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Local governments handle new business registration differently. Most new businesses must register for a business name, business permits, and business taxes.

  • A fictitious business name is a legal alias. If your name is John Doe, you may only legally do business as John Doe. Registering a fictitious business name allows you to create a legal name to do business.
  • Many local governments require business to file for any of a range of business permits: sellers permit, business license, resellers permit, etc.
  • Business taxes are special taxes that are separate from the business owners' personal income tax.

Use the following location-specific resources to find the information you need to register your business.

If your country isn't listed here, check DoingBusiness.Org. It's an excellent resource for finding business registration information on a country-by-country basis. You'll still need to check for municipal regulations, but it's a good start.

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