Fret buttons won’t work ¶ 

“ No matter what you do, the fret buttons on your guitar hero guitar won’t work”

Replace button connector ¶ 

If one of the fret buttons don’t work when you press down on them, then take the button that won’t work off and replace or clean the connector.

Stuck buttons ¶ 

If the button is stuck, then take the button that won’t pop out and clean it off. If that does not work, the button may need to be replaced.

For all buttons ¶ 

If all of the buttons are not working, then check the neck connection and the battery connection.

Neck won’t work ¶ 

“No matter what you do, the neck connection isn’t working”

All the buttons wont work ¶ 

Check the connection between the neck and the rest of the guitar. If it can not form a connection then the guitar sensor on the bottom of the neck may need to be replaced.

Neck won’t connect to guitar ¶ 

If the neck is definitely forming a connection to the guitar, then take sure the controller is working/turning on.

Strummer won’t work ¶ 

“ No matter what you do, the strummer will not respond”

The Strum is wobbling ¶ 

If the stum doesn’t rebound after you hit it, then the strummer will need to be replaced.

The Strum is not being read when I hit it ¶ 

If the game doesn’t read the command when you strum, then there may be a connection problem inside the guitar to be fixed or possibly replaced.

The Game is not reading me hit the strum ¶ 

If the game is not picking up on your commands, then the guitar might not be connected to the console.

Whammy bar won’t work ¶ 

“The whammy bar is loose or doesn’t work in game”

Whammy bar has loose connection ¶ 

The wire connecting the whammy bar to the motherboard is loose making the whammy bar inconsistent, may need to be reconnected or replaced.

Loose Whammy Bar ¶ 

If whammy bar is loose it may need to be tightened or have a shim added in to add resistance to its movement.

Whammy Bar doesn’t work in game ¶ 

Whammy bar connection is bad and the connection may have to be fixed or replaced or the lever or spring that it uses needs to be fixed or replaced.

Whammy Bar fell off guitar ¶ 

Hot glue works best for reattaching the whammy bar.

Battery Pack ¶ 

“No matter what you do, the guitar won’t turn on”

Are Batteries Dead? ¶ 

It may sound simple, but one or both of the batteries may not have any power in them, so they might just need to be replaced.

Battery Pack Replacement ¶ 

If part of the positive or negative part of the battery pack are damaged or broken, it may need to be replaced.

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When I used my gh controller, the game recognizes it as a regular Xbox controller. Green and Blue (RT and LT on the regular controller) are locked on in-game, pressing the Green button hits Orange (because green is A), and pressing the Orange button hits Red (i assume because it is LB in comparison to a controller.) I can’t figure out why my guitar is being recognized as a controller.

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