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Remote Won't Turn On

No matter what you do, you can't get your remote to turn on.

Batteries are Dead

We all have those days where we look over the little things. Double check to make sure you have charged batteries in the Wii Remote. If not, it could be as simple as replacing the two AA batteries or recharging your rechargeable batteries. Learn how to remove the Wii Remote batteries here.

Not a Good Battery Connection

If that doesn't resolve the problems, make sure that the batteries are oriented correctly and making a good connection with the spring loaded battery contacts.

Bad Connection in the Power Button

You have fresh batteries making good connections in the Wii Remote, but the remote still doesn't turn on. The connection between the power button and the motherboard may be dirty and causing the remote not to turn on. To clean the power button contact, open the cover plate and lightly brush the contact with a new, dry toothbrush. It is also possible that the power button is slightly misaligned inside the Wii Remote or the power button connection has fried. In either case, you should install a new power button.

The Buttons Stick

You press a button and it will not come back up.

Food/Liquid Under Button

Do you ever find yourself craving a snack while playing on your Wii and you forget to wash your hands? Food and sugary liquids can easily get underneath buttons and cause them to stick or stop working. Your buttons may just need a good cleaning. To clean the buttons, you will need a NEW toothbrush, some warm water and a little soap. Remove the batteries from your remote before cleaning your buttons. Slightly dampen the toothbrush with warm soapy water and brush around the sticky buttons. Dry off with a paper towel.

If the problem persists, you might have to install new buttons. Follow this guide for replacing the main buttons on the front of your remote. Use the B Trigger guide, to learn how to install a new B trigger button.

The Cursor Isn't Where it's Supposed to Be

As you point your remote at the screen, the cursor just isn't where you are aiming.

Sensor Bar is Obstructed

Make sure the Sensor Bar is not obstructed by anything. If it is, move it to a place where it has a direct line of sight with your remote. Make sure that the Sensor Bar is completely plugged into the back of the Wii Console.


Often times, a Wii Remote will not be calibrated correctly causing the misaimed cursor. To re-calibrate the remote, place it on a table button side down for 10 seconds. Make sure the Wii Remote is orientated parallel with your TV screen. After 10 seconds, point the Wii Remote back at the TV. If this doesn't work, go into the Wii settings at the home screen and make sure that the location of your sensor bar is correct, either below or above your TV.

A Light too Close to the Sensor Bar

The Wii sensor bar uses a heat signal from the Wii Remote to sense where exactly you are pointing. Make sure that there aren't any lamps placed too close to the sensor bar because the mixed heat signals will cause the sporadic cursor. Also, make sure there are not any infrared lamps in the same room as your Wii for this will also affect the sensor bar.

Malfunctioning Sensor Screen

If the problem still persists, it is probably a malfunctioning sensor screen on your Wii Remote. To install a new screen see our Installation Guide.

Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard is the heart of the Wii Remote. The motherboard transmits signals throughout the Wii Remote, which includes the signal to turn on the remote when you press the power button. If gone through all the other steps, your problem could be a broken or burnout motherboard. Use our guide to install a new motherboard.

No Sound from the Wii Remote

If you know there is supposed to be sound coming out and there isn't.

Dirty Contacts

The speaker makes two connections onto the motherboard and it is possible that dirt or dust could disrupt the signal to the speaker. To reach the speaker, you must first take off the cover plate. Once inside the device, locate the two gold circular speaker contacts and lightly brush them with a new, dry toothbrush.

Burnt-out Remote Speaker

You smash a serve in Wii Tennis and your remote does not swoosh. This indicates that there is a problem with the internal speakers of your Wii Remote. This is usually caused by dirt and dust getting into the remote. To replace speakers, see our nifty guide for installing a new speaker.

Remote Doesn't Rumble

You just got hit by a red shell in Mario Kart Wii and your remote didn't rumble.

