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S7 Will not turn on. ¶ 

No matter what buttons you push, your tablet will not power up.

Drained battery ¶ 

Before cracking open you're tablet, make sure that it doesn't just need to be charged.

Faulty Charging cable ¶ 

If your tablet doesn't come on even when plugged in, it's possible that the charging cord is not working correctly. To test the cord, plug the cord into another device to see if that device charges. If it does not, replace the cord.

Bad Battery ¶ 

If your device turns on when plugged in, but turns off as soon as it is unplugged, it is possible that the battery is no longer effective. A guide to replacing the battery is HERE

Tablet touch screen does not respond to touch correctly. ¶ 

The touch screen does not respond to touch at all, or responds erratically.

Touch screen needs calibration. ¶ 

If the touch screen responds, but does so erratically, you may need to re-calibrate the screen. To calibrate the screen:

1. Go to settings.

2. In the Settings screen, tap on ‘Repair & Formatting’

3. In the ‘Repair & Formatting’ screen, tap on ‘Touch screen Calibration’. You will be asked to put your tablet down.

4. Put the device on a flat surface.

5. Tap on ‘Calibrate the touch screen’. The calibration will start. Do not touch the device until the calibration is complete.

Malfunctioning digitizer ¶ 

If your tablet is unresponsive to touch, the digitizer may need to be replaced. Please see THIS GUIDE to help you replace this part.

Battery doesn't last as long as it used to ¶ 

From a full charge, the battery lasts much less than it normally does.

Power Meter Needs to be Re-Calibrated ¶ 

This is only an option if you haven't fully discharged the battery recently, as repeatedly discharging the Li-Ion battery will reduce it's lifespan. If you haven't done so in the past 30 days, let the battery discharge to the cut-off point, and then fully re-charge.

Battery no Longer Holds a Charge ¶ 

If the battery has been through 300 or more charge cycle, it could be time to replace the battery. See THIS GUIDE to replace the battery with a new one.

No Sound Comes From the headphones ¶ 

Headphones are plugged in, and an app with sound is open, but no sound plays.

Headphones are faulty ¶ 

Try plugging your headphones into a different device that plays sound. If no sound plays, replace your headphones.

No sound is coming from built in speakers. ¶ 

A sound playing app is open, and no headphones are plugged in, but no sound is coming from the speakers.

Obstruction in headphone port ¶ 

If you check the headphone port, and there's an obstruction in it, the sound card may be routing sound away from the speakers. Remove the obstruction, and sound should play.

Speakers have lost connection with the sound card. ¶ 

If you plug in headphones, and sound plays, you may need to replace the speakers to get sound to play without headphones.

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