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Polaroid SNAP Troubleshooting

Released 2015 Model Number: POLSP01W

Picture Will Not Print ¶ 

Even after taking multiple photos, your Polaroid SNAP will not print.

Paper Jam ¶ 

If you have taken a photo and the light is flashing red, you may have a paper jam. Possible reasons why there is a jam could be: more than ten sheets of paper, bent paper, and backwards paper. To fix the jam, remove the paper carefully with out damaging the camera and insert new sheets making sure they are oriented correctly and do not exceed more than ten sheets.

No Paper ¶ 

If you have taken a picture and nothing immediately prints, open the paper door. Check to make sure there is no paper in the door and confirm that the paper status LED is flashing red. If you confirm there is no paper, insert new sheets making sure they are oriented correctly and do not exceed more than ten sheets.

Low Battery ¶ 

If the picture will not print, and you checked the above symptoms, you may have a low battery. Check to see if the Battery LED is flashing red or is not on at all (note: a white LED indicates that the camera has a sufficient battery level.) If this is the issue, attach the charging cable and let charge until LED is white.

Wrong Type of Paper ¶ 

If an image does not print after immediately taking a picture and you have confirmed it is not one of the above symptoms, you may have the wrong paper. Replace the incorrect paper with ZINK paper making sure they are oriented correctly and do not exceed more than ten sheets. This may solve the issue.

Flash Does Not Operate ¶ 

The lighting in your pictures is off, and the camera flash does not seem to work properly.

Flash Obstruction ¶ 

Make sure to check that there is nothing blocking the flash on the front left side of the camera. The flash is small and in an area where your hand is while taking a picture, so a finger blocking it is common.

Low Battery ¶ 

If the flash is not coming on at all, check the battery LED on the back of the camera and see if it is red and/or flashing. If it is, plug charger in and allow camera to gain sufficient charge before trying again.

Internal Damage ¶ 

If the camera has battery life and the flash is not working, there may be internal damage . The camera has an auto flash feature and should work at all times. If the device has not suffered water, heat, or physical damage, then it may be defective, requiring you to contact the company directly.

Camera Will Not Take Pictures ¶ 

After multiple attempts, your camera will not take pictures.

Lens Cap ¶ 

Before trying to rip apart the device, make sure you check the simple causes that could prevent you from taking pictures. Check to make sure that the lens cap is off. If it is not off it will not work.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

If your Polaroid SNAP will not take pictures, you may simply have a drained battery. Just connect the SNAP to the power cable and let it fully charge.

Auto Sleep ¶ 

If you have left your Polaroid SNAP on and after several minutes you try to take pictures and it does not take the picture. Your SNAP might have just simply gone into auto sleep. To use it again just close and re-open the viewfinder, and it should be working perfectly fine after that.

Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

After multiple attempts, your device will not turn on.

Battery Issues ¶ 

If your camera will not turn on, your battery could be dead. Connect the SNAP to the power cable and let charge until a white LED appears. If a red LED does not flash while the SNAP is charging, then the battery might need to be replaced.

Broken View Finder ¶ 

When you press on the view finder it should pop up. If it does not pop up, this could be a reason why your device won't power on. A small lever triggers the power for the device as the viewfinder rises.

Internal Damage ¶ 

If you checked the battery and your view finder is functioning, your device could have suffered internal damage. If the device has not suffered water, heat, or physical damage, then it may be defective, requiring you to contact the company directly.

Camera Freezes After Taking a Photo ¶ 

After taking a few photos and having the camera work properly, it suddenly freezes up and I cannot make it work.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

If your Polaroid SNAP suddenly will not take pictures. it may have died when you tried to take a picture and you may simply have a drained battery. Just connect the SNAP to the power cable and let it fully charge.

Auto Sleep ¶ 

If you have left your Polaroid SNAP on and after several minutes you try to take pictures and it does not take the picture. Your SNAP might have just simply gone into auto sleep. To use it again just close and re-open the viewfinder, and it should be working perfectly fine after that.

Paper Jam ¶ 

If you have taken a photo and the light is flashing red, you may have a paper jam. Possible reasons why there is a jam could be: more than ten sheets of paper, bent paper, and backwards paper. To fix the jam, remove the paper carefully with out damaging the camera and insert new sheets making sure they are oriented correctly and do not exceed more than ten sheets.

Firmware is Out of Date ¶ 

The camera may be freezing up and just generally not operating in a proper manner, this may be due to out of date firmware. To update the firmware on your camera, ensure that you have an SD card in the camera and connect your camera to your computer via the charging cable. Then download the proper firmware files from the official Polaroid website and save them onto the SD card. Proceed to unplug the camera from the computer and turn it off and then back on, after which the status LED's will turn red for 30 seconds. If a sounds plays after this time period, then you have successfully updated the firmware for your device.

댓글 247개

Hello everyone and thanks for this troubleshoot page.

Unfortunately i'm encountering a problem with my SNAP that is not listed here.

The camera works well, but in every photo it prints there is a blue line in the lower part of the photo.

The line is ALWAYS in the same part. I Can't understand if is a Paper problem or a Camera problem, and right now I don't have any other kind of paper (i'm using the ZINK paper, not the premium one) in order to do some tests.

Anyone has encountered this kind of issue?



mirco0806 - 답글

Same problem, have you found a fix?

Martin Masotta -

Not yet, even updating the firmware. Actually still having the issue, expecially if using non-premium paper.

mirco0806 -

Mine isn't damaged and after every picture they print out with lines running threw the entire picture

odiz93 -

Has anyone found out why these blue lines are on their pictures? And what to do about them?

I heard cleaning the printer may help but have not found anything on how to clean the printer?

crave.u -

Hi! My camara appears to be working well and it doesn't seem to be damaged but, when I take a picture it sounds like it's going to print but it doesn't, and then all 3 LED lights start flashing red. I already downloaded the last FIRMWARE and it didn't fix the problem.

Has this happened to anyone?? How can I fix it??

Laura Betancourt - 답글

I had this problem and found out that the problem was the paper being used. I put the official Polaroid paper in and boom it worked!

Kal El -

I have the same problem; I am using the polaroid zink paper, but it doesn't work; you can hear some noises, but it doesn't print the pictures

gianni giovanni mori -

Have you fixed it?! I have the same trouble but i cant find any answers to why its doing that

Karen Ann Almero -

This is happening to me i dont know what to do . i need help this was exspensive

Andrew Borrego -

I was having this same problem but fixed it. I put the blue paper in and slid it gently forward into the slot manually. Then I placed the rest of the film in and turned it on. Took a picture and it fed the paper through again, no problem.

