The power light is on, but the unit will not brew.

Before taking apart the Mr. Coffee machine, double check the switch by turning it on and off.

Your Mr. Coffee Maker will not work without water. Open the top lid of the coffee maker and check that there is enough water to brew your coffee. Additionally, there is a water-level gauge on the front side of the pot that displays the water in the machine. If there is not enough water to use, add more water and try brewing again.

There is a possibility that your Mr. Coffee maker refuses to work because the filter is off-centered or unbalanced. Open the top lid of the machine and reposition the filter. If the problem continues, then the filter may be misshapen and need to be replaced.

If this is the problem, find a new filter at the nearest home appliance store.

If your machine will not turn on, it is possibly clogged with minerals from your tap water. Fill the glass pot with 5 cups of white vinegar and hold the start button down for 2-3 minutes. When the coffee maker starts to heat, pour the vinegar through the filter. Then, rinse the machine out with water and attempt to brew another pot of coffee.

It is possible that the machine is not working properly due to lack of power. Check your home’s breaker box and make sure that the circuit is on and working. If it has turned off, then reset the circuit breaker. If it is still malfunctioning, replacement of the power cord may be necessary.

See our Power Cord Replacement Guide.

Or Contact Mr. Coffee for cord replacements and repairs.

Your coffee is not warm.

Be sure that the coffee pot is switched on and has access to power. The outlet that you are using may not be working. Also, be sure to check that the cord is completely plugged into the wall and there are no faults in the wiring.

When unused for a long period of time, the heating console will shut off automatically. There is no way to deactivate this function. Remove the previous pot and re-brew new coffee or reheat coffee separately.

There could be an issue with the warming plate. If everything else is working and you have tried all of the above options, the warming plate may need to be replaced.

See our warming plate replacement guide.

The filter basket overflows and you come back to a mess instead of a pot of coffee.

Be sure that the area where you place the filter is properly placed in the top of the coffee maker. The lid should close with ease and the tabs should fit into their proper holes.

It is possible that you have placed too many coffee grounds into the filter. This will cause it to clog and not enough water to get through. Remove all grounds and try again, using the specified amount of grounds.

The glass coffee pot may be incorrectly aligned with the warming plate. Place the pot and ensure that it is centered on the warming plate, and try brewing again.

There could be hard water buildup on the spout from the filter to the pot, or it is damaged.

Every time you make coffee, there are coffee grounds in the decanter.

Make sure that the coffee filter is properly situated in the basket. Improper placement results in coffee grounds flowing around the filter into the decanter.

In some cases, the filter may collapse or become deformed. If this is the case, the filter will need to be replaced. Collapsed and deformed filters allow coffee grounds to pass through into the decanter.

View our filter replacement guide here.

You continuously find water puddles underneath your coffeemaker.

The problem may be that you are simply using too much water to brew your coffee. Locate the gauge that displays how much water you have poured in, and do not pour above the 12-cup mark.

The high temperature tubing in the bottom of the machine could be loose or damaged from movement or heavy use.

Using strong cleaning chemicals to remove scale from the coffeemaker can damage the heating coil.

If the source of the leak is not from overflow water, turn the machine over (while empty), remove the screws from the bottom of the machine, and locate the source of the leak.

See our tubing replacement guide.

The warming plate may have melted or otherwise damaged the O-Ring, a rubber ring that lines the connection between the warming plate and the base of the machine. It is supposed to keep water from leaking through the base of the coffeemaker.

See our O-Ring replacement guide.

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Boca. Ra Ton

Coffee Maker Model BVMC-ZHI


Will not pour the Coffee Out

maryannesquivel - 답글

when coffee maker is turned on, the coffee maker gives a warning type beep and does not brew. Nothing in manual about a beep. Any ideas

Greg - 답글

Got the same problem.

Ezequiel Martinez -

Same prob;repeated pushing--7 X--starts it gurgling and finally it stays on(MrCoffee BVMC-EJX37) .

Ed W -

I just came across this as well. Any answers?

soniamgalante -

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