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Nikon Coolpix L340 Troubleshooting

The Camera Turns Off Without Warning ¶ 

The camera power turns off without any warning or pressing of the power button.

The Auto-off Function is on ¶ 

This camera has an Auto-Off function, meaning that the camera will turn off after a period of time when not being used in order to save power.

The Environment’s Temperature is too Low ¶ 

The camera or batteries may not work if the environment surround the camera is at too low of a temperature. If you think this may be the problem, try removing the camera from this environment and allow the systems and batteries to return to room temperature.

The Inside of the Camera has overheated ¶ 

The inside of the camera could become hot after overuse or because of a technical malfunction. If this is the case, leave the camera off until the inside of the camera has cooled, then try turning it on again.

The Images are Blurred ¶ 

After taking a picture, the image appears unclear and needs to be better focused.

Use the Flash ¶ 

To enable the flash press the button located on the side of the flash, indicated with a downward arrow, shaped like a lighting bolt. The flash should pop up. In order to put it down again, just gently push the flash back down until you hear it click.

Increase the ISO Sensitivity Value ¶ 

Darker subjects can be captured by using a higher ISO sensitivity. This also allows pictures to be taken at faster shutter speeds so blurring due to camera and subject movement can be reduced. Accessing this feature can be achieved by hitting the menu button and going into the shooting menu. By scrolling down and selecting the ISO sensitivity option, the sensitivity can be changed from 80, 100, 200, 400, or 1600.

Enable the Vibration Reduction Feature ¶ 

The vibration reduction feature is a setting that can be used while shooting however this setting should be turned off if a tripod is being used. Accessing this feature can be achieved by pressing the menu button and select the Set Up option. By scrolling down and selecting the vibration reduction, the setting can be turned on or off.

Stabilize the Camera Using a Tripod ¶ 

Using a tripod can help stabilize the camera to reduce the blurriness of images. The self-timer option can be used to effectively capture pictures. This feature can be accessed by pressing the left button on the multi selector, and then selecting the ON option.

The Flash does not Fire ¶ 

When a picture is taken, there is no flash of light that comes out of the camera to help light up the picture.

The Flash is Lowered ¶ 

Press the button located on the side of the flash, indicated with a downward arrow, shaped like a lighting bolt. The flash should pop up. In order to put it down again, just gently push the flash back down until you hear it click.

A Scene Mode that Restricts the Flash is Selected ¶ 

Press the button labeled scene right above it, and a green camera pictured on it. Scroll down to the picture of the camera and select okay in order to put the camera in auto mode.

A Function that Restricts the Flash is Enabled ¶ 

If continuous mode or blink proof are selected, then the flash cannot be used. In order to use the flash, another function must be selected.

O flashes on the screen ¶ 

There is an annoying O that keeps showing up on the screen

Camera Clock has not been set ¶ 

If the camera clock has not been set, O flashes on the shooting screen, and images and movies saved before the clock is set are dated “00/00/0000 00:00” and “01/01/2015 00:00” respectively. In order to set the correct time and date go to the setup menu and set the time and date according to your Time zone.

Date and time of recording are not correct ¶ 

After saving the movie/video the time stamp doesn’t display the correct time and date.

Camera clocks are not as accurate as ordinary clocks and watches. In order to keep the correct time and date, periodically compare the time of the camera clock which that of a more accurate timepiece.

The Monitor is Blank ¶ 

The monitor is showing no pictures and the screen is black.

The Camera is Off ¶ 

Press the ON/OFF power button on the top right side of the camera. The batteries may be dead and need to be replaced, or the camera needs to be charged.

The Camera Automatically Turns off to Save Power ¶ 

The monitor will automatically turn off when no operations are performed for about 30 seconds and the camera enters standby mode. After three minutes of being in standby mode the camera will shut down. Press the power switch or the shutter-release button to turn the monitor back on.

The Camera is Connected to a TV or a Computer ¶ 

When the camera is connected to a TV or a computer, the screen is projected onto that monitor, leaving the camera monitor blank.

댓글 12개

The camera options show when camera is on however I cannot see any view to take a picture nor can I see any previous pictures

don - 답글

my coolpix l340 turns off as soon as I turn it on. What is wrong with it?

Daija Jackson - 답글

Maybe it is 1.) connected to a device 2.) dead 3.) hates life 4.) the battery is low so is automatically turns off to save power.

Lorelai Hellon -

mine has been doing the same thing

willalwaysbehis07 - 답글

Thanks much this was legitimately extremely helpful

Harry Dulaney - 답글

my nikon coolpix I340 keeps telling me to remove the lens cap when it isn’t on

maggie - 답글

my nikon coolpix camera keeps telling me to remove the lens cap when it’s not on the camera

maggie - 답글

My L340 has been putting a blue line through all my pictures the last few months. Is there anyway I can fix this???

Danielle Jackson - 답글

my nikon coolpix L340 does not want to flash might there be any problem?

Nicky Garu-nab - 답글

K, if this happens go to the green camera go down to the camera icon click that; that is auto mode so it will enable the flash. Then click the arrow/lighting bolt on the side near the flash, take a picture and it should work. If it doesn’t then the bulb is probably burned?

Lorelai Hellon -

Hi…when I take photos on the camera they are not saving to the internal memory or the sd card. When I press the playback button there are no images there. Do you know how to fix this please?

Stacey - 답글

My collpix l340 turns off everytime i press the button to take a picture. What can i do?

Jaime - 답글

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