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LCD Display Distortion ¶ 

The LCD pixels fail to display properly.

LCD fails to display anything ¶ 

If the Moultrie I45 LCD will only display when the power adapter is plugged in, the battery is likely at fault. Check to make sure you have a fresh set of four (4) D size batteries with polarities set as Battery Tray illustrates. Re-install and lock in Battery Tray. For additions help go here.

Stuck or broken pixels ¶ 

To activate a pixel with poor connectivity, apply a small amount of pressure to the pixel while turning the display ON.

Frozen LCD screen ¶ 

If previous steps fail to correct issue you will need to replace the LCD screen. Help for replacement can be found here.

Flash Fails To Function ¶ 

The camera flash does not function when a picture is taken.

Camera flash settings ¶ 

Ensure the flash setting is set to ON. Start by selecting the MODE button until you reach the setting entitled SETUP DATE/TIME. Next press UP/DOWN until you reach the screen labeled FLASH and select ENTER. Press UP/DOWN again to switch between FLASH ON and FLASH OFF and press ENTER to select FLASH ON.

Memory Card Errors ¶ 

Pictures are not saving on my memory card.

Empty memory card slot ¶ 

Check the memory card slot to ensure that there is a memory card installed. The memory card slot is located at the bottom left corner of the display under a rubber flap.

Ensure memory card compatibility ¶ 

Follow the User Manual's guidelines for memory card compatibility. Manufacture guidelines indicate the memory card have capacity no greater than 16 GB. If this fails to correct the problem try replacing your memory card with a new one.

Reformat the memory card ¶ 

Memory cards begin acting sluggish after repetative use. To resolve this issue reformat the memory card. Begin by placing the card into your computer. Under MY COMPUTER right click the memory card icon. Select FORMAT then select START. The time it takes to complete the reformatting process depends on the size of the memory card.

Continuous Camera Shots ¶ 

The camera takes continuous or repetitive photos.

The camera will take two (2) or three (3) continuous pictures ¶ 

The camera can be configured to take up to three (3) continuous pictures. To modify this setting, select the MODE button until you reach the setting entitled SETUP DATE/TIME. Next press UP/DOWN until you reach the screen labeled MULTI SHOT COUNT and select ENTER. Press UP/DOWN to switch between 1-SHOT, 2-SHOT, AND 3-SHOT and press ENTER again to select the desired setting.

Unresponsive Buttons ¶ 

The buttons on your display won't respond.

Buttons fail to respond properly ¶ 

If the keys do not respond, try resetting the Moultrie I45 by using a paperclip to select the RESET button located on the display. This will reset the camera to all default settings.

Buttons will not compress ¶ 

When buttons fail to compress, there is likely an obstruction directly below the button. Begin by removing the screws holding the unit together; Eight (8) screws located on the back and six (6) screws lining the top display. Remove twelve (12) additional screws attaching the circuit board to the reverse side of the LCD display. Remove obstructions that hinder button functions and ensure points of contacts are clean. For additional help go here.

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keep getting a * on my desplay screen on my I45s moultrie any ideas on what that is?

TJ - 답글

We get the same thing????

smurphy002003 -

I get that same symbol, what does it mean

gbrunner - 답글

i have two 145s cameras that take photos every hour on the hour with nothing seeming to trigger them. what is going on with them?

Jim Granlund - 답글

i have two moultrie 145s cameras that take a photo every hour. what is going on?

Jim Granlund - 답글

i set up two cameras…when i turn them on it counts down from 10 says enter on…then dies…

tony leudy - 답글

Glad to see you posting again. I’m a bowhunter from the Little Rock area. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for writing!

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