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Lenovo tablet won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Lenovo tablet to turn on.

Faulty battery ¶ 

Before diving into the guts of your tablet, make sure to hold the power button.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

If your tablet won't turn on, you may simply have a drained battery.

Bad display ¶ 

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If the screen does not turn on, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced.

Lenovo tablet won't connect to internet ¶ 

When I open the browser, the webpage won't load.

Enable WiFi ¶ 

Check the settings to see if the WiFi is on. If not, click the on/off switch until it is lit up.

Poor connection ¶ 

Check to see if your tablet is connected to a local network. If you are trying to connect to a private network, make sure you have the proper credentials to access the network.

Testing connection ¶ 

Open browser and reload the webpage.

Faulty Bluetooth pairing ¶ 

My Bluetooth speaker won't connect to the Lenovo tablet.

Bluetooth not enabled ¶ 

Check the settings to see if the Bluetooth is enabled. If not, click the on/off switch until it is lit up.

Scan for Bluetooth devices ¶ 

After the Bluetooth is enabled, scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. The device automatically searches for available connections.

Tablet won’t pair with other devices ¶ 

Check to see if both devices are paired to each other. If not, disconnect tablet from any other paired devices.

Media problems ¶ 

I cannot hear media playing on the tablet.

Tablet volume turned off ¶ 

Make sure the tablet is not on mute. Raise volume using the volume rocker on the left side of the device.

Headphones are connected ¶ 

Make sure that the headphones are not connected.

Camera is not working ¶ 

I cannot take pictures with the tablet.

Camera application not opening ¶ 

Reinstall device drivers. In order to do this, you must go into settings and click on "Backup and reset" - Factory data reset. Before doing this make sure to save all data on a separate hard drive.

Dead Motherboard ¶ 

If all else fails, the system board may be dead. The Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 System Board Replacement guide will be sure to help you out.

Cracked or damaged screen ¶ 

The camera on this device is built into the front panel, so damaging the screen may cause problems with the camera. For more help with replacing the screen, check out the Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 LCD Screen Display Replacement Guide.

댓글 29개

i have a problem with me Lenovo Tab2 A10 70F when i turn it goes on but it stays on the first faze of it turning on i do have it rooted but today i got a thing saying there was a root problem

so i turned it off and when i turn it back on it just stayed on the first part

if you want to contact me my E-Mail is

elijah shoebridge - 답글

My tablet can not turn on or be charged.and it's still new

magadalene iris - 답글

Kindly assist,your assistance will be highly appreciated

magadalene iris - 답글

My Lenovo Tab2 A10-70 won't turn on. Was fine yesterday, picked it up today and it appears dead.... tried charging but no response... any advice?? is this a common problem for the Lenovo tab2 A10-70???

Stephen Sutton - 답글

mines doing the same thing. ive been trying to fix it all day. different chargers, constant trick of using paperclip and hold power button. nothing. just did it early this morning. was fine lastnight cause my son was using it. i did notice the charger piece inside the tablet was alil bent managed to make it as straight as possible (with gentleness) i put tablet aside and check it periodically. i think its completely drained cause of my son, but im not sure. if anyone can help...all

tiffany -

Same happened to me today 22/10/17 brand new. Very dissatisfied. Tried suggestions none work. Don't know what to do. Switch on button useless.

Susan Smith -

I had this problem. I couldn’t get it to turn on or charge at all. Tried all button pressing tricks available on the Internet. What finally solved the issue was to open up the unit and disconnect the battery for a couple of seconds (followed the iFixit guide for battery replacement). After doing this, everything is back to normal.

Mattias Lindblad -

After I got a update fro my lenovo tablet Nome of my Bluetooth work anymore it says no media I love my table but no I don't like it how do I either undo the update or fix it please help

sundlyb - 답글

I ran into the same problem a month ago and sent it in to Lenovo the learn parts were on backorder. Now if have learned part is in, new motherboard? Have not gotten it back yet. This weekend a 2nd identical tablet just died! I'm looking to see what anyone has heard from Lenovo on this? Is this a flaw?

RGajda - 답글

Ran into this issue last week with my Lenovo A10-70f, this is what I've found.

1) If you let your kid use your tablet whilst its charging then sure enough, it will move and bend over time (even if its you who does it) and the internal micro usb port on the Lenovo will get loose. Constant wear and tear like this will damage the internal connectors of the micro usb port. Thus not able to charge.