Joshua Fish -

I had too flip the film around. Blue paper in the bottom still but which end faced the exit port

Sean T Flaherty -

I'm having the same problem, and when I tried to gently feed the blue paper through, there's something blocking it from going through. As far as I can tell, there isn't any paper jammed in there. It also is not connecting to my computer to update the firmware, and I don't know whether that is a camera or computer problem. Any suggestions?

Morgan G. -

Hi! My Polaroid Snap has been giving me troubles lately. I have the correct ZINK film and put it in the right direction, but for every 1 correct photo it prints, it'll print about 4 blank sheets. I can't find anything online explaining what could be wrong

Alicia Marvinetz - 답글

Mine is doing the same any suggestions as to reason ?

Louise -

update the firmware

alana.alaniz5 -

How do i fix internal damage? Where can I take it?

Taylor Smith - 답글

hi!!my camera is always on!! it will not turn off!! and it does not take pictures !! i took one picture and now it has so many problems can please sb tell me how to solve my problem??

Matina Demi - 답글

Try pressing the reset button located underneath the USB connector plug in.

Hayley -

That was a great tip, it solved my problem. Thank you so much!

Origin Of My World -

My camera works, the flash goes off, and it "prints", but the Zink paper prints out completely blank. Has anyone had this problem?

Anne Ak - 답글

yes i also have this prob :( i stopped using it for about 2-3 months, still in its case and the next time i went to use it it took the photo but when it printed, it was blank :/

dgansber -

I too have this same problem. But it is blank. Has anyone found a solution to this?

johnv -

I have this problem and I got my camera two days ago. I have five photos left and the white light for the paper is not a bright white like the other lights, but a dim white. :/

Ally Lorenzo -

It's probably in the wrong way the white side should be up.

Vanessa Garcia -

I also have this problem. Can anyone help please?

Priscilla Yera -

I have the same problem and it's very frustrating :(

Alaina Halbleib -

We just had this, and our paper was in the wrong way round, it came the wrong way in the pack so try turning it round and make sure the shiny side is pointing up towards you!

huwbean -

Hello, yea Im using zink film first camera seems to work good but right now i dont think soo..because i tried to take photos but for some odd reason it didnt capture it..correctly? took photo all right..but not the shot i wanted...waisted 2 film shots..not very happy about it, i dont think it's me because i waited few minutes till photo came out to make sure...either way it seems to not matter at all what's the point of using this camera if you don't get the shot you wanted to take..i would post photo here.but seem i cant..any help???here? Any idea reason camera acting up?.

merylove - 답글

We are having the same problem! Heads cut off even though there is plenty of space above heads in viewfinder. Also pictures look like they are being taken from very far away but actually up close in viewfinder. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

LoB -

Do not go by what you see in the view finder. It's so far above the lens, that it's not going to be the same as what prints out. If you learn how to use the camera correctly, then you won't have this problem. Look through the view finder and right before you click the shutter button, move the camera up about an inch or so. This is the kind of camera that you have to learn how it works in order to get good photos. It's a learning process.

Kayla Marie -

Hi! My camera won't turn OFF. I've repeatedly open and closed the view-finder, but the battery light is white, the paper light is blinking and the SD light is red(I don't have one inside). All other lights(color wheel and border) are white as well. What should I do?

Reyna Alicea - 답글

There is a reset button you can push with a push pin. It is right underneath the USB connector plug in. Have the camera in the "on" position then press the button. When it turns off, turn the camera off. Should turn on when you try to turn it on again.

Hayley -

Why do my prints have a blue cast, but color is true & clear on SD card?

stormebebe - 답글

i have the same problem! have you figured out the answer?

haley wright -

My Camera works fine. The only problem I have is that all the pictures saved in the microSD has a date of Dec 31,1969 even after i did a firmware update. Any advice to fix the issue?


Snap Owner

Snap Owner - 답글

hello people! I have just received a polaroid snap as a gift. The first three photos where ok. After I tried to shoot a black and white photo and the print was not so good: the white parts were kind of pink . I thought the zink film were not working good for b&w. After I tried again with color photos and the same pinkish halo appears all the time... especially for the indoor pictures. do you know what is the problem please? thanks in advise!

Giovanni Saputo -

Hi everyone, my snap camera will not save the photos to the sd card. Please help! I bought it purely for this reason to use in Africa. Thanks.

Hayley Mac - 답글

You have to reformat the card.

Snap Owner -

How do you do this? I have the same problem.

Tara Classen -

I've got the write paper type and filled it up and charged the camera but it still doesn't print any photos.. I'm also sure that it's not paper jam .. Not sure what's wrong with my camera.. Please help!

faisalalhaddad - 답글

Did you every find a solution? mine is doing the same thing

Haylee -

Hi I was at the beach so it may have been the heat that damage my camera or the sand because it is fully vharge but will not turn on. What shoyld I do?

barreraangelica16 - 답글

restart it with a pin its the little hole next to the charger port

Dayana -

did you find a solution? mine is doing the same thing. Please reply back!!

brmederos1nnamede -

hi i recently got a Polaroid snap camera and whenever i turn it on it makes the printing sound and then stops and when i open the back too see the paper about half of it is starting to print like it is jammed??? i dont know what to do ive been looking up videos and everything but nothing is working. :( please help the paper just keeps getting jammed..

Dayana - 답글

Have you figured it out mines doing the same thing and the third little light on the back is red

luckylacey12 -

It is because when you put in paper there is a barcode and it makes that noise and it is not jammed it is every you put in new paper. That happened to me it is totally normal.

Braxton Wright -

I just bought my Snap today, I downloaded the firmware onto the camera/SD Card, but it never made the noise to ensure it was downloaded successfully. The LEDs just blink red when I try to redo it. When the camera is unplugged and on, the middle LED light stays red while the others aren't. I'm not sure what else to do?

kiersten hayle - 답글

mines doing the same thing do you have you found a solution yet?

Chelsey Ulsenhiemer -

Does anyone know how to take 2 pictures in one?

biancatrabanino - 답글

You can take 4 in one by holding the capture button for 3 seconds. Also, all the zinc paper is actually stickers.