Broken Rumble Box

The rumble in your Wii Remote is made by a 'rumble box' which is a motor with a weight on it. This occasionally is faulty, causing your remote to not rumble. Yet, to replace and install a new rumble box will require a great deal of soldering skill and specialized tools. Rather, installing a new motherboard will fix your rumble box and other unforeseen problems with your Wii Remote.

댓글 77개

my wii remote is not working right... I put new batteries in them all but they are not working still what do i need to do to fix it

hannah - 답글

My remote isn't connecting how does I fix it

Monique -

If it keeps flashing blue on your remote, open the slide next to the reset button, press thr sync button on the back of the remote and the sync button on the Wii o er and over again. Might not be the problem but works

Mimi Hart -

My Wii isn't displaying on the screen it is turning on but my TV screen is blue. Can you help me??

Emily Harwell - 답글

Sounds to me like you don't have your TV on the right input or it's not hooked up properly. Not an expert but been working with these things about 15 years

Lisa Cole -

control not turning on . new battery still wont come on

King Quann - 답글

We have a controller that hasn't been used in awhile and we put new batteries in it and it works for maybe 1 minute or less then stops. We tried 3 sets of new batteries and it does the same.

sportygl16 - 답글

You might just want to get a new controller. To me, it sounds like that remote is done for

Megan Hayden -

my wii remote won't even work with working batteries and syncing it can someone help and tell me what to do

lpschloe Williams - 답글

Wii remote control works well when navigating to the menu and also choosing players. But at the time of playing (Wii Sports, or Wii Play) remote does not respond to any of the commands. I have brand new batteries and I have another remote that works fine. Any suggestions?

Byron Herrera - 답글

Sounds to me like your game might be busted. But then you said your other controller works fine, which throws me off. You might want to go to a game stop or a place that specializes in games and discs and have both the game and controller checked out by a pro, not a website

Megan Hayden -

My remote isn't doing anything. It let me press "A" when it first came on and then that was it. How do I fix it?

nae - 답글

I have the same issue. Let me know if you find a solution

Thomas McGormley -

I have two remotes, I put fresh newly-bought batteries in both and they blink but don't turn on. It won't even turn on my Wii when I press the power button. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Wii and the sensor bar, but it did nothing. I have tried to Sync the Wii and both the remotes multiple times but they just keep flashing and then stop. My Wii has only done this once in the past and I just had to wait a few days. I've waited months at this point and I'm about to give up. What do I do to fix this?

Bethany Latam - 답글

I was having the same problem and I unplugged the power cord and then replugged it back in and restarted and they worked. Hope that helps you

Lisa Dorman -

I got a new wifi remote and I put fresh batteries in it and turned it on and it is still not working I tried everything I could think of and it will not work but the blue lights for the remote flash for 5 seconds and it will turn off after that and I try again and it still won't work what do I do to fix it and or make it work

Jade - 답글

I ment wii remote

Jade - 답글

my motionplus isn't working even with new batteriers is still not flashing or shaking at all

Sam Man - 답글

my wii remotes rechargeable batteries won't stayed charged for 20 hours of continuous wii remote rechargeable batteries only stayed charged for 24 minutes of continuous play.what should I do to fix my wii remotes rechargeable batteries so my rechargeable batteries stayed charged for more than 24 minutes of charged play?

ajackson4109 - 답글

my wii remote wont display on the screen at all i can press the home buttons and the - + buttons and they still work but its not lighting up or showing up on the scren whats wrong?

Antoinette C - 답글

My wii remote has last 2 LCD lights on and it's not working and as soon as you put the batteries in it auto maticly goes on even tho the concil isn't on

andygarcia617 - 답글

It seems like my wii remote doesn't work correctly. I can use it for Netflix, home screen, and some games, but it doesn't work on other channels/games. When trying to play some games, no button works at all, not even home. I know that the power button will always work. Anyways, do I need to get a new wii remote or something, because I don't know what else to do.

Arianna Thompson - 답글

I've put new batteries in, made sure they had good connection even check the power button. I have also tried sinking it back to the counsel, the lights blink twice and then it shuts off, the same thing happened with all 4 of our remotes... What's going on and how do I fix it?!?

