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My DreamTab's screen turns off while I'm using it.

Do not expose your DreamTab to large amounts of heat. A common occurrence is leaving it in the car during hot weather. The temperature changes can harm a device because it can damage the motherboard.

If your DreamTab powers on only when the charger is connected, then the battery should be replaced. It is sometimes common to have a faulty battery and replacing it solves the problem most of the time.

I am unable to operate my DreamTab because my screen is frozen. Frozen screens are a common problem in touch screen devices.

It is possible the screen is not producing images because the display is burnt out. The display must be replaced.

The residue build-up on the screen may interfere with the multi-touch screen functionality. Cleaning the display with a lint-free or microfiber cloth will alleviate the problem. Having the screen with excess dirt can also make a device not respond since too much dirt has been built in.

If the screen is damaged, it is recommended replacing your display to avoid personal injury, and to restore functionality back to your device.

Sound cannot be heard through the speakers.

The problem may be your headphones. Use another pair to see if that is the problem. If it is not, the problem might be interference from a damaged audio jack.

The muted icon displayed in volume settings shows a line through the speaker symbol. Press the volume rocker up to enable sound.

If headphones are plugged into the DreamTab, the audio will be sent directly to the headphones instead of the speaker.

When I remove my DreamTab from its charger, it dies within minutes of usage.

You may have an overused battery due to excessive charging, or a faulty battery.

Try charging another device on the socket you are plugged into, to ensure that the socket is working properly.

Try plugging the DreamTab into a different charger if available.

The battery may be unable to retain a charge and will need to be replaced.

My DreamTab has a weak internet connection and does not connect to a wireless network.

Go to the "Parental Controls" located under "Mommy/Daddy Mode" and enable the internet connection.

Make sure that you are within range of your wireless router, then confirm that the WiFi is enabled on your tablet. If neither solutions fix the problem, contact your internet service provider.

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I have this tablet for my daughter and it has battery problems. I am looking for a replacement battery for this Nabi Dreamtab 8 Version B Tegra 4.


Brian Henry

Brian Henry - 답글

Broken product ! - Christmas gift for my son - Called twice on Hold for 1 hour - Please email me or call me 773-716-7147

artemis101 - 답글

Hi, I bought the dream tab for my child in 12/2015 for xmas. The screen is now frozen and we cannot get it to open. Not sure what we need to do. We try tuning it on and off and it does not help. Please help. Margo

Margoth Romo - 답글

This is happening to me!! Did you fix it?? My daughter can't play anymore. And I've been calling the nabi support team but they don't answer the phones.

anahiochoa982 -

Im dealing with this now! Screen is frozen on android and the factory reset isn't working either. Did you find a solution?

rachels2321 -

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