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Watch Doesn't Hold a Charge

The Moto 360's battery life is not what it used to be.

Watch Won't Charge

Check that the watch is properly situated on the charging dock. The watch should sit in a way that the power button rests on top of the watch.

If the watch is correctly situated and still does not charge, the charging station may need to be replaced.

Watch is Overcharged

Like any rechargeable device, the Moto 360 can lose battery life if left on the charger for too long. Take care not to leave your device on the charger after it has reached 100% battery. In the case that the battery life is too poor, refer to this battery replacement guide for information on replacing a Moto 360 battery.

Screen Won't Light Up

When the power button is depressed, the screen does not turn on.

Battery is Dead

Place the watch on the power dock with the power button facing the sky. The screen should power on with the time and an indicator of the watch's charge.

Power Button is Broken

Make sure nothing is obstructing the button from being completely depressed. Check for dirt or grime surrounding the button and scrape out/remove to the best of your ability. Take care not to use water or other liquids around openings in the watch. If this does not resolve the issue, the power button may need to be replaced or cleaned.

Screen is Not Displaying Properly

Most of the screen lights up, except for one or a few small spots.

Dead Pixel on the Screen

Make sure there is nothing on the screen such as dirt or other small objects. If the screen is clean and there is still a dead pixel, take a small, blunt object and apply pressure to the dead pixel. Take care not to scratch or otherwise harm your screen. If this still does not fix the problem, consult the display replacement guide for information on replacing the screen.

Watch Cannot Receive Voice Commands

"I've been talking to my watch, but it doesn't respond to my voice. DOES ANYONE LOVE ME?!"

Dirt or Other Obstructions in the Way

Thoroughly clean the exterior of your device. Make sure no dirt or dust is on the device. Speak in a clear, firm tone. If the device still does not respond, remove the back panel and clean the interior of the device. Take care not to get any electronics wet. Canned air is the best way to clean the Moto 360's interior.

Watch is Not Recognized by Computer

The Moto 360 doesn't connect or sync with my computer.

USB Port is Not Working

USB ports, if damaged, will not recognize a device in them. Plug in a flash drive or other USB device to ensure that the port works.

Drivers are Missing

If the device drivers are out of date and need to be updated, the computer will not recognize the device and will not allow data transfer. Search Google to find the most recent and updated drivers.

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USB port? Is this the new Moto 360 they havent announced yet?

subvertz - 답글

Hello. Im having a problem with my moto 360 cognac leather won't work. I was using the chronometer and suddenly it is not working. I did not noticed it until a I tried to checked the chronometer.

It seems to be off and the battery was good

dilindaother2004 - 답글

Hello, can anyone tell me why my screen went from blue to red while it's on the charger. I am talking about the charging screen that has time and the circle that indicates how much charge is left has turned red.

James Farias - 답글

If you swipe down, the color changes and cycles through the 5 or 6 colors.

Elijah Roberts -

moto 360 1st gen. will not stay on for more than 5minutes after it show a full charge

won7045 - 답글

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