If your troubleshooting problems are not addressed here, please see the user device manual for additional solutions.

Your Gear freezes or has fatal errors ¶ 

Your Gear freezes and does not respond.

Too many apps running ¶ 

If your Gear is freezing but the touch screen is responsive, close all applications. Place two fingers on the screen until the Open Apps screen appears, then swipe either right or left to close an app.

Still not responding after closing all running apps ¶ 

If your Gear is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power button for at least 7 seconds to reboot.

After closing all running apps and rebooting it ¶ 

If neither of the above options work, you can reset your device. Before resetting your device, make sure to back-up copies of any important data that may be stored on the Gear.

On the Home screen, go to Settings → Reset Gear → OK.

Gear won’t turn on ¶ 

Your Gear will not boot.

Dead battery ¶ 

If your Gear is not turning on, it is possible that it may have a drained or dead battery. This is often the case if you have not used your device recently, for the battery will slowly drain over time. Plug it into the charger to see if the Gear will charge.

Bad internal battery connections ¶ 

If it is still not turning on, you will need to check the connections inside the device and possibly replace the whole battery altogether. A guide to replace the battery can be found here: Samsung Gear 2 Battery Replacement.

Gear’s touch screen works improperly or lags ¶ 

Your Gear’s touch screen responds slowly.

Unclean hands ¶ 

Make sure that you are only using clean, dry hands while operating the device. The use of objects, wet hands, or dirty hands may result in malfunction.

Software out-of-date ¶ 

If the software on the Gear is out of date, it may malfunction or work slowly. Restart the Gear and check that its software is fully updated.

Bad protective cover ¶ 

A protective cover for the screen may also cause malfunction. Try removing the cover and testing the gear's functionality.

Broken or scratched screen ¶ 

A scratched or broken screen may cause the problem and must be replaced.

Another Bluetooth device cannot locate your Gear ¶ 

Your Gear cannot be found by another device.

Devices too far from each other ¶ 

Verify that your Gear and the other Bluetooth Device are within the Bluetooth connection range of 10 meters. The distance of the connection varies upon the environment and surroundings of the device. Objects such as walls interfere with connectivity.

Check that the Bluetooth wireless feature is activated on your Gear. To access the Bluetooth settings from the Clock screen:

  • 1. Swipe right to access. Settings → Bluetooth.
  • 2. Toggle the Bluetooth option to turn it on, and it will automatically be visible to other devices until it connects to your mobile device.
  • 3. Place a check mark next to the name of a device if you want your Gear to remain visible to that device. To hide your Gear from other devices, leave them unchecked.

If Bluetooth is still not working ¶ 

Reset your Gear and try connecting to the Bluetooth device again.

If the above tips above do not solve the problem, contact a Samsung Service Centre.

Bluetooth disconnects from the device or the connection is not established ¶ 

Your Gear disconnects with the other device or a connection is never established.

Bluetooth is not on ¶ 

To access the Bluetooth settings from the Clock screen:

  • 1. Swipe right to access. Settings → Bluetooth.
  • 2. Toggle the Bluetooth option to turn it on, and it will automatically be visible to other devices until it connects to your mobile device.
  • 3. Place a check mark next to the name of a device if you want your Gear to remain visible to that device. To hide your Gear from other devices, leave them unchecked.

Interference ¶ 

Obstructions, such as walls or any electrical equipment, between the devices may result in a weakened connection.

Old version of Gear Manager Application ¶ 

Make sure that the latest version of the Gear Manager application is installed and updated on the mobile device.

Not within range ¶ 

Ensure that your Gear and the other device are within the Bluetooth connection range of 10 meters. The distance may very depending on the environment of the devices are used in.

Error messages appear when launching the camera ¶ 

Low battery ¶ 

Check if your Gear has enough charge in order to use the camera. If the battery has low energy, charge the battery.

Not enough memory ¶ 

Your Gear must have sufficient available memory in order to operate the camera. Free some memory by deleting files or unwanted photos from your Gear.

If camera is still not working ¶ 

Restart the Gear. If the camera application is still having problems, contact a Samsung Service Centre or look into replacing the camera here: Samsung Gear 2 Camera Replacement Guide.

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Mene jb Samsung gear2 ko reset kiye uske baad connect ho hi nhi raha hai or na Bluetooth on hai

Anand Prasad - 답글

I updated my gear 2 to Tizen which was great - I then switched phones to the 6 edge plus and my gear would not connect - I then reset the gear 2 and now it is stuck in a connection mode that says go to Samsung gear manager and connect - Samsung gear manager recognises the watch but says it cannot communicate? any ideas

Richard yhap - 답글

Mine is the same, did you get an answer to this?

hope4merh -

Exactly same issue. Reset watch, off/on bluetooth, unistalled/installed app. Nothing.

Sasha Kealalio -

My Gear 2 Neo will now no longer connect with my S5. It's not a phone bluetooth issue as the phone connects with my other devices. It's not a watch bluetooth issue as once I reset the watch it connected but hung up waiting for Gear Manager to respond, which it never does. I've reinstalled Gear on the phone. Any other suggestions?

