Polaroid Sun 600 LMS Troubleshooting

The Polaroid Sun 600 LMS can be identified by the labeling on the front face.

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers the Polaroid Sun 600 LMS. Any other Polaroid Camera will be covered in a separate troubleshooting guide.

When a picture is taken there is no flash.

The battery is either dead or there is no film pack in the camera. The film pack has the battery built into it. Install a fresh film pack and try again.

There may be too much light for the light sensitivity switch, so the camera will not flash. Go to a darker place if flash is necessary.

After the last shot, the camera stopped working.

The battery could be dead. Try installing a new film pack because the battery is located in the film pack.

If the film pack has been removed since the previous shot, the battery contacts could have been bent or pushed back into the camera and are not touching the battery terminals. See repair page on bending of terminal contacts.

The internal camera gears may be hung up on something and need to be turned manually to get it working. See repair page for advancing gear train manually.

The pictures are not turning out they way they should.

If the pictures seem washed out or overexposed, try lowering the light exposure setting on the camera. See light sensitivity switch manipulation.

The film pack is damaged from exposure to radiation. Installing a film pack will fix this problem. See installing a film pack.


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