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The phone will not turn on

"No matter what you try the phone just won't turn on."

The battery is dead

The battery can die if it has been used frequently, or hasn't been charged in a while. Plug the phone into a working charger and wait an hour. After a hour, if the phone is still not working check to make sure the battery is installed properly. The battery can some times get loose from the phone and may need to be put back in place.

The battery must be replaced

If the above didn't work the battery needs to be replaced. This can happen naturally in all batteries as the chemicals in the battery can no longer hold a charge.

To install a new battery use this guide.

The phone cannot make calls

"The phone shows no service, or only one or two bars in the top left corner."

The phone may be in a poor reception area

Make sure you are in an area with good service. This often happens if your in rural areas, underground, or in a building that has a steel frame. You can check the reception in your area by using another phone of the same carrier and attempting a call.

The phone may need to be restarted

Try restarting your phone by holding the red "end call" button until the phone restarts. Sometimes the phone needs to reconnect with your carriers network and this can be done by restarting the phone.

The SIM card is broken

Take out and clean the SIM card using an eraser. The SIM card is located near the battery and can be easily pulled out with your fingers. Sometimes the SIM card can collect dirt from everyday use and needs to be cleaned to work properly.

If none of the above worked or there is a tear in your SIM card it may need to be replaced. To install a new SIM card use this guide.

The internal antenna is broken

If you still are having problems with reception, you may need to replace your antenna. The antenna can be damaged when the phone drops from a high distance onto a hard surface. It can also malfunction in extreme weather, or less common cases every day wear and tear.

You can install a new antenna by using this guide.

The phone's keypad is unresponsive

"No matter what you press on the keypad, the phone does not register inputs on the screen."

The phone is off

Only the "end call" button works when the phone is off, so to check and see if the others buttons are working turn the phone on. If the phone is off, try turning on the phone by holding down the the red "end call" button. Once the phone is on, the keypad should work properly.

The screen is frozen

Sometimes the phone screen can freeze up and needs to be restarted for the buttons to work. Restart the phone by holding down the red "end call" button until phone turns off. If this does not work, remove the battery, wait a minute, put it back in the phone, and then turn your phone back on.

The keypad is broken

If keys on the phone are not working once the battery is pulled out and re-installed, the keypad is broken. This can happen from natural wear and tear, or if the phone was dropped onto a hard surface. You will need to remove and replace the keypad.

The camera is not taking pictures correctly

"Your camera is not working as intended."

The environment may be bad for taking pictures

Make sure you are in a well lit environment. The camera does not have a flash causing it to take poor pictures in the dark. You can also try changing the settings on the phone to get better picture quality.

Make sure there are no obstructions in front of the lens

Make sure there are no fingers or other objects covering the camera. If there appears to be dust on the camera, try to wipe it away with a microfiber cloth. If there still appears to be dust, you may have dust on the inside the glass of the camera. This glass can be removed by opening the upper casing.

You can get to the lens for cleaning by using this guide.

Camera may be disconnected or broken

The tab that connects the camera to the motherboard may be disconnected. This can happen if the phone has been dropped from high distance onto a hard surface. This can be fixed by opening the internal casing and reattaching the tab. If the camera still doesn't work, the camera needs to be replaced.

To install a new camera in your phone or reconnect the tab use this guide.

The phone has no sound during calls from the call speaker

"You constantly can't hear someone on the other end of your phone call."

The volume is set to low

Make sure that in-call volume is turned up. This can be done by hitting the side volume buttons during a call, or by going under settings and turning up the in call volume. Often this can happen because the side button is pressed in your pocket or in your purse causing the volume to drop.

Bluetooth pairing is on

Your phone may be paired with a Bluetooth headset or device. This can happen if your device is set to discover-able and someone else is connecting to your phone. If so, your device may be sending the sound to the headset instead of the internal speaker. Under settings, turn Bluetooth pairing off.

You may need to restart the phone

Sometimes the phone is malfunctioning and simple restart can fix the problem. Restart the phone by holding down the red "end call" button until the phone turns off and on.

The call speaker is broken

If your phone continues to have no sound during calls, the call speaker must be replaced. This often happens due to water damage, or the phone was dropped on a hard surface. In order to replace the speaker the entire the LCD screens and the speaker must be replaced. To install a new call speaker use this guide.

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Why does my motorola v3 keep losing its bluetooth

Heather - 답글

So, when I discovered that my phone will not play through the loudspeaker, it was in the need of a power cycle/reboot. Then, I played 1 of the ringtones, and it worked. Before the reboot, it could only play:

* Continental

* Classic



It couldn't even play my own i-Melody before!

Brandon - 답글

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