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Nutri Ninja BL450 Troubleshooting

Motor doesn't start

When you turn the blender on, the motor will not start.

Incorrectly aligned cup

Make sure that the blender cup is properly aligned with the blender base. If it is not properly aligned, the blender can not function.

Blade doesn't rotate

When you turn the blender on, the blade does not spin properly.

Improperly threaded blade

Make sure the blade is properly screwed on to the cup. (WARNING: The blade is very sharp so be careful!)

Cup leaks

While blending, your recipe leaks out of the cup.

Cracked cup

Examine the cup and make sure there are no cracks that could cause a potential leak.

Improperly twisted blade

Make sure that the blade is twisted on the cup properly. (WARNING: The blade is very sharp so be careful!)

Blender doesn't turn on

When you attach the cup, nothing happens.


Make sure the blender is plugged into a working outlet.

Cup not attached to base

Make sure the cup is pressed all the way down into the base.

Blender blade doesn't attach to cup

When you try to attach the cup to the blender blade, it will not align properly.

Uneven surface

Put the cup on the counter so it is level and carefully screw on the blade so that it is aligned properly. (WARNING: The blade is very sharp so be careful!)

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I bought my N.N. almost 2 years ago. I use it nearly everyday, but only yogurt smoothies & seeds. It worked great until it didn't. It just stopped turning on. The motor wouldn't start.There was no odd sound or strange behavior, or warning. One morning , it just wouldn't go?! I removed the cup many times and re-seated it but nothing. I tried all the above trouble shooting fixes...but nothing. It doesn't make a sound, I now have a $70 doorstop & no way to make awesome smoothies for breakfast :( The model is 900 Watt Professional. Like I said, I took good care of it, but lasted less than 2 years. What is the life expectancy of these NutriNinjas before I make another investment?

darcy - 답글

Hi @darcy I ran into the same issue!! My BL660 Nutri Ninja is only 1.5 years old and the same thing happened. I make smoothies regularly (always using plenty of liquid) and one morning, the blender motor completely stopped working. When the motor is plugged in all the lights turn on, but nothing happens when I press buttons. I tested the single serve cup and the larger jug portion with no luck (and no smoothie!!). I love Ninja, but don’t want to buy another if this will happen in another 2 years.

Were you able to find a solve to your issue?

Amelie Anne -

This happened to me. I cleaned the suction cups and reseated it on the counter top. There is also a connection issue somewhere between the cup snd the blender. The next time it happened I started moving the base around and noticed the lights turned blue and then went off. I moved it around until they stayed on. Pushing the cup down while turning it to the right also helps sometimes. There is a grove the cup fits in in the base make sure it is clean as there is a connection there that somehow causes the blender to start when it the cup is locked in place. It's tempermental but for what we pay for them it's worth figuring out.

Brenda Kellar -

I bought my Nutri Ninja W1000 IQ 2 years ago and it was working fine. This morning when i turned it on it started making a funny noise and wasn’t blending as it usually does and then just stopped. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is and I can’t even find a service centre number online! It doesnt even seem to have a dedicated Australian website! Does anyone have any information/numbers for Australia?

aanchal Tulsiani - 답글

My Ninja is about 2 yrs old. I use it off and on for breakfast smoothies. To day I put it on And nothing. The start light came on but none of the other buttons worked. I switched it over to the big blender container (not the single serving cup) and it worked fine.. inconvenient but it worked. Hope to figure this out before tomorrow

Susan Carpenter - 답글

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