Emily Moore - 답글

My wii remote kind a work here's the problem wii remote turns on but when I press the power button on the remote all four lights flash at the bottom and then turns off the console well only turn on when I press it manually please help me find out what's wrong.

Jose Medina - 답글

Same thing is what's happening to my remotes. From what I've heard, there is no way of fixing it

Karlee Bryant -

My remote is not working properly, I can see the cursor but when I press 'A' button on any icon it is not accepting. And selection sound is also not coming.

Ramdas - 답글

I just bought the sports resort disc. Playing golf and it keeps asking to hit the B (trigger) button when ready to play each hit. It starts out working fine and then it stops working and I get a weird clink sound instead of the chime sound. Any ideas one what is? All other buttons work normal. It doesn't do it on the regular sports disc.

incredible33 - 답글

My Wii remote won't let me browse through the Netflix titles., instead it wants to load first title it lands on., I have to use the search feature or scroll through the titles at full speed

Christopher holland - 답글

I'm very new to Wii U! I have my controller working fine, but my wii remote doesn't seem to do what I want it to do. Can't seem to turn left or right with the remote, so racing a car is impossible. I've tried re-syncing but that didn't help. Therefore playing a game with more than one player doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated.

Kerry Vass - 답글

I have also had the same problem. Try resetting the wii. I don't have Wii U, but using the attachments such as the steering wheel for the regular wii doesn't work because it can't sensor it, therefore, if resetting the wii doesn't work, try calling wii support or something. ((( Im really don't know if wii support is actually a thing or not, but I'm sure it is)))

Karlee Bryant -

there is NO cursor (NO hand) when I turn on wii remote?

dolphinawoman - 답글

My remotes worked fine a few days ago but then suddenly they didn't. I thought it must be that they need new batteries. A day or two after that, I went and bought new batteries to replace the old ones. I then tried to play the wii but the remotes wouldn't work. I went through and turned off the wii, unplugged it, and even moved the sensor to a position that seemed more correct. Neither of these things worked. When I press any buttons on the remotes, they only flash twice and that's all. The remotes are pretty old, but I don't see how this would effect them. I thought also that it could be that the new batteries just weren't working, so I went and got more. This didn't change anything. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I hope to discover it soon. I've had trouble with the remotes one other time, but it was easily fixed, though that was a few years ago. I noticed a red synce button on the inside of the remote, and of course, I pressed it, though it effected nothing. Could it be that the console is old?

Karlee Bryant - 답글

Maybe yu didn sync it to the console right

Whitney Daggett -

Press the Power button on the Wii console.

Open the SD Card Slot cover on the front of the Wii console.

Remove the battery cover on the back of the Wii Remote to be synced.

Some models of the Wii Remote include a hole in the battery cover and a tool on the wrist strap to push the SYNC Button with. With this model, the battery cover does not need to be removed to access the SYNC button.

Press and release the SYNC button just below the batteries on the Wii Remote; the Player LED on the front of the Wii Remote will blink. While the lights are still blinking, quickly press and release the red SYNC button on the Wii console.

When the Player LED blinking stops and stays lit, the syncing is complete. The LED that is illuminated indicates the player number (1 through 4).

This sync procedure must be followed for each additional Wii Remote added to the system.

ccundiff1980 -

My brother flashed a light into the Wii Mote sensor and now the remote only reacts to strong light. Is there any way to fix it or a place to get a replacement sensor screen for the remote?

Pranav Charkupalli - 답글

I have taken out the cover plate and cleaned everything and put t back together with new batteries and when I press the "A" botton, it does not turn on.... what's going on?

analetjax - 답글

My wii remote has just had a new batterie put in and they are the right way but it still doesn't turn on. It flashes the blue lights at the bottom but then it just switches off. Please help me.

Tilly - 답글

My remote won't turn on. I replaced the batteries and tried to connect and nothing

hhamy1234 - 답글

Same problem here (with 3 controllers).

