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Pioneer R1 Troubleshooting

The Pioneer R1 is a 7 inch tablet released by Pioneer in 2014. The economical 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage offers a satisfactory entry-level tablet experience.

The R1 does not seem to hold or build a charge.

You may be using the wrong charger. Ensure that your charger matches the micro-USB port located at the bottom of the device. If you confirm the correct charger, and it still does not work, read on.

Remove any dust, or other obstructions, from the micro-USB and USB ends of the charging cable, outlet and/or computer. If all connection are clean and the charging light does not turn on when engaged, check the charging cable for fraying or other damage.

If the charging cable is frayed or the internal wires are otherwise exposed it may need to be replaced. Also, if the pins connecting the micro-USB to the device or the USB to the charger are damaged or missing, you may need to replace the wire. If the cable is intact your charger may be damaged.

Inspect the charger for missing USB pin connectors, debris, and other damage. Try plugging the charger into several outlets. If the device still does not charge, you may need to replace it.

If the charger, charging cables, and charging connections are functioning properly and the device still does not charge, the battery may be dead and/or not able to hold a charge. You may need to replace the Lithium Ion Battery.

The R1 does not respond when the power button is engaged.

The device may actually be functioning, but the screen may be too dark to make out an image. Try turning on the device in a dark room to maximize to the visibility of the screen. If you still cannot make out an image try performing a "hard reset."

Connect the device, via the micro-USB charging adapter, to a working electrical outlet or a USB port of a powered-on computer. The red light on the face of the device will indicate the connection is secure and functioning. If the charging light does not engage, continue troubleshooting with "Device will not charge;" otherwise, allow the device to charge for one to two hours. Try to power on again.

Clean the outside of the buttons with a mild solvent. Open up the unit, if necessary, and clean any connections between the buttons and the rest of the unit.

Open up the unit and remove the broken buttons. Using a paperclip, press where the inner buttons connect with the unit.

The motherboard may be damaged or malfunctioning, if this is the case it will need to be repaired or replaced.

The R1 does not respond to my gestures on the touch screen.

The digitzer is broken and you will have to replace or repair it.

The battery is dead. Refer to the "Battery will not charge" section.

Most Android tablets can be reset to factory standards by holding the power button and, using a paperclip, pressing a hidden button beneath a small hole on the side of the device. Unfortunately, the unit we worked on didn’t have a hidden button of any sort. If yours does, follow the directions on the screen to reset the unit to factory standards.

Restart the Device. It is possible that the digitizer is defective without the touchscreen being broken. If so, replace the digitizer.

Open the device to see if the digitizer is cracked. If so, both the digitizer and the touchscreen need to be replaced.

The sound on the R1 is not working properly.

Replace earphone jack.

There is probably dust in the earphone jack. To get it out, clean the earphone jack with compressed air.

When opening the device, take care not to disengage the speaker cables from the speakers. If this occurs, reattach the speaker cables using a soldering iron. Note: It might be a good idea to reinforce the speaker cable connections with tape after opening the unit.

The R1 is not connecting to a network or device.

Ensure all connections are made to the wireless router. For further assistance, see the iFixit page or the user manual for your wireless router.

Ensure that you are connected to the desired wireless router.

Most wireless routers have a limited range.

The Pioneer R-1 doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. To play R-1 sounds on another device, use the HDMI port or the headphone jack.

The R-1 comes with an HDMI outlet, so the user can play videos and music on a device with an HDMI input. Make sure your cable works with other units. If it doesn’t, replace the cable. If the cable is not faulty, replace the HDMI input.

The R1's temperature is effecting the usability of the device.

This is normal. To reduce heat, don’t run multiple applications at once.

This is normal. Reduce screen brightness.

This is normal. If the device feels uncomfortable to the touch, wait until the unit is finished charging. If the device is extremely hot to the point of burning skin, disconnect device. There is something seriously wrong such as repairs done wrong. Apply first aid and dispose of device in an environmentally friendly manner.

The R1 is running slower than it used to.

This is normal. After the installation of software, device should boot up normally.

This is not normal. Most likely it is due to third-party software being installed. Note: third-party software is not recommended. If necessary, restore device to factory standards.

The R1's user interface is too cluttered and running slow.

Most likely, this is due to third-party software being installed. If necessary, restore device to factory standards.

The R1 can not perform some internet related functions.

See “Wifi doesn’t work.”

If you do not have an email account, it is best if you get one so that you can register applications.

Connect unit to the internet. During setup of device, you must select the proper time zone.

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