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Your device is unable to connect to wifi, or has an extremely weak connection.

Make sure to have the newest Lenovo wifi drivers, which can be downloaded from the Lenovo support page.

The Yoga 2 Pro might be trying to save power at the cost of wifi connectivity-- this often happens when running on battery power.

Open Device Manager, then open Network Adapters. Click Intel® Wireless N 7260, Properties, and then Power Management. If checked, uncheck the box that reads “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”

If none of the above work, try replacing your wireless module as detailed here.

The computer sleeps immediately after startup, or the critical low-battery error message appears and the computer turns off.

Ensure that the operating temperature is within acceptable limits. If not, let it cool before continuing.

If at any time during this process the power button is blinking, your laptop is in sleep mode. To wake it up, press the power button once. Make sure the computer is plugged into a power source, and that the Power button has been pushed during this time.

If you are using a high-power external device through your Yoga 2 Pro, make sure you are using a power adapter if necessary. Otherwise, the system may not recognize the device and shut down.

If none of the above worked, or are relevant, reset your computer by holding the power button down for eight seconds. Any unsaved data may be lost, but this will not affect saved personal data.

If the device still fails to turn on, your battery may be defective. Check out how to replace it here.

Upon startup, nothing appears on the screen, there’s no visible response to startup, or there’s only a white cursor appearing on a blank or black screen.

First, make sure the power supply is functioning using the steps above in the "Computer Won't Turn On Properly" section.

Press F9 to verify that the monitor backlight has not been turned off. Press F12 a couple times to verify that the backlighting is not too low to see.

At this time, Lenovo suggests getting the computer serviced. Consider fixing replacing the screen yourself as detailed in this guide.

Note! Before you do either, attempt to restore your device using the Lenovo OneKey Recovery System. It backs up your personal data before setting the hard disk to the factory settings, then re-downloading your data.

Your Yoga 2 Pro displays all yellows as mustard or brown.

Before doing anything else, make sure all your data is saved and backed up.

Go to the Lenovo support page and find the link to update your BIOS, at this link.

Run the file that Lenovo downloaded. The computer will shut down and restart multiple times.

Note! It is very important that you do not power off the computer during this time, or else you risk permanent damage. When finished, the computer should restart normally and fully, ready for use.

Open up Energy Manager, and click the rocket icon to enable

performance mode— this provides higher quality colors at the cost of some battery life.

Make sure your Energy Manager is updated to the newest version. This link can also be found on the Lenovo troubleshooting page, here.

In the Basic Options:

Set ‘Red’ to

Brightness: -3, Contrast: 50, Gamma: 1.3

Set ‘Green’ to

Brightness: -1, Contrast: 48, Gamma: 1.2

Set ‘Blue’ to

Brightness: -4, Contrast: 48, Gamma: 1.2

In the Advanced Options, set ‘Color Enhancement’ to

Hue: 355, Saturation: 21”

Your device has uncontrollable screen flickering, or brightness adjustments that render the machine unusable.

This feature can develop a problem where it incorrectly reads light levels and makes the screen adjust brightness at inconvenient times.

Within Settings, select ‘Change PC setting’ in the lower right corner.

In PC Settings, tap "PC and devices"

Under ‘PC and devices’, tap ‘Power and Sleep’. Drag the slide control for “Brightness” to the left to turn it off.

Right click on the desktop and select ‘graphics properties.’

In the ‘on battery’ tab, turn off ‘Display Power Saving Technology.’

Right click the start menu and choose ‘Power Options’, then, ‘Change Plan Settings’.

Set the brightness according to your preference under the ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ modes.

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My battery doesn't reach 100%. After a night of charge, I have 74%.

I'm looking for a video wich explains how to change the battery.

danao brest - 답글

Thanks. My laptop won't start properly, but after holding the power button, it now back on.

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If your Yoga 2 Pro (20266) has Screen Flicker, Shutdown, Sleep, Overheating, Tablet Slow CPU, Yellow Screen, WiFi & BT connection dropping, WiDi (Miracast) fails, Battery Drain Fast and other small issues running with Windows 10. I strongly recommend to read this tested and reliable Setup Guide.

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