Please tell me if u got a sollution (

Pedro Ribeiro Martins Rosa -

AA batteries don't seat correctly in the classic controller. One partially pops out so no power to the controller.

alohasistah - 답글

My wii remote has the bottom two light that stay lite up and is not working. Not the buttons not the sensors, nothing

Whitney Daggett - 답글

i try to turn on the wii remote, lights flash then vibrates for a good second. was working fine before syncing a different remote. what happened

annaorona28 - 답글

My wii remote lights wont even blink to power on

buscatcreation - 답글

It might be a dead battery or your controller just don't feel like working.

Megan Hayden -

Appreciate any help in advance. Wii remote cursor is working, but motion is not responding for example when playing Wii Resort Sword Fight. Moving the remote back and forth does not register (may be a little) on the game. Batteries are new and battery contacts are clean. Thanks for any pointers.

B Chang - 답글

You need to hop the A button while holding the button 1 and hold it there for 5 second if it does not work try a different brand of batteries .

Frantastick Ianson -

my wii controller is messing up bad before it stoped working if I pointed the cursor at anything it would jump all over the place it would be hard to to keep it on anything I pointed it at!! all my lights flash when I push any button but when I point it at the sensor nothing comes up! now when the lights flash once they are done flashing one light will normally stay on indicating what number your controller is rather it be 1 2 3 or 4 but once the lights are done flashing it just goes blank & no light is left on at all like it would normally do! it would just stop outta the blue I thought it was my batteries but realized it couldn't have been because they were brand new batteries but at first it would stop & 10 min latter it would work again until it went out like i said all the lights flash when you touch any button but I can't get a connection thru the sensor at all is there anyone that can help me & tell me how to fix this please let me know & thank you very much for you all's time

tony - 답글

My remote keeps changing the light from one to four and it cannot work. How do I fix it? Plz answer quick

Wii noob - 답글

My remote keeps changing the light from number one to four all the time and it doesn't work.How do I fix it? Plz answer

Wii noob - 답글

My wifi remotes came on but all four lights came and the cursor was still not on the screen I took out the the battery's and tried again and still would not work the battery's are brand new and this’s was happening wit all four remotes if you know the answers please reply.


Frantastick Ianson - 답글

My wii remote is not working. The lights is not turning on. What to do?

technical tube - 답글

i was in the wii settings & i accidentally turned off the sensor bar thing for my remote so now i don’t know how to go back & get the cursor to turn the senor for the remote back on if the remote won’t work

Britney Fortune - 답글

i was in the wii settings & i accidentally turned off the sensor for my remote in order to use the cursor so now i don’t know how to go back & turn it back on if the remote won’t work without the sensor

Britney Fortune - 답글

So I’m trying to play Hyrule Warriors and the wii remote is working just fine up until after I open up the game. When the screen “press any button to start” appears I try to press any button and it won’t work. Could be something wrong with the game, but I just bought it brand new. I’ve played it a few times the passed few days, but it’s just now acting up. I have tried turning off the Wii U and turning it back on, taking the disk out and putting it back in, and resyncing everything but it still isnt working. I would like to know what’s up and how to fix it. Thanks.

Ruthann Kottka - 답글

Can someone please help…..whenever I connect my Wii remote to my Wii U system, it works just fine until I point it at the sensory bar. Then it just cuts off. What do I do? It was working just fine yesterday! Now whenever I try to point at the sensory bar, the remote turns off and this makes it really hard to play most of my games. Does anyone know how to fix this? :(

Jade Dragon - 답글

My wii remotes don’t charge to 100%. It gets as high as two bars on one and only one on the other. When we first got them (second hand) the one would charge all the way and second almost as high. We used it for a while and then didn't for a few weeks, is it dust or something else or so I need new ones.

Arianna BadWolf - 답글

My wii remotes have been working fine but just now I tried to use it and the light flashes and then turns off. So I tried to re sync it with the tv and I do know how you do that but it doesn’t work because the remotes flash once and then turns off and won’t sync. If anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it please help.

