Nikon CoolPix S600 Troubleshooting

No matter what you do you can't get the lens to retract.

This is a very common problem. Usually sand or grit gets inside the camera and interferes with the lens extension mechanism. Replacing the battery and restarting the camera should be your first approach. If this does not work try to blow compressed air in the gaps around the lens barrels with the idea of blowing out any sand or grit that may be in there jamming the lens. If the problem still remains, take the camera and try tapping it on the palm of your hand (cautiously) to dislodge any particles that may be jamming the lens.

Replace the shutter fixture. See replace shutter guide.

Your camera will not boot.

A common problem that will prevent your camera from turning on is a dead battery. Try to restart your camera, if it's still not working it is most likely that your battery is dead and replacing them would be the best choice. If your camera is still under one year old, send it to Nikon and they will replace it with no cost.

The battery may not be making a good electrical connection with the camera. Remove the battery and wipe the contacting ends with a clean dry cloth.

The camera turns on, but the screen is blank.

This happens a lot with digital cameras. This does not happen a lot with this series of Nikon, but it does happen. Restarting your camera would be your first step, if the problem is not solved try to replace the LCD.

No matter what you do, The camera will not take a pictures.

Change your camera's setting into shooting mode, the camera could be in a playback mode or etc.

Wait until the flash charges fully. Try pressing the shutter button when the indicator is orange.

Remove the memory card and unload pictures onto your computer to free up space on the memory card or replace the full memory card with a new memory card.

Reformat the memory card. If this still does not work, try replacing it with another memory card.

When shooting a picture, the flash does not work.

Make sure the flash setting is on.

The shots come out blurry when taking pictures.

Hold the camera steady while shooting.

Do not block the Af-assist beam with your finger, or any other object while shooting a picture.

When the distance between the camera lens and the subject is very close switch the camera to macro mode. When taking pictures of subjects very far away set the camera to infinity mode.

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The camera will go through all the motions, including flash but the image never appears on the screen. It will review perfectly with a bright screen. The battery voltage is 3.9. I deleted a lot of the images right on the camera. The test shots I made today have the date and time but no image.


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