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Panasonic KX-E603 Troubleshooting

The typewriter does not turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, your typewriter refuses to turn on.

Flip switch to on ¶ 

Be sure to check that you have flipped the power switch to "on" before attempting anything further.

Plug in the typewriter ¶ 

If the power switch does not turn the typewriter on, check that the device is plugged into a working outlet, and check to make sure the power cord is not broken.

Check the fuses ¶ 

If the typewriter still wont turn on, it is possible that a fuse may have blown. Refer to the fuse replacement guide for directions.

The carriage moves slowly or with a jerking motion ¶ 

Though the carriage moves from left to right, it moves slowly or jerks every few seconds.

Clean and lubricate the carriage guide rails ¶ 

If the carriage moves slowly, then the rails it rests on are most likely dirty. For help cleaning and lubricating, refer to the rail cleaning guide. If this does not fix the issue, the stepper motor may be malfunctioning. Please refer to the stepper motor replacement guide for help.

The typewriter is not printing any letters ¶ 

Even though the typewriter punches the keys, no visible letters appear on paper

Check the ink cartridge ¶ 

If you see and hear the typewriter typing, but no letters appear on the page, the ink cartridge may be out of ink or dry. To replace the cartridge, refer to the ink cartridge replacement guide.

The typewriter is using an unwanted font style ¶ 

You do not like the current font style that the typewriter is printing

Change the typeface wheel ¶ 

If you do not like the current font, you can replace the printwheel with one of another font by referring to the printwheel replacement guide. You must purchase an additional printwheel to change the font.

The carriage is not moving ¶ 

The carriage does not move at all when the typewriter prints

Check the stepper motor ¶ 

If the print carriage does not move at all when typing, then the stepper motor that moves it is either not receiving power or broken. Please refer to the stepper motor replacement guide to resolve the issue.

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