LoB -

I have a problem with my brand new Polaroid camera. It has 5 blank pictures in it (the first 5 came out perfectly fine) but everytime I try to take a picture it just beeps twice and doesn't print anything out. I don't have a paper jam, and my battery light is white which I thought meant it's charged so I'm confused on what it could be. :(

Ps I'm also using the correct zink film

Maddie Nielsen - 답글

Hello everyone my polariod has been acting up and i take a picture flash works fine but it "prints" but it's blank and after it flashes 3 red lights anyone have a solution

Mireya Felix - 답글

I need help on my Polaroid camera I have the right paper the polariod zink sheets but it sounds like it's gonna print but the camera doesn't take the sheet and then all my lights flash red how can I fix this?

Kasandra Delacruz - 답글

Have you found a soultion yet? i just got mine and it wont print!

Chelsey Ulsenhiemer -

Hi my camera is wirking but when i take a picture it comes out all white !!can anyone help!!

Cesy - 답글

this is what my camera is doing! my dad teaches electronics (at a high school level) and he doesn't understand the issue as well! :(

Macey Whisker -

My is doing the same think and idk what to do :((

Alaina Halbleib -

Try Flipping the paper around, or else try putting the scanning sheet in again and running it through again. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

Slicemaster 27 -

Hi everyone!

I've a problem with my Polaroid Snap, it worked perfectly until I went on holidays around 2 weeks ago (not using it often). I came back, and wanted to use it yesterday but it won't print out pictures. I'm using the same paper as before so that's not the issue. I'm afraid some sand might've got in there. Is it possible that it causes this problem? The camera turns on and functions normally but then when it comes to taking a picture, I can hear a loud noise of something but the paper never comes out. Also, the three lights are flashing red afterwards. What could be the issue and is it possible to fix it? Can it be the small paper roll?


nkazun - 답글

Hi! I have had my Snap for about three months w/ out issues. Out of no where, I went to take a picture and it came out blank. I figured the paper was jammed and fixed it but it still came out blank. The flash is working fine, It is fully charged, and I have a stack of 10 Zink Polaroid papers inside the camera for photos. If anyone knows how to fix it that would be spectacular!

Macey Whisker - 답글

Hi everyone,

I got a Snap for my birthday and it worked fine 2 weeks ago but I just took 3 photos today and every one of them has a thick white line across the whole photo. Any idea how to get rid of it?


freakybee - 답글

Hi everyone, I just got a Snap today and I was wondering if you can take photos on it without printing them? I've taken one already with the Zink paper but I don't know if I can take that out again and any photos I take will then save to the SD card. Thanks!

Merryn Hobbs - 답글

Yes, you can. You just have to have no paper inside the camera, or if you're quick enough you can open the back and pull out the paper (I don't suggest doing this, however).

Kaikee Moore -

Hey, I have an issue with my Polaroid Snap I do not see here. My pictures print perfectly, save perfectly, etc. My issue is my snap won't queue pictures. So if I take a picture and then take another the second will never print only the first will. If I run out of film when I reload the film the pictures I took without film will not print. They save just fine they just don't print on the camera. Anyone have this issue?

Joe B - 답글

hello i just baught a camera a polaroid cube frome meijers it does not have sound i am using this for a dirtbike camer and my youtube name is putputmoto

and i was wonder why it will not make any sound

jacob plummer - 답글

Polaroid cube dosent turn off, suggestions?

Adrian Hernandez - 답글

there are cases you can purchase that keep the top closed

effy trinket -

Hello I am having the problem that when I plug my camera in to charge it keeps turning on and off I don't understand this issue and want to know if anyone else has experienced it

effy trinket -

The photo booth won't work for my Polaroid Snap. I hold it down for 3 seconds, but it just takes the one picture. Any ideas?

kerrynkay - 답글

i got a weird one with this camera. the photos are saved on the sd card and have a creation date and modification date of 0 (Jan 1 1970 00:00:00) so when i go to import them in iphoto or similar the date is all wrong... any ideas?

Rob - 답글

Hey! I just opened my Snap, it's brand new, never been used. I have had it plugged in all night. I still have not even gotten it to power on. Am I missing something?

Emily Ochsner - 답글

Did press down on the viewfinder?

Yadira Vieyra -

Ive been having the exact same problem and they said take the battery out but i dont think you can..its internal? Theres meant to be an led light indicating when it charges but that hasnt happened for me anytime ive tried to charge it. I left it in for 7 hours, then 6 and 2 again today and it wont work at all i only just got it yesterday.. i think we may have gotten faultu batteries? Because nobody else seems to be able to give me a solution or answer and im in art college so i also asked the photography department and thats what they have put it down to!

Emily -

i have the exact same trouble, did you had any luck solving it? Please let me know

Luis Gustavo García -

My pictures keep coming out blue like if the white balance needs to be adjusted which doesn't make sense because its a point and shoot camera. Please Help!!!

Victoria - 답글

Do you have a solution to this yet

taylorkrabiel -

Hey! I just opened my Snap,and I try to took a photo ,and the printing sound start running , but there was no photo came out , I don't understand what happend!!(I'm sure that I put the paper in with the right side)

rghqqu - 답글

have you found a solultion yet? mine is doing the same thing

Chelsey Ulsenhiemer -

How long dose it take to fully charge a Polaroid snap

carolina sanchez - 답글

My camera is flashing red and the paper is turning out wight.

carolyn harrelson - 답글

I just got a snap camera and the prints come out white and the saved photos on the sd card are pure white to.

michael kramer - 답글

how long does it take to fully charge

carolyn harrelson - 답글

My camera was working but then I took a photo and now it won't turn off and it won't take pictures what can I do I really need it rn??

Brianna cuevas - 답글

This happened to mine too

Briana G -

Same happened to my daughters. She tried to record and now the screen is stuck (just black) and says record 17 secs. It will not turn off either. I tried to reset and nothing. Any suggestions would be great. Sorry you both are having issues too. So frustrating!!!!

Erika -

my camera works but i've taken a few pics and now it doesn't take them and the second light doesn't turn on until i try to take it but it starts flashing blue and making noises. help?

Ash - 답글

Every time I try to print a photo it says "added to print que" and nothing ever happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Olivia - 답글

Hello there is something wrong with my camera. I charged my camera and then I took a picture and it flashed, but then I took another picture and it didn't flash. So I charged it and then I came back like an hour later and the light was white so I unplugged it and then I plugged it back in right after and then the light was red and I hadn't even taken a picture. And I don't know why but it keeps doing that. Any suggestions?

