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해당 위키는 저희 교육 프로그램의 멋진 학생이 작성하였습니다. iFixit 직원이 관리하지 않습니다.

Phone will not turn on

Oh no! My Fame won’t turn on!

Drained/dead battery

Plug your phone into the charger. If it doesn’t turn on and begin to charge within a couple of minutes, the battery may be dead. If the battery is dead, it will need to be replaced with a new battery.

Bad display

If the problem persist, it is possible that the phone is turned on, but the display isn’t functioning properly. The backlight or the LCD will need to be replaced.

Bad Logic Board

If all else fails, the problem is probably that the logic board is bad and needs to be replaced.

Phone is frozen and will not respond.

Your phone has taken a timeout and you have screamed many times to wake it up.

Restart phone

Try turn phone off. If that does not work remove the back cover and remove the battery. Install the battery again and try turning on the phone.

Low Battery

Sometimes phones reach critically low charge levels that mess with the functionality. Try turning off the phone and letting it charge for at least 15 mins then turning it back on.

Phone won’t charge

Your phone is dead and refuses to accept life.

The charger cable is broken

Try to use other chargers to know if the problem is from the charger or the cable.

Bad cable connection

Check if the ends of the USB cable are clean and not damaged then use the wall charger for better charging.

Bad dock connector.

See if the dock is clean if not clean it with a toothpick or soft toothbrush. If the dock is broken you will have to replace it.

Bluetooth toggles on/off during calls

My bluetooth is causing aches and pains- Dr iFixit please help me

Faulty upgrade or boot up issue

Try restarting the phone and if it is still not working back up your data and do a factory reset.

Faulty bluetooth receiver

The built in bluetooth receiver might be faulty and causing the problem. It may need to be replaced.

Bluetooth headset compatibility

You may have noticed this issue because you have a bluetooth headset and it cuts off during a call. Check and see that the headset does not have any issues. Check battery and try using it on another phone.

Touchscreen has limited sensitivity

Your phone does not respond the way it used to anymore!

Adjust touch screen sensitivity

Under settings>display>touchscreen sensitivity, check the box and this should help increase the response of the screen.

Clean the terminals

If you have the right tools and are willing to risk voiding your warranty, you can also open the device and scrub down the control board using the small brush and isopropyl alcohol.

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My fame doesn't transfer stuff to memory card what must I do to fix this?

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