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The mouse will not charge the battery inside of the mouse.

There is a chance that the mouse is not making good contact with the charging dock, or the mouse does not have a firm connection with the Micro USB to USB cable. Make sure that all of the cords are firmly attached to the dock and the computer and that the mouse is secure onto the dock.

The battery inside the mouse might be defective. Replace the old battery with a new, rechargeable battery. Here is a replacement guide for inserting a new rechargeable battery: Razer Ouroboros Battery Replacement

If the above does not work, then some of the connections—either the bottom dock ports or the Micro USB ports—might be damaged. In this case, open up the mouse, make sure everything is clean, and check it again. If all else fails, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

The lights inside of the mouse keep blinking.

If the mouse blinks only a few times, then the battery may be dead or dying. Either set the mouse onto the charging dock, or plug the mouse into the computer with the Micro USB to USB cord to charge the battery.

If the mouse continuously blinks, this indicates a serious problem with the mouse (either the battery is leaking or some part of the device is overheating). Immediately stop using the mouse, and contact Razer Support.

When the computer is turned off, the mouse does not turn off with it.

The mouse is looking to connect to an inactive device. To turn off the mouse, press and hold the two DPI buttons located in between the left and right click until the lights turn off.

After turning on computer, the mouse will work at all.

The device may not have enough charge left in the batteries if left in wireless mode. Either plug the device into the computer or change the rechargeable batteries inside the device.

The computer could have the USB ports turned off to save power. For Windows, go into "Device Manager", and your USB ports should be listed somewhere here. For each one, right click the port and select "Properties". Under the "Power Management" tab, make sure "Allow computer to turn this device off to save power" is not selected. Also, under "Power Options" in "Control Panel", select the "Hibernation" tab and deselect "Enable hibernate support".

Some motherboards give priority to other USB ports. Try switching USB ports, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, go to your computer's BIOS and see if something like "Fast Boot" is enabled. Disable that, and check if the mouse works.

Nothing above has worked.

Do a complete restart of your computer. This usually resolves any conflicts between newly installed drivers. If this does not fix, continue to the next step.

To customize this mouse, Razer uses a program called Synapse to program each of the buttons. Some of the buttons may have been changed, so make sure all of the buttons do what they are supposed to do.

Go to "Device Manager" and find the Razer Ouroboros in the "Mice and other pointing devices" section. Select the mouse, and completely uninstall its drivers. Restart your computer, and reinstall the drivers.

If all of the above does not work, either there is something wrong with your computer, computer settings, or your mouse. Assuming it is the mouse, open the mouse, and make sure everything is clean. Check all of the connections, and make sure none of the electronics are broken. If everything looks fine and it still does not work, contact Razer Support.

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I have a problem with the MAGNETIC CHARGE, the mouse with the base don´t have a good contact... i need help for fix it problem.

edwin_barreraluna - 답글

I disassembled the base and cleaned the contacts. Also pulled one of the coils to make it harder (don't over do it!). There are four screws on the base of the dock: two you can feel and two are under the rubber matt below the connect button.

Rodolfo Netto - 답글

Wireless connecting or anything else you do makes Razer Ouroboros turn off, rattling noise from inside the mouse - Your side button springs have gotten loose inside the mouse and are creating bad short cirquits. The poles that hold these springs are brittle and break over time (when your mouse falls down, etc. Follow any replacement guide to open your mouse, remove the metal springs from inside the mouse. If you find only one, look carefully for the other, that might be starting to come loose or may hide somewhere on the cirquit board. Its better to remove them, the button element inside can take care of the side buttons to be clicky. You can, however rplace the poles, with long screws. For that you need to drill a tiny hole exactly, where the plastic poles were and screw in a long screw. You need mad skills or patience and precision to pull that off. You can also disable the side buttons with the locks under the mouse.

oocdpoo - 답글

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