Caitlin smith - 답글

I have the same problem, have you been able to find a solution?

Fareha Khan -

I got a Polaroid snap for Christmas but I'm having trouble with it. It won't print any pictures. I am positive I have the correct paper and that I have inserted it correctly. Whenever I try to take a picture the white LED light in the middle will starting blinking indicating it's printing yet there is no printing sound and nothing ever comes out. I think my camera may not be reading that there's paper in there but I'm not sure. I've tried restarting it already. Please help.

Yadira Vieyra - 답글

I have the Polaroid snap touch so idk if this applies to the snap but whenever I go on the screen the little print icon is highlighted an it won't go away. I don't have any paper in it so I'm not sure why it's still there. My camera is very hot and won't turn off since it thinks it's printing something. I also can't delete, share, or print any other photos. It's been doing this for around an hour. I spilled a little bit of tea on it but not a lot got on there and I cleaned it off almost immediately so I'm not sure what happened. Please help

Lilly J - 답글

My daughters did the same thing. We reset it (pinhole on the bottom) and haven't had the problem again. If it happens again, I'll be returning it. My other daughter received one and is not having any problems.

Sh And -

hello people! I have just received a polaroid snap as a gift. The first three photos where ok. After I tried to shoot a black and white photo and the print was not so good: the white parts were kind of pink . I thought the zink film were not working good for b&w. After I tried again with color photos and the same pinkish halo appears all the time... especially for the indoor pictures. do you know what is the problem please? thanks in advance!

Giovanni Saputo - 답글

Did you find a solution at all I'm having the same problem with mine. It's prints fine but the end of the photos are pink/yellow haloed

Niomi Crofts -

I found the issue with this!

The blue card, take it, and place into the camera (barcode facing down) and push it to the right as I'f you're pushing it through to get out of the slot on the right hand side. Then add the papers on top. Turn on the camera, the blue card will feed through automatically, then you are free to use the camera as normal.

Cody Stallard - 답글

my ink isn't really working. it is a regular polaroid, and I have enough film. why?

Lulu Grace - 답글

I just recently got my Polaroid SNAP camera for Christmas, and it took me all night to try to figure out how to use it (until I finally took to the internet for an online user manual), considering it didn't come with ANY helpful documentation. So, I finally figured out the gist of how it functions; the first several attempts of taking a photo and expecting it to print out and it never did drove me nuts, (even the blue smart card never finally printed out for it's first and ONLY ejection). Finally got it to work and haven't had any issues with it since. BUT, it recently dawned on me that the initial photos I took that never printed out were indeed saved to the included SD card, therefore, I am able to view them when I connect my camera to my computer to charge or to open the file to view the photos , BUT how can they get printed out from the camera like they were suppose to in the first place, or is it even possible??? Please help!

Brenda Browder - 답글

Hey Brenda! Not sure if applies to you, cause mine is the touch... but are you sure it did not come with a manual? There's a small white plastic/paper box that has a manual inside... it's pretty hidden. About the printing, in the touch you can chose to print the picture in the picture Settings menu. You can even choose how many... maybe the same in the snap? There's also a setting where you can chose to have them always printing automatically.

I'm sorry if could not help, different models so I'm not sure if it works the same! Good luck though!

Joana Freitas -

If you have paper in and take sd out will it print? Maybe you can only have one or the other in at a time?

LoB -

Hey guys... So my snap touch's bluetooth is not working... anyone had problems with this? I already updated the firmware and still nothing... so I can never connect it to the phone...


Joana Freitas - 답글

same problem on mine some one help

legacyclan123 -

Hola, yo tuve el mismo problema y me di cuenta que estaba usando la app equivocada. Hay que instalar "Polaroid Print App - SnapTouch". Buena suerte!

juan.jaramillo -

Does anyone else have a problem where each and every photograph comes out with little lines on it? I've taken about four pictures, and each one comes out with lines through the photograph, like streaks. It's driving me crazy and makes me not want to use the camera because the pictures would just be wasted because of the streaks/lines. I'm using the normal ZINK paper..should I upgrade to the premium paper?

firestar55 - 답글

I went to take a picture and the screen went blank and it wont stop making the shutter sound and I dont know what happened. there is no way of resetting it. you can tell that its on because the screen is light just blacken and the shutter sound is on please help.

alycleohope - 답글

My Polaroid snap digital isn't turning on. It has been dropped. Then something must off happened after a day because I tried printing a picture but it wouldn't and the thing cant open because it's to tight and then when I opened it it said close the door and then it froze. I then tried to turn it off but it wouldn't turn off so I let it shut off by its self. Then I tried turning it on again it won't turn on

Charisse - 답글

Hi, I got a Polaroid SnapTouch for Christmas. It was ok for a while until I inserted an SD card that was previously in my GoPro Hero 4. My device won't turn on anymore, I used different cables and different power outlets. I pressed the reset button several times both quickly and for 10 seconds. Nothing. I got a replacement product from Amazon and the same thing happened. It died when I inserted the sd card. I don't understand, did it get a virus or something? Shouldn't be right cause it's just an SD card. Now I have 2 expensive paperweights lying on my table. Can someone help please?

Regine Mercado - 답글

My problem is listed here but it doesn't give enough explanation as to how to solve it. The paper in my printer is stuck and there is no safe way to get it out. Does anyone know how to get the paper unstuck?

Rebecca Jackson - 답글

When i turn on my snap no leds turn on. It turns on only the blue light of the selfie timer just for a while. Also during charging no leds turn on. I can't understand if it is charged or not. Also the leds of the color selector switch doesn't turn on. It works only in normal mode. I have also tried to update the firmware with no results. What am i doing wrong?

Gavit Mc - 답글

Hi, my Polaroid camera has taken plenty photos perfectly, but I recently attempted to take a photo and the film came out blank and white. I use the proper zink film and I tried resetting it and it will not work. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know.

