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Samsung EX2F troubleshooting

Released July 2012. Manufacturer: Samsung. Model: EX2F digital camera with WiFi (Black)

The camera will not turn on, no matter what.

The power button might just not be pressed hard enough. Try pressing and holding the power button and see if the camera turns on.

If the camera won't turn on, and you have not used it in a while, you most probably have a drained battery. To charge the battery, make sure you have the battery inserted into the camera. Then, open the tab on the right of the camera which covers the micro-USB port. Insert the micro-USB cable into the port and connect it to a computer or an A/C adapter. Your battery should be charging now.

If the camera won't turn on and if you are unable to charge the battery as well, then the contacts on the battery might have dust or dirt coating them. To solve this issue, take out the battery, and clean the gold contacts in the bottom of the battery. Put the battery back in again and your camera should turn on now. If it still does not turn on, try the above step of charging the battery.

As simple as it sounds, the problem might just be that the battery in your camera might be inserted incorrectly. To solve this issue, open the battery latch at the bottom of the camera and take out the battery, make sure the metal contacts in the battery are facing the blue tab and push the battery in.

If this is the case and you find yourself using up battery quicker than you usually do, you might have been zooming in and out a lot more frequently, the zoom mechanism on the camera consumes a lot of power and drains the battery quickly.

The camera will not stay turned on, even after pressing the power button.

If you find yourself frustratingly trying to keep the camera turned on, but it keeps shutting off, the lens cap is probably on the camera. Press the tabs on the lens cap and take it off, now press the power button and the camera will stay turned on.

You were able to get the camera to turn on, but now the lens won't extend.

The lens cap might still be attached to the lens in the camera. Take off the lens cap and try turning the camera on again.

The Zoom Lens is Extending Very Slowly

This may happen when the battery is running low. Charge the battery and then try zooming again.

If this is the case, you might have to open the camera and replace the zoom motor.

Try and look into the lens housing if you have dust and grime stuck in there. There should be a grinding noise when the lens is moving if this is the case. If you clean the lens housing off all the dust and grimes, you might have to take apart the housing in order to clean it.

What's the use of taking beautiful photos if you can't share them with your friends?

Go to settings, and then check if WiFi is turned on. You may want to switch it off and then back on again, restart your camera when you are done.

Check your wireless router if the ethernet cable in your WiFi router is plugged in correctly, then turn your router off and turn it on again. You should be able to connect to the internet.

Timing is everything, and even though you pressed the button at the right moment, you did not get the shot because of shutter-lag.

When the lens is fully extended, it might take the camera a long time to focus on an object. Try zooming out a bit and then take the picture.

The subject that you are trying to focus on might be too near the lens for the camera to focus. Try moving a bit further from the object and try focusing again. If that does not work, it might be taking a long time to focus as a result of not having enough light. Try taking the picture somewhere where there is ample lighting.

If this is the case, you might have to take apart the camera and check contact the shutter button is making, you might want to change the button if you find that the button is not making proper contact.

I am using the built in flash but the pictures still come out very dark.

Look at the recommended flash usage distance in the user manual and try not to exceed that maximum distance. The flash will not be very effective if you exceed the maximum range.

Depending on how far the lens housing physically extends from the camera body and the angle at which you are trying to take the photo, the lens housing may actually be blocking some light from the flash. Try changing the angle or extending the lens a bit less before taking the picture.

The flash mechanism will not pop up from the camera body at all.

If this is the issue, the mechanism that allows the flash to pop up may be stuck or the spring may be broken. You might have to take the camera apart and change the spring or examine and remove whatever is making the flash to be stuck.

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