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SVP_ Aqua_ 5800

Released July 2014; Model number: 5800

SVP Aqua 5800-A won't turn on ¶ 

When I hold down the power button, my camera won't turn on.

Check batteries ¶ 

They may be dead or low on power. Change both batteries to prevent mixing fully charged batteries with dead batteries. See how to replace the batteries in the battery replacement guide.

If your device still will not turn on, read on.

Check Positive/Negative charge ¶ 

Are the the batteries positioned in the correct way? Sometimes the batteries are put in the wrong way. Check the back of the battery case or manual to see the correct positions. Battery positions are indicated by a "'+'" and "'-'" sign.

SVP Aqua 5800-A flash won't work ¶ 

I'd like to take a photo using flash but the flash doesn't go off when I take the photo.

The flash button may be stuck ¶ 

Apply a little pressure on the button to dislodge it and the button should become loose.

If your flash still does not go off, read on.

The flash button may be dirty ¶ 

Sometimes the buttons become sticky because of dirt or debris that may get caught on the sides of the button. You can loosen the dirt and debris by adding a small amount of alcohol to a cotton swab and gently clean around the button.

Front display won't turn on ¶ 

I would like to take a photo using the front display, but the screen is blank.

Try turning the device off and restarting it. ¶ 

The setting and mechanics of the device may need to refresh and the front display may turn back on again.

If the front display still does not turn on, read on.

The front casing may be damaged and need to be replaced. ¶ 

If the device had experienced any drops or potential damages, the front casing could be blocking the wiring connected to the front display. To see how to replace the front casing, see the front casing replacement guide.

There is a streak in all of my pictures ¶ 

All of my photos are coming out with a big line across the picture, in the same area.

The lens may be scratched. ¶ 

There are products you can buy that fill in minor scratches on lenses. To read more about these products, see this link.

You may have a dirty lens. ¶ 

Dust and dirt particles can hinder the quality of the photos. You can clean the lens my dampening a cotton swab and clean the lens with light pressure. ===

The wrist strap keeps falling off ¶ 

When I'm walking around, the cloth wrist straps detaches from the camera and falls off.

Make sure the wrist strap is secured. ¶ 

When you are walking around holding the camera by the wrist strap, be sure that you are securing the wrist strap with your hands as well. The strap can easily slide off of your wrist if you do not hold the strap in your hand.

If the wrist strap still falls off, read on.

The strap hook may be broken. ¶ 

The black plastic strap hook that holds the wrist strap may be damaged. See the strap hook replacement guide.

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