Alaina Halbleib - 답글

Hello, i have a problem regarding the little LED light on the back of the camera next to the buttons. The light in the normal colour but wont turn off even when the camera is switched off, i am guessing it could be problem with battery? but dont really know nor do i know how to fix it, anybody have the same problem or any solutions? This is for my Polaroid Z2300 that i bought for my partner as a Christmas present

kyran daniels - 답글

I don't understand why the picture won't print. When u take the picture, it seems to be working but then nothing comes put but the Polaroid film. Why is this? I made sure I put in the film correctly

Zalaria - 답글

update the firmware,

alana.alaniz5 -

Mines is doing the same take just blank pictures need help

bolita.martinez19 - 답글

hello, i am having trouble with my polaroid 600. i bought film for it but when i put in the film it makes this weird buzzing noise and it won't stop even when i close the film door. i know i put the film in correctly because i looked up how to put it in. please help!

Stina Kondos - 답글

Hi Everyone. I just got my polaroid snap touch camera. Right after printing the first photograph, my camera began making the turning-on/off noise and WILL NOT STOP. It is unresponsive to turning on and off, and I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know how to force shut it off and/or what may be wrong???

kddickman - 답글

can any one help me the led light for the paper keeps blinking what should I do. it started after I tried to take a picture but didn't realize it was out of paper. Then I put more in and then it kept making a a nose and that's wen the paper light kept blinking. thus I have no idea deal what to do help please!

Julio Sanchez - 답글

Hello! My Polaroid Snap (touch) wasn't printing for some reason and now is printing very slowly and only turns on half the time, I have no idea what to do.

nanoslime - 답글

for my poloroid the film comes out fine but the image never comes up

Emily Ma - 답글

HELP! The image printed does not correspond with the one I can see in the viewfinder. I assume this is because the lens is an inch away from the actual viewfinder? I have to compensate by 'cutting off' part of the image when taking the photo to get the full frame. But it's a guessing game. Really annoying. Any ideas? THANK YOU!

Angus Neill - 답글

We have the same issue- did you ever find anything helpful?

LoB -

Emily: Place the shiny side UP and make sure that you have included the blue barcode card which will be ejected with the first picture and then you can chuck it.

Angus Neill - 답글

Guys I just bought a Polaroid snap and when I charge it, every 2 seconds it makes a beep sound and all 3 lights turn white, does it mean is charged? How do I know it is charged? And when is charging does it have to beep every 5 seconds???????

Roy Herrera - 답글

It means you’re using the wrong charger. Try using a power bank or your laptop to charge the device.

Suhaas Putta -

My camera recently fell on the floor and the metal plate on the back of the screen inside the door latch came off. I put it back on, but now it won't let me print any pictures as it says please lock door latch and it is. I don't know what's wrong with it. ?

torres0839 - 답글

Just got the snap for my daughter today and now she has a solid white light, flashing white light then a red light. No pictures will print please help.

Kathy - 답글

Do you have paper in it?

Abby -

My camera is new and it was working fine. I charged it last night and now today when I take pics everything seems to be working but the paper comes out all white... HELP

Cassi Hafer - 답글

Shiny side UP when loading the paper!

Angus Neill -

Hi! Every time I take a picture with my Polaroid snap, the outcome is either to high or to low. when i look through the view finder it looks perfect, but then the printing comes out wrong. i don't know if I'm using it wrong or the camera doesn't work.

Natalie Segera - 답글

I have the same problem. Is it because the actual lens is below the viewfinder. It's so annoying!

Angus Neill -

My camera has the middle light flashing , like when it shows that a picture is printing out. It nothing is coming out . I tried taking a picture in black and white but I can't change the color anymore . Not sure what to do

Mirthelia - 답글

I'm having the same problem but now its just printing blank papers!

how do you guys update the firmware?

hugo esquivel - 답글

Download update onto computer, unzip file, plug camera into computer, drag file into cameras folder. Wait, then reset camera.

Sean T Flaherty -

my camera wont take pictures, the shutter button is working because I can still take videos but when I try to take a picture it doesn't work. I've even tried restarting it but nothing has worked.

marianne baiden - 답글

Hello, I unfortuntly have a problem with my camera. I dropped it like 3 ft off the ground onto soft carpet and now it is frozen and I don't know what to do!

Abby - 답글

Hello, i don't know how to save a photo without printing. I do not want to take out the paper every time I want to save a photo instead of printing.HELP!!!

Selena - 답글

Hello again, My pictures always come in a funky color. I do not know if it is just the way the camera is. When I print a black and white photo it always has a blue hue. When I print a regular photo it looks dull.

Selena - 답글

My lens is not extending out when I turn on my camera how do i fix it?

Selena - 답글

I need help to find out how to restart my snap camera,the printing just keeps flashing and it won't turn off

Jazmine Chavez - 답글

Hello. I bought a 128gb card.. it says not supported. I bought a 16gb sdhc card... this also says not supported./

I highly doubt this is accurate. I am formatting the Disk on a mac OS What should i format the card to so that the camera snap touch will see the card?

ashburnslumlord - 답글

Worked perfect for two photos. Now all pictures have lines through them

crazytaco1990 - 답글

And color is mostly blue

crazytaco1990 -

My snap touch will not print because it's out of paper, I tried to open the thing that you put paper in but it will not open, I have tried most things, if you have in idea why it is like this please reply!!!

Taylor - 답글

mine does not have the DCIM folder anymore its just gone and when i take pics it wont show up its just blank what do i do???

Aiden Viramontes - 답글

I might just add the folder in your own and see if it works.

Sean T Flaherty -

Hi all

Can't see any issue listed here

The camera turns off and on file e but when it's on every light is on solid and i cant do anything other than turn it off

Any ideas??

I tried the reset button didn't seem to do anything

Wayne Walker - 답글

I updated my filmware, and now my camera will not turn on at all. I dont know what to do. When it comes on the the led lights turn on for about 30 seconds then turns right back off. I even reset the camera, and it does the same thing. Anyone else having this problem? seriously so disappointed in this product.

Marissa Smith - 답글

I like the camera and have gone through only about 20 photos. We love it for what it does. My issue is I cannot get the camera to use the micro SD card slot. I put an 8gb and a 32gb but neither seem too save the photos even though the white light is on for the slot. When I plug into computer i get a folder with info, but no pics that I tried.

Any ideas?

