the laptop screen is very distorted, or there are strange colors appearing.

Test the laptop by plugging it into an external monitor. If the image on the screen is normal on the other monitor, then the video cable may not be properly connecting to the motherboard, or needs replacing.

If the distorted image persists when the laptop is plugged into an external monitor, then the graphics card has failed and needs to be replaced.

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