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The camera does not turn on ¶ 

You have tried to turn on the camera, but nothing is happening.

Batteries are low on power ¶ 

If your camera does not turn on, make sure that the battery is fully charged. If after a charge the camera still doesn't turn on, your batteries may no longer be able to hold a charge and need to be replaced with fresh new batteries.

Batteries are not the correct kind ¶ 

It's important to make sure that the batteries are not alkaline or have a subtitle such as “super heavy duty”. These batteries do not have the same strength of power and may not work correctly with the camera. Make sure you are using the recommended batteries for your camera.

Batteries are not connected correctly ¶ 

Make sure the batteries are actually touching the battery posts and that the batteries are inserted the correct way. Take out the batteries and look to see where the posts and connections are. Insert them again, and turn the camera back on.

The LCD screen does not display anything ¶ 

The screen stays in black, and doesn’t react to anything.

Its power saving function is enabled ¶ 

Check to see if the camera is not already in its power saving function. When it goes into its power saving function, the camera will standby for three minutes before shutting down. If pressing the shutter-release button, the shooting mode button, the playback button, or the movie record button doesn't work, turn on the camera with the power button.

Batteries are low on power ¶ 

If the LCD is not turning on, make sure that the batteries are fully charged. If the LCD still doesn't display anything, your batteries may no longer be able to hold a charge and need to be replaced with fresh new batteries.

The lens is dirty ¶ 

There are dust particles that interfere with taking photographs.

There are dust and other particles inside the lens ¶ 

Make sure you turn off the camera before cleaning the lens. Carefully apply compressed air into the lens to get any dust or other particles out of the camera.

There are dust and other particles outside the lens ¶ 

Make sure you turn off the camera before cleaning the lens. Carefully use microfiber cloth and then clean outside of the lens to remove any dust or other particles in the lens.

Zoom does not work ¶ 

The camera will not allow you to zoom in or out.

The zoom function is not working while camera is on ¶ 

If zooming in or out doesn't work, reboot the camera and try zooming after the camera is back on.

Zoom is not available in certain modes ¶ 

The zooming function is not available when Portrait Mode, Night Portrait Mode, Pet Portrait Mode, or 3D Photography Mode is selected. The zoom function is also not enabled when Smart Portrait Mode is selected and also when the Continuous function in the Shooting Menu is set to Multi-shot 16. Make sure that your camera is set to the proper mode.

Flash does not work ¶ 

The flash does not light up when a picture is taken. It may also not pop up on the camera.

The bulb may be burnt out or the springs are not popping up ¶ 

Make sure that the flash function on the camera is either on or auto. Check the bulb to make sure that it isn’t burnt out. If the flash isn’t popping up on the camera, you may need to make sure the springs aren’t stuck or dirty.

Flash is not available in certain modes ¶ 

If your camera is on Scene Mode, the flash function will not work. When you’re working in Blink Proof in the Smart Portrait Mode, make sure that the flash is turned on in your camera settings.

Image is always out of focus ¶ 

No matter what happens, the image is out of focus.

Image settings are incorrect ¶ 

Make sure that the settings on your camera are the settings that you want. If you’re still having issues with focus, reboot the camera to reset your settings and try again. You can also setup the AF Assist in the menu to auto mode and see if that resets the image settings.

The lens may not be clean ¶ 

When cleaning the lens on the camera, gently clean it with soft cleaning cloth and add lens solution along with a soft bristle brush if necessary.

The camera gives a lens cap error ¶ 

The camera will instruct the user to take the lens cap off when the lens cap is already off.

The shutter button is interfering with the error ¶ 

After turning off the camera, hold down the shutter button and then power on the camera.

The lens may not be aligned correctly ¶ 

Take a look at the lens and make sure that it is not misaligned. If they are misaligned, you may need to adjust the lens or replace them.

The lens is not pushing itself up and down ¶ 

Place the camera lens on a hard surface and power on the camera. This will allow the camera lens to push itself up and down. Make sure that you do not scratch the lens during this process.

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its still saying that the lens is on when its clearly not

thomas harvet - 답글

I gave the lens(cap on) a good whack with the palm of my hand, then I pushed all the buttons and it worked. I did this only after trying everything above. It worked for me.

tmrowka - 답글

We got coolpix L340 same problem, i did all the suggestions but it doesnt work. What I did was I whack with my palm to push in the lense while pressing the on button & the shutter and slowly the lense went in & BINGO! It works! When u do this slowly do it into your palm. Thanks!

wuberas - 답글

Be gentle ti avoid damaging your camera especially the lense.

wuberas - 답글

When I take a picture by zooming my Nikon L810 lens gets shake thus blur picture are obtained . Is there any solution for this ?

Sanju sajan - 답글

My Camera Won't Turn On So I tried the 3 things about battery's, still won't work, would it help to mention I dropped it from 2 feet?

David Ward - 답글

My camera lens is not moving its stuck in middle and whenever i on the camera the light blink for seconds and turn off…

Ashish Purao - 답글

My camera shutter button does not work properly would you please suggest any advice.

ahshahjahan - 답글

How do you know when the bulb is burned out on a Nikon Coolpix L810 and where can you buy a bulb?

janet.pink51 - 답글

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