Sean T Flaherty - 답글

Hi! My camera was working just fine today and took multiple pictures but when I tried to take an other picture it started beeping at me and the paper light is blinking. I've tried taking the paper in and out, it wont turn off when I push the view finder down and it says it has good battier but when i plug it in the light is red but it doesnt seem to be charging. Help please

Alli Campo - 답글

I just got my Polaroid 300 instant camera and I put brand new battery's in it and at the top it has 3 red blinking lights and it's been like this for about 45 minutes and I just don't know what to do. I don't know if it's the battery's or the camera itself.

trin - 답글

Hi I need help I have a Polaroid waterproof camera and I just got new batteries and it won't turn on i tried but it just wont turn on please what do I do any advice?!

patricia - 답글

Hi. I have an issue with my Polaroid and none of the suggested solutions helped. I keep trying to take a picture and the flash goes off and everything, and it starts making the sound that usually means the picture is printing, but no picture comes out. I use ZINK film and I've looked over the manual but nothing is working. I've replaced the film several times, I always turn it off when I'm not using it, I've charged it. Nothing works. Can you help me? This was a birthday present from my dad and it cost him a lot. Thanks!

Albert Einstein - 답글

oh yeah by the way I have a Polaroid 300

Albert Einstein -

My camera's view finder is not working if it pops up you can close it sometimes or sometimes it won't open all the way if you can please help me it would be appreciated if you can't do you guys an estimated price for a repair

Allen lopes - 답글

hi my snap touch has a white screen but the battery is charged and the view finder is working perfectly. this problem started when I put in my brand new SD card into the slot. I don't understand what had happened. also my camera lenses has become very hot ever since this problem ha occurred

bernie - 답글

Have you formatted the SD card? When you put in the SD there is an update you have to do to the snap with the SD inside that will format the card and the camera.

Jasmine Hibberd -

I'm having trouble printing. It keeps giving me an error scale fail and won't print. It's fully charge and with the correct paper and all. Printed fine this morning

Claudia Diaz - 답글

Does anyone know how to get rid of the flash while taking the picture l.

star miranda - 답글

does anyone know how to correct the white balance of the camera for the prints? My snap prints out images with a red cast on all of the white parts of the image, even in B&W mode. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Jasmine Hibberd - 답글

I have the Polaroid SnapTouch and it used to work perfectly but now it won't stop making the turning off sound no matter how many times I try it won't turn on or off and won't stop making that sound

Arielle Saranga - 답글

This won't help you anymore but I just a had the same and was desperate.. for those who have the same; press reset buttom on the bottom with needle. See page 3 from the manual.

Kristiina Peltoniemi -

Hey guys! I'm having an issue with my polaroid. When i try and charge it, it doesnt charge. and when i plug it up to charge nothing happens. should a light be blinking or anything while its on the charger or no??? please help!

brittanyleigh56 - 답글

My camera can take videos and print picture I already have perfectly well. But it wont take pictures. I click the button but nothing happens, not even sound. it's only 3 months old. how do I fix it?

marianne baiden - 답글

Hi! Does someone knows if it is possible to print pictures saved in pc or phone with the polaroid snap? Not the snaptouch ?? TThanks!

instagram: @churcos_polaroid

johana_bottia - 답글

hi, my camera works fine by itself, but can't print via iPhone and won't update. when i download firmware from web it says 1.9 and when i go to update it from iPhone it says 2.0 is available . any tips ?

lasha kikvadze - 답글

Hello, my Polaroid Zip photo printer won't stay charged. Anybody else have this problem?

msmendoza2012 - 답글

Hello Hello.

My Polaroid SNAP © screen is frozen. Turning it on/off doesn't do anything. And well... that's it. The screen is frozen and the camera isn't responding.

Dan Mcglaughlin - 답글

Hello. My SNAP camera seems to be completely broken. It makes beeps every time I press a button and it won't even turn off. The battery life is fine, it has the right kind of paper and was working great right before this happened. Does anyone else have this problem?

Tabby Cat - 답글

My polaroid snap isn't printing. I'm using zinc paper, it's oriented correctly and everything else is correct, and the camera makes the sounds that something is supposed to be printing, but nothing comes out. When it's done 'printing' the battery light, the paper light and the sd card light all flash red... what's wrong?

Paige Willes - 답글

i took 3 photos but on the third photo my SANP is is frozen with the picture and it says "processing" I've tried everything but it will not unfreeze. my SNAP screen has turned black but will not turn back on or make any noise of it turning back on

Emilie Lauria - 답글

i have the exact same problem…did you find a solution?? Did you manage to fix it???

manthaschi -

My polaroid snap touch digital camera has a frozen screen how can I fix this. It will turn on but it will not allow me to do anything else I can't even touch the screen to get out of where it says there's no paper can't take pictures nothing. It's only a few months old. I can't find any videos or helpful information on how to troubleshoot it any help is appreciated

Cherry - 답글

I charged my printer but it won't print anything, when I try it flashes a red light. I don't know if it's because the back opened and all the papers fell out in my bag. I also tried pressing the reset button. Do I have to bye a new pack of paper.

Carolina Santamaria - 답글

Hello I got my camera yesterday and it was working fine then today I printed a few pictures then I turned it of but it keeps making this sound like when you turn it on so I tried turning it on it won't open and it keeps making the sound so I closed it again but it still make sure the sound so if anyone has the same problem and knows a solution please let me know

Jana Sami - 답글

My camera is having problems. It was taking photos just fine but then I would not turn on ! I charged and it was red and then went straight to blue I thought it was charged but it still won't take pictures. Does this mean I need a new battery? If so please tell me where I can get a new battery for it

Corrina - 답글

My Polaroid snap has full battery , zink paper and the flash works but my photos are still coming out blank when they print

Jay - 답글

Hi my camera is turning on it only showing red light and it was charging for two hours what can i do to solve this problem??

Cristal smith - 답글

H there, today I bought my new polaroid snap touch, after the setup the screen is now in a freeze mode and I can do nothing. is there a restart/reset function. Thanks for your feedback. Best Regards

marco - 답글

Hi, I have had the same issue before and there is a small hole near the charging port, stick a paper clip in there for a quick poke and it will reset.

Aishaaceto -

Plugging my brand new camera in last night to charge. Won't turn on in the morning. Help

maegan fisher - 답글

did yoj figure out what happened

brmederos1nnamede -

Hi! lately i have been having some problems with my snap touch camera. whenever i try to print a picture, whether it be from the app or from my camera directly, the camera will start to say either printing or downloading across the screen and then suddenly the camera will turn off. i've tried changing the paper, checking my bluetooth connection, and turning the camera on and off. i'm not too sure why it’s messing up when it was working just fine a few weeks ago. anyone know how to fix this? the battery is also fully charged

McKenna - 답글

I’m having the same issue. Everything I’m trying is not fixing it. The only thing I can figure out is different is that I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 8

Candace Nash -

My camera will not let me print pictures from the app.

