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Logitech Harmony 300 Troubleshooting

General notes that are likely to be the same for many makes and types of remote control.

Main Page ¶ 

Remote Control Won't Turn On My Device ¶ 

The remote control does not respond to the power button to turn on my device

Device Wasn't Programmed Correctly ¶ 

Prior to deciding that the remote control is at fault, check to make sure that the correct information for the device has been synced to the controller through the MyHarmony application. If it is, delete the device, re-program the device and re-sync the controller and it may fix any issues that have occurred from the initial programming.

Controller Is not Properly Pointed At The Device ¶ 

When pressing the button to turn on the device, the controller sends the command using IR, requiring that the controller is directly pointed at the device without obstacles. Make sure that the controller has a clear view to the device and remove or open any cabinet doors that may be interfering with the IR. Depending on the device, it may take 60 seconds or more for the command to process so keep the controller pointed at the device until the command has been successful.

The Correct "My Device" Hasn't Been Selected ¶ 

After programming the device again, make sure that the correct button whether it is "TV, DVD, Cable/Sat, or VCR/Aux" has been selected and the green light turns on after hitting the turn on button or any other button. If it doesn't, the buttons may not be registering and need replacing.

Buttons aren't responding as expected ¶ 

Controller buttons won't respond or are missing.

Remote is badly formatted, or the battery is dead ¶ 

Prior to deciding if a button is not working, check that the buttons under "My Device" are lighting up green after clicking any other button. If it is not, the controller may be broken and needs to be replaced. If the buttons not responding are the ones under "My Device," the buttons and the light may both need replacing and are therefore not selecting the correct device so that the controller can correctly use the right command for the other buttons being pressed. ==

Button contacts are dirty or obstructed ¶ 

In many cases buttons not working are just due to the accumulation of dirt between the rubber buttons and the contact pads under them. Follow this guide to opening and cleaning inside the remote.

Buttons Torn Off The Controller ¶ 

The buttons are compiled into two sheets inside the remote. If there are torn or missing buttons, you'll have to replace the sheet entirely.

Controller Takes A Long Time To Respond ¶ 

The remote control takes a long time to respond to a button command.

Delay On The Commands ¶ 

Depending on devices, the commands may take 60 seconds or longer to process. Though the device may be taking a long time, you can re-program the device to the controller and sync and it may fix the issue. In some cases, the issue could be hardware related so contacting Logitech support for further troubleshooting is another option.

Controller Won't Connect To Computer ¶ 

The remote control is not being recognized by the MyHarmony application.

USB Port Not Recognizing Controller ¶ 

Prior to deciding if the remote control is at fault, move the USB cable to another USB port on the computer to see if it is just the USB port on the computer. If it isn't fixed, try another USB cable and connect to the computer again. If neither of these fixes the problem, before getting to a more advanced solution, if you have another available computer check if it can be recognized on it. If it can't, the remote control's mini-USB port may be damaged and will need replacing.

Controller Won't Learn New Commands ¶ 

The remote control won't recognize the new command when programming it through the "Learn" function on the MyHarmony application.

IR Receiver Obstruction ¶ 

The IR receiver is located at the bottom of the remote control and may be dirty and therefore not receiving the signal from the other devices remote control. Clean it and try again following the on-screen instructions. If you have tried multiple times for the remote control to learn the new command and it won't work, the IR receiver needs to be replaced.

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