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Nikon Coolpix S6300 Troubleshooting

Released in February 2013, the camera is the model S6300. The camera features a 10X zoom 16 megapixel shots and typically comes in red, blue, black and silver.

Camera will not Turn On ¶ 

The camera doesn’t operate when the on/off button is pressed

Drained/dead Battery ¶ 

Before inserting the battery into the camera, make sure the battery is fully charged. If the battery does not charge, replace the battery or charging cord or switch charger outlets.

Charger is Plugged In ¶ 

Make sure the charger is unplugged before turning on the camera.

Problems with the Battery Compartment ¶ 

Check to see if the battery is inserted and closed properly.

Reset the Camera ¶ 

Remove the battery and memory card. After that, reinstall the battery and the memory card to see if the camera works.

Camera Powers off while Turned On ¶ 

The camera suddenly powers off while turned on or taking photos

Battery is Low ¶ 

Try turning the camera back on. If the camera does not power on or powers on and powers off again, it is likely the battery is low. Try recharging the battery or replacing the battery with a fully charged spare and turning the camera on.

Battery is Bad ¶ 

If after charging the battery, the camera still does not turn on, it is likely the battery is faulty and needs replacing.

Flash does not Work ¶ 

The flash unit is not working despite the flash setting being enabled and the device has not been excessively damaged or abused.

Try Charging the Battery ¶ 

The flash uses more power than the actual camera. A weak or drained battery may be the cause of this issue. Charge the battery, or replace if it has become unusable.

Check your Scene Mode ¶ 

Some scene modes will use different flash settings, some will disable the flash entirely

Faulty Bulb ¶ 

It is unlikely however possible that the bulb is burned out. You can make the replacement yourself at the risk of voiding your warranty. Most bulbs are soldered directly onto the circuit board, so be sure you are well equipped before dismantling the flash.

Lens Cover will not Fully Open or Close ¶ 

Whenever the camera is powered on, the front shutter will not fully open, or when powered off, the shutter will not fully close.

Ensure Camera is Powered ‘On’ and Charged ¶ 

Make sure the power button has been firmly pressed. If the camera does not respond, the battery may be dead. Try charging or replacing the battery and trying again later.

Charger is Plugged In ¶ 

Make sure the charger is unplugged before turning on the camera.

Debris in Mechanism ¶ 

There may be some debris (dust, sand, etc.) which could be stopping the mechanism from closing properly. If this is the case, gently pull back the covers and use compressed air to dislodge the particles. Do not attempt to use any hand-brushes as there may damage the camera lense.

Faulty Closing Mechanism ¶ 

There may be a problem with one of the components which mechanically closes the mechanism, such as the springs. If this is the case, try to disassemble the front portion on the lens and replace the faulty part.

Camera Turns on but LCD Screen is Black ¶ 

Whenever the camera is powered on, the LCD screen is blank or appears dark or black.

The LCD is Turned Off ¶ 

If your LCD isn't cracked, it could just be that you have it turned off. If that is the case there should be a button on your camera that says something like "display" or "LCD". Press said button. If you can't locate a button like this then look in your user manual. Also try to reset the camera back to original factory settings.

Cracked or Broken Screen ¶ 

If you notice your screen is cracked or has other obvious signs indicating the screen is broken, the LCD screen will need to be replaced. See the guide.

Camera will not Focus ¶ 

The camera will not focus properly

I cannot get my Camera to Focus on an Object ¶ 

You may be too close to the object. Try backing away and see if the focus will work. Make sure that the camera’s focus settings are on automatic. The contrast of the objects in the picture may be too low for the camera to pick up on.

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When I press the delete button to delete photos it doesnt work. I have 380 photos on the camera which I can't delete

richar210 - 답글

You could try to connect your camera to a computer... then take off the pics and delete them from your computer. If that doesn't work you can try to format your memory card.

tynemannetje - 답글

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