It will say it is downloading then it won’t print..

Kenia Rodriguez Villalon - 답글

Same did you find out how to fix it

Eden -

I have my app connected to my camera, but when I choose the photo to be printed, it will say the photo is in que?? Where do I find it?

Aishaaceto -

My Polaroid app is connected to my snap touch, it seems to be working fine but the only thing is that I choose the photo to printed and it says it is in queue…where do i find queued photos??

Aishaaceto -

My camera is printing out picture with lines in them. I've opened a new package of zink paper, ran the blue barcode one first, still didn't work. Tried turning it around and nothing. 11 printed pages later, still lines. Help!!!

Heather - 답글

Im trying to print a picture taken on my iphone on my polaroid. i’ve tried this before and it has worked properly via the polaroid print app. A few months later i’m trying again, it says the printing is in process but no picture is coming out. But i can print the pictures taken on my polaroid though. Has anyone had this problem? if so please help!

Nicole kassabian - 답글

I’m having this issue as well. Have you recently upgraded your phone?

Candace Nash -

So I been troubleshooting this for days it's iOS 11 just tried an iPhone on iOS 10.3.4 and it printed with 0 issues.

David Sala -

10.3.2** just checked the phone

David Sala -

I’m having the exact same problem, but I can’t seem to manage to downgrade my phone properly. How can one contact Polaroid to let them know?

skoleandrea -

Hi so I literally just purchased the Polaroid pop and upon opening it for the first time and checking it out I put it back in the box without turning it on I wasn't ready for that yet I was only looking at it so an hour later I open it up again to show my brother it and have him help me set it up and the screen looked lot but that was it no Icon nothing just plain lot black screen . Now in the directions it says the red button turns it on which im guessing was clicked while I had put it away the first time but it's saying I can't turn it off without this so called icon on the screen to press which is not showing up , nothing is showing up . Please can someone tell me if this is defective or just not charged enough . It's brand new!!

Rose Anna Graffeo - 답글

Mine keeps trying to turn off so it keeps making that noise when it wants to turn on but does fully turn on or off it just keeps making the noise …

Glenda Barrientos - 답글

Camera keeps reading door latch not fully closed when it is, right after i turn ot on.

Juan C Rodriguez - 답글

i can take pictures on my polaroid snap and the paper sheet comes out, but when it does come out, it’s just a plain white picture so nothing showed up

Ritz Crackers - 답글

I will go on my app and select a picture after that it won’t print even though in settings it says I’m connected. In it I have the correct paper and amount I’ve put through the blue sheet. Does anyone know why my print won’t print any pictures?

Alexus Gonzalez - 답글

Hello my camera will not print pictures it is a Polaroid snap touch 3.4mm f2.0 snap touch 3:2 picture I'm not 100% sure which is the right paper but I've tried Polaroid 2X3 premium zinc paper I don't know how to fix it or figure out right paper

Cory Branch - 답글

Everything works except the frames feature does not show up. All I get are black squares.

Breanna - 답글

My poloriad snap is taking pictures. It’s printing them, but when I print them, all that comes back is a blank sheet. Whats wrong?

Chloe Rathbun (Grade 06) - 답글

Hi I am using the Polaroid Snaptouch app to try and print a picture that’s on my phone off of my Polaroid Snaptouch camera. the problem is that it keeps on saying printer busy. I was wonder why it would do that? Could it be because I don’t have a SD card???

Jennifer oconnor - 답글

Hello, I have an issue with my Polaroid Snaptouch. When I attempt to print a picture from my phone, the display either shows: “Printer is Busy” or “Downloading”. I have tried unpairing my camera from my phone, turning the camera off, trying to print different pictures from my phone, searching fixes, and watching youtube videos. If you have any advice or a fix, that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much.

Kayla Palm - 답글

Hi so my camera’s touch screen is completely frozen, it won’t turn off, it won’t turn on. What should I do?

Mimi ryall -

Hi! I’m having the same problem, have you found the fix for it?

Tatiana Bauza -

I just got my camera and it charged all day and night and the battery is still only at 40%

Cindy - 답글

I just got my camera and it’s not connecting to my phone. I turned on Bluetooth for both, so why isn’t it working?

Brianna Rodriguez - 답글

Hi there, just got camera for xmas but flash does t work at all, pic comes out fine but I read the flash is used for every pic , any help would be great

Amy Southwick

Amy southwick - 답글

Just got camera for xmas and flash won’t turn on or work at all, any help to fix

Amy southwick

Amy southwick - 답글

I just got my Snap yesterday, and have since taken about 20 pictures with no issue. Tonight, I went to take a picture and the camera would not work. The SD card light was on, but I don’t have an SD card inserted, nor have I ever. Has anyone else had this problem, or is there some minor issue that I’m just missing?

Late Night Cosplay - 답글

I got my Snap three days ago, and have since taken about 20 pictures without issue. Tonight, I tried to take a picture and the camera wouldn’t work. The SD card light was on, but I don’t have an SD card inserted, nor have I ever. Has anyone else had this problem, or is there some minor issue that I’m just missing?

Late Night Cosplay - 답글

I just got my snap and it wont work. I’ve tried charging it for over three hours but every time I turn it on and remove the lenses cap, nothing happens. The LED lights don’t turn on or anything.

Melissa Ipatzi - 답글

This is the exact same problem with mine

Tamarah Johnson -

every time i take a picture, it comes out pink or purple, but never the actual color of the shot. how do i fix it??

ur mom - 답글

When mine prints out it just prints out a bunch of lines across the film…do you have any suggestion what I can do?

catherinesurban - 답글

Hi so I just got the z2300 from my sister so she has used it in the past but she lost the packet that says how to use it and I couldn’t find it online so I clicked format to try and figure out set up and ok and now every time I turn it on it says no image and I am not rly sure what to do now? I can’t take pictures and I can’t access her old pictures and I don’t want to click anything else until I know what to do! PLEASE HELP!!

Leo Shome - 답글

Hi my Polaroid has worked fine the past few months, I hadn’t used it in like 3 months because I ran out of the sink paper. Recently I stocked up and I charged my polaroid only for it to turn hot and when I turned it on the screen was black ???

