Troubleshooting ¶ 

Toaster lever will not stay down ¶ 

Plug in toaster to the outlet. Check to see if lever stays down.

Lever gets jammed ¶ 

UNPLUG TOASTER FIRST. Use nonmetal appliance to remove food item. Make sure item is not wider than toaster slots

Food is too burnt ¶ 

Rotate numbered wheel counterclockwise.

Food is not cooked enough ¶ 

Rotate numbered wheel clockwise.

Burning smell from toaster ¶ 

Disassemble toaster and clean food crumbs/remnants.

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I performed all steps but the bread lifter continues not to stay down. Please advice.

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.All steps were completed but the bread lifter continues not to stay down. Please advise.

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May 17 Finally able to remove the casing. There isn't anything blocking the lifter. It is free to move up and down. There are 2 wires attached to the variable adjustment switch connected to the casing. One wire is blue and the other is red. The Blue wire is connected to the top of small white box. The Red wire has been disconnected from the bottom of the same white box. Please advise the best method of soldering the Red wire back onto the White box. Thank you.

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