Ella C - 답글

Did you replace the batteries or re-sync it?

Sluggers -

My Wii remote is very glitchy, it seems like only sometimes it glitches with the sensor bar and it isn't smooth at all, and when you, for example shake the Wii remote, which would do something in-game, it gets delayed and also the other buttons can do this too. But it seems like it literally only happens either in the morning, or after the morning, I don't understand why.

Sluggers - 답글

I wish someone could fix it, it's extremely annoying

Sluggers -

Mines having that kind of problem to

Autumn clark -

When I tried to play my wii the normal hand that your supposed to use to be able to play the game is not showing up the batteries are fine and the buttons work like the home button so is it a problem with the sensor bar or the wii remote

Light Kowal - 답글

I tried to fix this but the little finger icon wont show up when i point the wiimote to the sensor bar i think it is the sensor bar but i don’t know if it the wiimote i have tried to fix the light and heat to close to the sensor bar but that does not work if anyone has a solution please help

Sauce juice 89 - 답글

My wiimote won’t work randomly when trying to play harvest moon animal parade. As far as I know it ONLY happens with this and the sensor works fine and buttons work fine when in the menu, but the moment I go back in game nothing works and it says the nunchuck isn’t connected. I’ve never had this issue and I don’t know what’s causing it?

a braixen - 답글

My remote won’t turn or shake, so If i am playing super Mario bros and i use the flying power it tells you to shake your remote but when I shake the remote it won’t show that it is shaking on the TV therefore I cannot use that power

Aylin Cardoso - 답글

Im having the same problem and its driving me nuts cause it wont work

Andrea amos -

My wii is working all the buttons are but the mouse isn’t it’ll appear sometimes and then go away it’s like not syncs or something it looks like when a tv or something malfunctioning

Autumn clark - 답글

My wii Remote dose not work. I don’t know what is wrong with it

Raelene - 답글

I have wii sports resort game. I have 2 wii remotes and 2 motion plus. I hook it all up and I sync both remotes and it shows both are ready to go . When I go to play a game with 2 player, my second remote is there on the screen but it is see through and not responding., can not click with it. I changed the snych of the remotes and placed the second remote as 1st remote and this time other remote becomes see through and not responding. It is impossible to play a game with 2 players. Has anybody had any trouble using 2 players with sports resort?

Begum Akarsu - 답글

My remote will turn on the console and the “A” button works to get past the first screen. I’m at the wii channels now, and I have nothing, no cursor, the “A” button does not work. The “+” and “-“ buttons work and the home button works. But I can’t get past the wii channels menu.

Christopher Hall - 답글

When I put batteries in my wiimote, all light begins to flash in order(1 to 4) and then repeat till the batteries are dead, no matter what I do, the light still flash in the same order, I tried putting in new batteries and let them die, then I put in new batteries again and still the problem is not solved what can I do to fix this?

Mathieu Favron - 답글

So when I changed my batteries, before my wii remote was working fine. When I clicked the A button the blue light is going across from 1 to 4 and keeps on doing that when I replaced batteries that one time. And I tried putting different batteries, still nothing it was not working. And I was replacing the batteries when I was playing wii sports resort and the battery was at 2. Anyone that could help me?

Andrea Lilic - 답글

My dpad on my wiimote doesn't work. I'm trying to play mario kart and it's not making me navigate with it. All the other buttons seem to work.

rach_671 - 답글

my wii remote wont turn on but the batteries are new but it wont turn on

Ariel Shelton - 답글

My 3 wii remotes aren’t working and the all have new batteries. The blue lights on them will start to blink, but the won’t stop and show if it is the 1,2,3 or 4 player. Please help!

Cindy Tortorelli - 답글

My wii controller repeats inputs like if I activated some kind of turbo mode. Is there a manner to remove this function cuz I can’t play smash bros with it if it does

Volco Kong - 답글

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