Mel1234 - 답글

hello my polaroid does not print me from the bluetooth, but usually if I print. I would like to know if you could help me with this problem

dayana seni - 답글

Hi there. I received the snap touch for Christmas and loved it until it ran out of the paper. I bought more of the correct paper specifically for this camera on Amazon but it won't register the paper. Now every time I turn on the camera it says “Optimizing printer paper", acts like it's printing, spits out a blank sheet, then says it's not the proper paper. It's really frustrating and I can't use my camera because it always does this. What can I do?

Emma Starnes-Harvey - 답글

My snap touch will not turn on and I tried charging it but nothing will happen the screen stays black what can I do?HELP PLEASE!i love to take it on vacation and now I can’t because it’s not working!!!:((

Stephenie Deleon - 답글

Hi so I took a picture of something and it printed out halfway and all three light are flashing.. I'm using the zink film, what do I do ? the picture is stuck and idk how to fix it HELP :(

viri - 답글

Hi! So, my camera worked just fine when I first got it, and after reading this page, I thought there was just a paper jam. I leave one sheet of the paper, and I know for a fact it’s the correct paper, and the camera does everything it’s supposed to when taking a picture. When it goes to print, nothing is on the paper. I think this has to do with the fact that I may have put in more paper than I should, or that I haven’t used a color correction sheet in quite some time, but those are just assumptions. I’d really like to know what’s wrong with my camera, as I enjoyed using it when I got it, which wasn’t too long ago, and i’d like to continue using it.

Jeremy Smith - 답글

i have a problem not listed every time i take a picture there is suppods to be a white border and there never is what do i do (the pack shows all pics with white border its the right pack)

jalynne sanchez - 답글

You have to select the border button. Its the one with the square in the square- next to color setting button.

LoB -

I have had too completely different problems occur n my snap camera. The first one is that when i first got it two years ago i believe the flash only ever worked twice. I have used this camera a lot and for the flash to only work twice is disappointing. The second is that recently the pictures have been printing out more blue than normal. Even pictures that do not have a lot of blue tones in them will have a lot of blue in them after they are printed.

Kristin - 답글

So I dropped my camera on time from 1ft off the ground and no external damage but it won't take pictures . Like everything is good like paper is filled, battery full , sd card in. But no pictures

Aliyah - 답글

Just got my camera and been testing it out! Was taking a picture of my friend outside and his face came out very blotchy both the times I tried the same shot. The far right LED light is red im guessing its the one for film??? but its loaded with film and the pictures are printing how they should I’m just wondering if the light being red has something to do with the quality and if theres anything I can do to fix it!!!! please help if you know

Am Ber - 답글

my Snap fell and when ever i try to take a photo, it beeps 3 times and the battery light is flashing . it doesnt take the pictures at all what should i do?

danely0220 - 답글

I have a polaroid Zink printer and i was charging it and the light was solid red no flashing then green (whwich i beleive means its charged) and then when i unplug it it does not turn on… can anyone help?

Rebecca - 답글

Hi well I haven’t found my problem here but everything work correctly , I have zink Polaroid film , the paper comes out but the image doesn’t print , the film comes out how I bought it new and plain , but I have the 2 far end images blinking red , what does this mean ?

Julie Martinez - 답글

I am having the same problem!!!! Somebody plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albert Enstein -


My camera worked well the first time but suddenly the view finder didnt work anymore, it doesnt pop up.

I can turn on the camera with the other buttoms but the problem is with the view finder.

Please help me!!

Sofia - 답글

I just bought a new polaroid snap and I still can take pictures and they will print but with nothing on them. They come out looking like the film that I just put in; blank and white. Do I need to refill ink? I am having a photoshoot and I need an answer asap. Thanks.

Albert Enstein - 답글

Picture will not print,everything is functioning.

michael Smith - 답글


My polaroid snap works perfectly fine but my camera has just started making the printing noise and won’t stop! I’ve taken out paper and put paper back in and all it does is slide the paper out blank! What should I do?

Julia Murphey - 답글

I reset my polaroid snap, can you help me putting it back? Cause it’s not opening. Thank you!

Shereen sallan - 답글

I was on the printing settings and pushed the print button on the top right corner in curiosity. It started printing the main picture for the polaroid of the girl. While that was happening it showed a purple screen that said: “PLEASE WAIT AND TRY AGAIN. You will be able to use this function soon.” And had a red “ OK" button below it. It froze on that screen even after printing the picture. I Tried plugging it in and it's still stuck. Can someone help me?

Edit: I just reset it and it worked! I just need to redo everything

Kaeli Obel-Jorgensen - 답글

My camera keeps blinking that it needs more paper, I checked and it has paper i tried taking a picture but it just beeped, and did nothing. So i tried turning it off and it wont turn off, if i press a button it just beeps. Please help!!!

bts ramen - 답글

Also the light is beeping white.

bts ramen -

I couldn’t get any photos to print until I loaded the paper without the blue color calibration paper. Before I took it out, the camera made a whirring noise but nothing happened. I watched a YouTube video and it showed putting the blue paper in with the photo paper, but that didn’t work for me.

Carrie DeBarger - 답글

I just received my Polaroid snap camera, took a few shots now the printer light keeps flashing on and off , stuck on that mode , unable to turn the camera off using the view finder . I have replaced the paper, charged the camera still no luck, still printer light flashing and camera won’t shut off, any suggestions?

bwelsh016 - 답글

hi may camera wont turn on and i put in a charged also doesnt appear any lights on the screen..thank you

lorina - 답글

Hi i got my camera not so long & it seemed to work perfectly fine, that is until i realized that whenever i could print my picture they would could out in pinkish looking color. i checked to make sure that it was any of the setting being weird & it not. i put in a new pack sheet of papers & nothing. my pictures still come out looking the same. any help ?

marta vasq - 답글

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you can help. My camera takes photos just fine but when it's time to print it from my phone (and the battery life is at 66% and I use it just fine and it stays on) it says it has no battery and turns off by itself and doesnt print the photo I sent to it. I charge it and it just does it again and turns off. I havent used it in a while and I've kept it in a dry place no water or heat damage has occurred to it. This just recently started! Lol

yohena dominguez - 답글

I have tried everything I could find online and my touch snap polaroid camera won't turn on

Tamarah Johnson - 답글

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