You can either watch tutorial video's on how to dismantle and replace the micro sd port (ordering a replacement part online) and fitting it yourself or take it to one of those deli style stalls that fix phones and maybe they can fix it. Or

2) There's a bug in the software, that doesnt let you charge when it reaches a certain percentage. There's a programme you can download off the net but I forgot what its called 'A10FIX TOOLS' or something. Dont throw it away just yet.

blueviper - 답글

I was on my lenovo tab2 a10 and it came up with a notice saying the tab will turn of so after turning off I tried turning it back on but it just goes and stays on the first phase of it turning on help plzz

adeel - 답글

I'm having a problem connecting to wifi. I turn it on, it lights up, then it turns itself off without ever doing a search for a connection. It was fine when I took it on the road to visit family, then when I got back home, I get nothing. Any ideas?

lvlovelgh - 답글

when I say "I turned it on" I mean I went to settings and slid the little button for wifi to the on position. After a few seconds, it slid back to the off position all by itself.

lvlovelgh -

Can't remember password to turn on

Lesley Harris - 답글

Can't remember my password to turn on

Lesley Harris - 답글

Have A10-70F and it just turns on to the "Lenovo powered by android screen" vibrates and then turns off and keeps on doing this every 30secs or so. Tried draining battery by removing connector. Really want to get this tablet working again any help would be great.

Tried the power button and volume for reset but nothing happens or even comes up on the screen for me to enable a reset

mattridley - 답글

I have a Lenovo TAB 2 A7 10F and last january it wont start at all, try to reset and connect battery plug out but only thing it do was vibrating when power button were pressed. So I buy new tablet and put that TAB 2 A7 10F outside (it was -23 degrees celcius out) next morning i think that i had to put TAB 2 A7 10F to electronics waste, i pressed power button and tadaa Lenovo TAB works again. Yestyrday TAB 2 A7 10F do exactly same thing it wont power up the battery was fully charged so I put TAB 2 A7 10F to freezer and let it be there half an hour, and tadaa again it works.

Ari Jelkänen - 답글

My lenovo has now got on the main screen a red exclamation mark over what looks like a yellow "Mr Chips" lying down. Cant turn ot on or off. Its doing nothing? Please help?

Kim Mackie - 답글

My screen keeps flashing and occasionally android picture showes then it returns to flashing ??

John Rowlands - 답글

Used my tablet the other night then plugged it in to charge when I went to bed. When I got up, the back was so hot it burned my hand. It hasn't turned on since. Cheaper to get new one or fix it? Barb D.

gizimo - 답글

My kids l a10-70f fell on the floor,with protection gear and gorilla glass atached but the inner lcd screen broke.F me.Ordered replacementparts online and got cracking.After sucsessfully replacing the parts(LCD screen and Digitizer) I turned it on and the screen shows ghost stripes on the middle of the screen and the colors seems off.Is this faulty hardware replacement parts because I did everything by the book(Ifixit guide)

project_81 - 답글

my lenovo tab 2 tablet will not connect to wifi i am getting sick of this issue does anyone know what to do about this

Gina Legg - 답글

My Lenovo TAB2 A10-30 Tablet was nearly fully charged when it just turned off and will not come on again it is 1 year and 4 months old. Can anyone tell me what to try

Sandra Howarth - 답글

I have this same problem with mine. Happened today. Got mine last Christmas and I don't use it that often. Was in the middle of watching something too… Somebody please help!

Harley Beckett -

Why does the built-in keyboard freeze up. You try to TAP an open space to type and the keyboard will not come up on screen. I have to turn off/shut down and start all over. What can be done to get the built in keyboard to resurface?

Dave Maskulak - 답글

I couldn't get my tab to start, and it wouldn't seem to charge either. I tried everything, but a few minutes ago, I noticed a tiny pinhole on the bottom edge of the case. I pushed a narrow wire about an inch or so into the hole, kept it there for a few seconds, then removed it. Then I held the start button down, and I finally heard a buzz. It started up and then shut off almost immediately…because the battery was virtually depleted, and the tablet hadn't been accepting a charge. But I plugged the charger into the tablet, and it is now finally charging. And it stays turned on.


This was the worst possible tablet I could have purchased! Wifi speed is awful! A 10MB file taking more than 10 minutes to download. And forget about service, that is non-existent. I do not recommend anyone buy this tablet, for any price.

Cor Blufon - 답글

My lenovo phab is charging but not turning on plzzzz reply

Dishi mishra - 답글

How do I fix my Mothers tablet? It is locked up on the screen, I can not get it to do anything on the opening screen. It shows the lock on the tablets screen but the slide feature just doesn’t work. To get it to shut off the tablet has to fully drain. I have tried to hit the reset button and it does nothing. I fix computers but rarely mess with tablets.

Darren Johnson

human.cartoon36 - 답글

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