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NuVision TM1088 Troubleshooting

Device will not power on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your NuVision Tablet to turn on.

The device is not charged ¶ 

Check to see if the device is charged. Take a look at the "Getting Started section in the Nuvision TM1088 Manual. This will show you how to charge the device.Try plugging the device in and try powering on. If it turns on while plugged in you need to replace the battery.Here is the Battery replacement guide.

The device needs to be reset ¶ 

To reset the device, press the power button and the volume down button and hold both of them for 10 seconds. Once the tablet turns on it enters the Reboot screen. Scroll down to “Wipe Data/Reset”.

Device has no display ¶ 

Your tablet turns on, but there is no display.

The screen is broken ¶ 

This would imply that you need to replace your screen.

The back light is broken ¶ 

If the screen is faintly visible the back light could be broken, while the screen could still be functional.

Device has no sound ¶ 

There is no sound coming from the device.

The volume is turned off ¶ 

The volume might be set to "0".Make sure the volume is turned up and check the settings. The Nuvision TM1088 Manual can show you were to find the volume buttons. In the manual, scroll down to the "Function overview section". The 6th part will show you how to adjust the volume. Part 6a and 6b show you how to turn the volume up and down respectivley.

Headphone jack is not clear ¶ 

Make sure the headphone jack is clear from debris. If there is still no sound you may need to replace the speaker. Take a look at the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Device camera is not functioning ¶ 

The camera cannot take pictures or has no display.

The camera lens is blocked off ¶ 

Check to see if anything is blocking the lens. Make sure there is sufficient lighting. If the camera still isn't functioning you may need to replace the camera. Take a look at the Camera replacement guide for more information.

Device will not stay charged ¶ 

The battery life is very short and the device quickly runs out energy.

Wasting battery life ¶ 

Make sure the device is fully charged before unplugging. Make sure all programs are closed when the device is not in use or else they will continue to run in the background and consume battery resources. The batteries should last for 5-6 hours if the energy is properly conserved.

Faulty battery ¶ 

If the battery still will not stay charged you may need to replace your battery. Also, a good way to tell if your battery is faulty is if the tablet can turn on without being plugged to an adapter. If your tablet only turns on when it is plugged to an adapter, the battery is probably defective. Once again the Battery replacement guide can help you with this issue.

댓글 45개

Only had my new tablet for maybe 3 months and it's barely used. Quite literally, it was working one day, it sat for a couple on my nothing works :( Hope they have a good exchange policy. Please email me if there's anything else anyone can suggest @

bonniejoynson - 답글

Did you every find away to turn it back on? If so, can you help me out..

xzandraashby -

Well my problem isn't here.... I do the reset and all I get is, entering Dnx mode. Waiting for fastboot command...????

Robert Tufts - 답글

I sent my to repair 4 times in 11 months and still will not turn on

Peter Scott Scott -

Hold power and volume up not down scroll down to recover using the volume down button and power to select it then scroll down to factory reset then scroll down to yes then reboot

joshua -

My son's is doing the same thing. We bought it for him for Christmas and unfortunatly don't have the receipt. It's driving me crazy

Karen Parker -

Ya with me it does the same thing and it keeps pulling up the Intel inside screen over and over again. I tried to do the reset thing on both the cache and reset the whole system, and it doesn't work.

Merle summers -

my tablet charges and turns on, but the screen isn't visible. I can only see colors in lines, like i'm pretty sure its not the back light. I have never dropped this thing, and im just beyond confused. if anyone has any answers as to what could be wrong with it, or how to fix it please email me at

sarah - 답글

It could be video resolution settings, perhaps start it safe mode, then set it for the " native" setting. 1380 x768? I thought. It wouldn't hurt anything to try it.

mcmlogodesign -

I bought a refurbished tablet from staples in December. I didn't use it until June because of mental health reasons. It takes about 24 hours to fully charge the battery. I called nuvision about it. I think they call went to India. I could not understand her well. She said I need a new battery. And that a new battery would cost 40 dollars. I paid about 40 dollars for the tablet. I don't want to buy a battery off of ebay because they may be improperly made. Which means it could blow up when I try to recharge it.

Todd Reeder - 답글

What type of battery does the NuVisison 10.1 use?

Valyncia Morrison -

You should try to factory reset it

Rose -

Bought 2 tablets the same and now neither will charge. It seems like the prong that holds the charger is not accepting it. Its terrible that they both have the same problem and haven't been used that much. Is there any recourse i can do to get compensation for them?

Rose Mary Joseph - 답글

I've had my tablet for 2-3 months it's having the same problem.

Amaurie -

Please tell how it can be fixed

Rose Mary Joseph - 답글

Trying to reset my nuvison tablet and it says energies dnx mode waiting for fastboot command and then does nothing

dustinbigsby87 - 답글

Entering DnX mode

dustinbigsby87 -

Instead of pressing power and - volume button press power and + volume button then it'll turn off and some options will pop up...scroll down to recovery and then it'll give you more options and scroll down to wipe data/factory reset

Rose -

Dead android. Went to wipe data/factory reset and it wipes the data but won't reset. Ideas?

