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Nikon 1 J1 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for Nikon J1.

After holding the power button of the Nikon J1 for several seconds, the camera does not respond.

Plug camera into it power source. The camera should begin charging, and a charging symbol will appear on the screen.

Verify if the battery is installed correctly. Open the battery correctly and make sure that the polarity of the batteries is correct.

Spray compressed air into power button to ensure a good connection. This will clear debris that may cause a bad connection, that would prevent the camera from powering on.

The screen displays a message informing the user that it does not detect the lens that is attached.

The camera will not let the user take pictures when this message is displayed.

Power the camera off and wait 30 seconds, then power the camera back on. This will reset the camera's settings, causing it to try and detect the lens again.

Remove the lens and reattach it while the camera is off. Remove the lens by pressing the button on the right hand side and rotating the lens assembly clockwise. Reattach the lens by rotating it counterclockwise onto the camera.

While the lens is detached, clean the gold pins on the lens and camera using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Make sure components are dry before putting the lens back on.

The barrel of the camera's lens is jammed, preventing it from extending and contracting.

Spraying compressed air will clean the guides for the lens, clearing any debris that may be obstructing the lens.

Gently try to extend and contract repeatedly to try and correct the lens' path.

The camera uses an auto focus feature, and sometimes does not focus itself correctly.

Power the camera off and wait 30 seconds to restart the camera. This will reset the camera's settings.

Switch the camera between its other settings i.e.(Picture, video, gallery ect.). This too will reset the camera's settings

Finger prints and dirt can be the cause of blurry pictures. Use glass cleaner to clean all of the camera's glass lenses

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how do you plug camera into power scource

redrobbo31 - 답글

you need to charge the battery externally from the camera. The J1 doesn't support USB charging.

Matthew Perkins -

Cuando prendo la cámara dentro de la casa la imagen se ve oscura y no tira la foto sale una luz verde, pero afuera donde hay claridad se ve bien y dispara la foto

g.iris34 - 답글

Je ne peux pas faire de photos il est marqué problème d'objectif

Antoine Narove - 답글

My 1j1 zoom lens just blank out the shutter dint even open, on the screen dint says lens error just dark blank, what can I do?

donald abraham - 답글

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