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Nikon Coolpix S70 Troubleshooting

Released Fall 2009, identified by model number 26189

Battery won't charge ¶ 

The battery will not charge in the wall or with USB port.

Computer charge setting is off ¶ 

If your battery is not charging, verify that the computer charge setting is on by selecting TAB > SETUP MENU > Charge by computer.

Drained/dead battery ¶ 

If your battery will not charge, you may simply have a drained battery. Try a backup battery and be sure it is fully charged.

No image displayed on screen ¶ 

My display screen is not responding.

Camera is not on ¶ 

The display screen may not be responding because the camera might not be on. Press and hold the power button until display screen lights up.

Broken or cracked screen ¶ 

If the camera display screen is not responding, you may have a broken or cracked screen. The screen may need to be replaced.

Unresponsive display ¶ 

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is defective and may need replacement. First, check the connection and make sure there are no tears in the cables. If this is not successful, the digitizer will need to be replaced.

Black display screen ¶ 

If your camera will turn on, but the display screen is black, try restarting the camera by turning off the camera and removing the battery. If restarting the camera is not successful in fixing the problem, a replacement of the display screen is needed.

Flash won't work ¶ 

When a picture is taken, the flash will not go off.

Flash setting turned off ¶ 

If the flash will not go off, make sure that the flash setting is turned on. Go to Menu> Flash Setting> On.

Burned out bulb ¶ 

If the flash still does not go off after checking the flash settings, the bulb may be burnt out or broken. Buy a new bulb and replace it.

Lens error ¶ 

When trying to take a picture, my camera says "lens error".

Low power ¶ 

If your camera has a lens error message, your battery may not be fully charged. First, try recharging the battery. If this does not work, you may need to purchase a new battery.

Broken lens ¶ 

If you have a lens error, the lens could be broken or cracked. To fix this, replace the lens by dismantling the camera and replacing the lens.

Blurry pictures ¶ 

When viewing pictures on my camera, they are blurry.

Unsteady hands ¶ 

If the pictures are blurry, you may have unsteady hands. Be sure that your hands are still when taking the picture or try using a tripod.

Dirty lens ¶ 

If your pictures are blurry, you may have a dirty lens. Clean the lens before taking pictures.

Camera out of focus ¶ 

If your pictures are blurry, your camera may be out of focus. Be sure to focus the camera before taking a picture, even after zooming.

Wrong memory card ¶ 

If your pictures are blurry, verify that the memory card you are using is approved for the camera.

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