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Magellan RoadMate 5265T-LMB Troubleshooting

The images and text on the screen are not clear. They appear to be blurry.

If the screen is working , and is sensitive to touch, but is still blurred; The screen might be dirty. Clean the screen.

If the screen is not dirty but is still blurred, the screen might be faulty. Please follow this repair guide.

The screen is cracked or has shattered.

If the screen is cracked and you wish you replace it, then follow this repair guide.

The touch screen will not respond or is clicking in the wrong place.

If the screen is correctly displaying information , but incorrectly tracking your touch on the screen, the screen may need calibration. The display can be calibrated by attempting to select menu, and then display, to then pressing the re-calibrate display selection.

If the screen is correctly displaying information, but the screen is not picking up on your touch, it may be that the section of the motherboard that is responsible for this action is faulty. For this replacement, follow this repair guide.

The display is stuck on one image.

If the screen shows no response to touch, and the image is not changing, then the screen may be frozen. Resetting the device is suggested.

If the device is reset multiple times and the screen is still frozen, the motherboard may be faulty, follow this repair guide.

The screen has no display or there are lines throughout the image.

If you hear a noise when turning on the device, follow this guide to check if the screen is connected to the motherboard securely. If it is and there is still no image, this means the motherboard is working and only the screen needs replacement. Follow this guide for screen replacement.

If there is no noise coming from the device when on, it may be that the motherboard and the screen are faulty, or it is just the motherboard that needs replacement. Follow this guide for motherboard replacement.

The sound is really quiet or there is no sound at all.

If the device is working properly, but no sound is emitted, check the settings to make sure that the volume is not muted.

If the device is not muted, and there is still no sound, check the voice guidance, it may be disabled.

If the settings are correct and there is still no sound, the speaker may be faulty. Follow this guide to replace the speaker.

The power button physically cannot be clicked or does not respond when clicked.

If the button is stuck, then there may be dirt built up along the sides of the screen. Clean and retry.

If the button is not stuck, but is unresponsive, then the power button may be faulty. Follow this guide for replacing the casing.

If the casing is broken and needs replacement, please follow this guide for casing replacement.

The GPS is having trouble staying on or does not turn on at all.

If the device does not turn on, the battery may not be charged. Charge the device by plugging in the charging cable.

If the device still does not turn on, the cable may not be functional. Test it in other outlets to make sure its not working. If this does not fix the problem, replace the cable and let it charge once again.

If the device does not turn on and the cable is functional from trying it on another device, then the battery charging port may be faulty. Replace the port.

If the cable and the port are functional, and the device turns on but powers off right after you disconnect the cable, then the battery may be faulty. It cannot maintain any charge. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

The GPS shows the wrong location or the satellite cannot connect at all.

If your device is updated and your antenna is working in some areas but not working in others, you may experiencing interference. Interference may be experienced when traveling through tunnels or driving through cities with skyscrapers. Physical objects may be blocking the antenna or another electronic device may be placed too close to the GPS. You may also experience interference when you have window tints that contain metallic components. Please be aware of these factors that may affect the functionality of your device.

If device incorrectly locates you while in navigation, your software may be out of date. If while navigating you are provided wrong direction, your software may also be out of date. Follow instruction in your user manual on how to update the software of your device.

If the device is updated and you are still incorrectly located or not located at all, then the antenna may be faulty. Replace the antenna.

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Where plug for power source is plugged in...the back of the equipment is the screen is frozen and won't move...what do I do??

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