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RCA ViSYS 25424RE1 Troubleshooting

You can't talk to anyone on the phone because the sound won't work.

Most hearing issues are from the volume setting. If you are experiencing low sound, raise the volume by pressing the Vol + button. If this does not solve your problem, continue reading.

The wire for the headset may have been loosely connected to the port on the phone.

If you still cannot hear audio, it is possible that the speakers are not working. Follow the speaker guide on replacing a defective speaker.

Having to repeatedly say, Can you hear me now? because the mic won't cooperate.

The "mute" button has been accidentally enabled causing the voice input to not be heard by the second party. If the “mute” button is flashing, press it to to turn the microphone back on.

Overtime, many electronic items often get coated with dirt particles near port openings and microphone. Make sure that there isn’t any residue on the microphone that would cause obstruction of voice signal. If this is the case, then use rubbing alcohol to wipe around the microphone area.

When you have to repeatedly press a number with excessive force because it isn't registering.

The buildup of dirt around the keys may cause the keys to stick to the keypad. Simply, eliminate the residue by scraping with a sharp object like pin or toothpick, or wiping with a wet cotton swab. You may also clean the keys with air compressor spray.

It is possible that rubber padding responsible for making the buttons spring back and forth is damaged. Refer to the guide to replace the rubber padding underneath the keypad.

Can't use your phone because it is not turning on?

Make sure your device is properly plugged into a working outlet. To check whether your outlet works or not, plug a light into the outlet and see if it turns on.

Check to see that all the cables connecting to the phone are correctly attached. The cables should make a “click” noise upon successful connection.

At this point, it is very likely that may be caused due to some circuit board issues. Follow the replacement guide and insert a new working circuit in place of the old one.

I can't see date, time or phone number of incoming call.

If the display is blank or showing some random messages, try unplugging the phone for a minute then plugging it back.

It is possible that the bad wire connection may result in display screen issues. Make sure that all the cords are properly connected at the correct port to ensure good connection.

At last, try to replace the old circuit board that may be causing display screen to not work properly by following the replacement guide for a circuit board.

댓글 10개

second unit does not ring when first unit in use. Screen states "xfer"

Michael Edwards - 답글

also, indicater light on base for second unit is RED

Michael Edwards - 답글

cant pick up messages from line 1...XFER?

Woodside Village Church Office - 답글

sorry new to this system just started job, also none of the handsets work

Woodside Village Church Office - 답글

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