Nicki Ruiz - 답글

Try rebooting it

Rose -

Table will turn on, but will not reset. So what is wrong with this table. Give me a telephone number where. I can talk to a real person.

Carolyn Givens - 답글

Need a number for a service person

Carolyn Givens - 답글

I shut down my nuvisuon duo tablet hours ago and it still says "shutting down". What do I do?

Jordan - 답글

You should factory reset it that's the only option I could think of

Rose -

I click to restart the device. It won't restart. Green page restarting mode. I can't get it off or stop

HelenM Fredrick - 답글

I bought the TM800A a couple of weeks ago. After using it yesterday I closed my as and shut it down. This morning I tried to use it and a funny screen appeared. It is difficult to turn off and this screen will not leave. I guess I'm going to have to return it. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

f2jonesmar - 답글

I have tried to set up the reset, but when the screen comes up I can not scroll up or down and touch screen does not work. What to do??

Sonja Thornton - 답글

I had gotten the tablet/keyboard combo for Christmas. For the past few days the battery was acting up so I reset it completely, just to see if I had downloaded something that could be causing it to act up. I reset it last night but left my files, and the battery still didn't work after being on the charger all night. I reset it completely this morning and now it won't turn on at all. I put it on the charger to see if the light would turn on but the light is off. I've tried holding the top button and volume and still nothing is happening. What can I do ?

Heather - 답글

Sent one back because it would charge, got another one. All of a sudden one day th touch screen will not work. Can't turn off to reboot.

kami_grigg - 답글

Today when I attempted to open my tablet an extremely annoying voice came on and I am now not even able to open the tablet. This stupid voice just screams "tap twice" and I cannot even understand what else it is saying. HOW DID THIS VOICE OF INSTRUCTIONS GET ON MY TABLET IN THE FIRST PLACE. Now the tablet is useless, and I will NEVER EVER BUY A NuVision tablet again.

Macy Penna - 답글

I wont either.. I have two now that are no better than a paper weight. Dont tell me to try holding the power and - volume or + volume. Anyone whos tried one that didnt work is logically going to try the other. What happens is windows 10 updates when you’re not looking, there is not enough room on the HD, so YOURE SCREWED and there is nothing you can do that will fix it. I wish I never bought these pieces of sh! Neither lasted more than two weeks even when I tried to disable windows updates after learning my lesson with the first one. What a waste.

Erin Hand -

I wont either.. I have two now that are no better than a paper weight. Dont tell me to try holding the power and - volume or + volume. Anyone whos tried one that didnt work is logically going to try the other. What happens is windows 10 updates when you’re not looking, there is not enough room on the HD, so YOURE SCREWED and there is nothing you can do that will fix it. I wish I never bought these pieces of sh! Neither lasted more than two weeks even when I tried to disable windows updates after learning my lesson with the first one. What a waste.

Erin Hand -

Thank you Joshua!!!.

SusieQ Shen - 답글

Can someone help tell me how to replace my tablet screen plz. It's an Android NuVision 10 in

Rhonda Esparza - 답글

I can't get it to connect to my hot spot

Robert Capps - 답글

my screen is broken cannot unlock

Teola Douglas - 답글

when i choose Recovery Mode so options pop up it just says

“Fastboot CMD Waiting” !!!!

Mr. Peter D - 답글

Mine was working just fine but I want to let it charge for a while and now it woulnt come on. The red light is on which is saying that it's charging but it just woulnt come on. My mom bought it for me on Christmas and I'dhate to tell her that it's always malfunctioning and not try everything to fix the issue. I tried the power and volume button thing but it still woulnt come on. The display of fine, it's never fallen the only thing is that the charger trips out sometimes and I even tried another charger but it's no use

Renata - 답글

My nuvision tablet will turn on, but it never gets past the starting screen that says NUVision by android. I don’t know what to do.

Shayla Griffin - 답글

I bought one of your tablets in November last year didn't start uswing it till January and noting has work right on it it freeze s up on it and you can't send any body anything it cuts it self off and Donny want to come back on send me a phone to call it has a one year warranty on it and I purchased a two year warranty y'all selling $@$* That's make in other countrys the things y'all selling ant new

James mcbay - 답글

my tablet when I hold the buttons down as suggested says …”SUSPEND TALKBACK? “ with an explanation and an ok or no. I can’t get past this also before this screen popped up it does nothing but light up with a locked homescreen

MyNuvisionTablet - 답글

I tryed resetting my computer and it doesn’t have enough space to do so. My younger brother installed fortnight and now it’s slow and I can’t get rid of the app because it’s not allowing me to delete the download? I took 5 years of computer applications and still don’t know what to do. Anyone have ideas? Email me at thank you!

Taylor - 답글

I also don’t know what’s going on with my background. I don’t know if it is a virus or what but my background picture is completely black. While there is another thing with my computer that doesn’t allow me to log into my Xbox live account no matter what I try. I play Minecraft which is now a big deal to play on servers to have an Xbox account to play on servers. Anyone have any ideas on what to do or how to fix it? Email me at for any ideas on what I should do.

Taylor - 답글

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