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Nerf Vortex Praxis Troubleshooting

Nerf blaster released by Hasbro in September 2011. The Praxis is a pump-action blaster that fires XLR Discs and is identified by product number 32216.

Either the pump will not slide at all or very little, or the pump goes through full range of motion but the gun does not cock.

The Nerf Vortex Praxis has multiple safety features including a magazine disconnect that will prevent the blaster from firing or even cocking if there is no magazine inserted. Make sure the magazine is properly seated inside the magazine well.

It is possible for the spring assembly to become damaged during use. The results of this could either be a broken piece jamming the assembly or the assembly being unable to prime after pumping. Replacement of the spring assembly may be necessary.

The trigger is either limp with no resistance or is stuck and won't pull. Pulling the trigger does not fire the blaster.

The firing mechanism has become jammed either due to a disc becoming dislodged or a spring has come loose. There is a switch on the side of the blaster that will aide in the removal of jammed discs. Otherwise the blaster will need to be disassembled so the internals can be lined back up.

The blaster is not being cocked all the way. Make sure the pump handle is pulled completely to the end of it's track before firing.

The trigger assembly has been damaged and either a spring has come loose or a piece has broken. The blaster will need to be disassembled to replace springs or broken pieces.

The blaster won't load discs but will still fire.

A disc has become stuck on the inside of the barrel preventing the blaster from loading another. The un-jamming lever on the side of the blaster should clear the disc.

The magazine might be damaged and unable to push a disc into the loading mechanism. Check to make sure the magazine is not chipped anywhere. Replace spring if needed.

When the blaster fires, the discs are not coming out with full force.

Dirt and debris can become lodged in the barrel, blocking the disc from exiting. Use water to try and wash out barrel, using pipe cleaners to dislodge and stuck large debris. Be sure to dry thoroughly after washing.

The firing assemble that holds the spring has become damaged causing the spring's energy to not be transferred to the disc. The blaster will need to be disassembled to assess the damage and remove any broken parts. Parts will need to be replaced or the whole assembly itself.

The blaster fires using a torsion spring that has become worn, diminishing the force it can exert. The blaster will need to be disassembled for the spring to be replaced.

Attachments do not stay in place when trying to connect them to the blaster.

The railing on top of the blaster has been damaged in some way and prevents the secure attachment of accessories. The small clip in the center of the rail will need to be replaced if broken. If the railing is chipped, the broken pieces can be super glued back into place or modeling clay can be used as a filler.

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