George Wilkinson -

My gear2 watch flipped (freezing, only swiping one direction/receiving notifications, but the clock is frozen, etcs.) out after turning on heart rate monitor. I just replaced my gear2 watch 2 days ago. It had similar issues describe previously.

Is there something wrong with the heart monitor app? I like it is standard with the gear2, but is there anyway I can remove it?

alwhiting123 - 답글

When I try to use the setting on my phone to control my gear 2 I'll click on it and it will automatically back out of what ever I had clicked on?


Did you get this problem fixed? Mine is doing the same thing.

Onael Castro -

Hi Jordan - did you manage to sort this out. I have the same problem.

Carmen Potgieter -

omg stop putting question marks after regualr sentences its annoying

Ayomide Manns -

Hello iFixit Community,

I was having an issue with my Samsung Gear 2 wouldn't charge. I almost threw it away, but I decided to check out iFixit. Now it is currently charging as I am typing this. Once I had opened it, I noticed that the charging connector circuit board had old sweat and a little corrosion on it. After taking Q-tips and a dab of alcohol it is like new again.

Leonard Roberson - 답글

Gear’s touch screen doesn't work: el touch de mi gear 2 no funciona y aunque se reseteo completamente no permite seguir ninguna acción porque no reconoce el toque. Tampoco permite emparejar con el smartphone. Que puedo hacer?

cameza - 답글

My Gear S2 seems to not be recognizing motion. The wake up gesture and pedometer are no longer working. I've tried restarting, rebooting, factory reset from settings and reboot menu, and just about every setting I could find. Not a happy camper at all.

usmarinejt - 답글

I have the same issue. Did u ever solve? It is like the gps and pedometer disappeared

Caleb Decker -

I have same problem. Any solutions? It is only 1 month old.

rrainiel -

I am having same problem.

sinclairvanessa -

My Gear 2. Everything seems to work, like it tells me its charging, bluetooth connected etc...but clock screen is black. Any ideas? Please?

Jason Searle - 답글

I am having same problem.

outpost patton -

When i put my gear s2 in charge and its complitly charged i picking up and the bluetooth didnt work and other sensors now what can i do

Razavi -

The touch screen is completely unresponsive ,dail works but cant make it do anything even power off.any help ? Please email me at jasonaaron16@gmail.com

kendra - 답글

My gear 2 neo get greenish blue colour patch in edge of display but it workes good... when it presses it get spread.. how can i fix it ? how much it will cost for fixing it from Samsung care... please email me good option to fix the problem .. jarshadt@outlook.com

jarshad t - 답글

My clock is stuck on 6:35 pm been like that for days and cant seem to fix it

Adele Maple - 답글

When i put my gear s2 in charge and i picking up the bluetooth didnt work and other sensors is off i reset my gear its work but again i put in charge its not work anymore help!

Razavi - 답글

I have a Gear 2 which worked fine until I upgraded to the new Note 7 and now it resets to factory setting which is fine but is now stuck on the background screen. The swipe right or left feature no longer works. The only way I can attempt to make any changes to the screen, I have to use the Samsung Gear manager on my phone and change the double tap option to settings. Now when I double tap I can get those options to pull up. Still the swipe right or left doesn't work. Now it does say an update is available which requires I believe 16.8mb of memory to download and comes back and says I do not have enough space to do so. The funny thing is that the watch has been reset to factory settings so there isn't any apps downloaded to the watch. I'm almost at the point to trash it, any suggestions?

brandon - 답글

My gear 2 device name has changed orange and I now cant connect except only get calls... confused.

Thabby - 답글

My Google pixel connects to it but the app isn't recognizing it. How do I get the watch to work properly. I can use it as a Bluetooth device but can't use watch itself.

Kris Kalender - 답글

Hello iFitit! When I first got my s2 classic everything worked great. Now Voxer isn't communicating. I've deleted and reinstalled on my phone (S6) and watch, but still isn't responding. Any suggestions? Much appreciated

Erik Larson - 답글

My Gear 2 starts to reboot with no problem, but then I get this on my screen IDS_ST_BO.... and below it I get IDS_ST_BU... and in the the right hand bottom corner I have IDS_ST_BODY_OUTDOO...... Nothing else appears when i swipe or press and if I reboot I get the same thing. Help!

James - 답글

My watch works but the screen is black?

albertamike - 답글

Same problem with mine too can somebody help?

tomas ignac -

Same problem did you find something

mau.ballesteros -

My gear 2 Watch is stuck on show video and next to show mW how to connect my gear to my new phone,, even if i rebbot, it still comes at the show video and next, please help

Philippe Cyr - 답글

Mine goes to the unlock screen then shows a black screen, then after a while the password pops back uo and agian nothing. What oukd this be?

Seth Horne - 답글

I bought a Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch from a friend, but after charging it, it won't load past the greeting screen that says "Samsung Gear 2". I've held down the home/power button until it gives me 4 options in a Reboot Menu but none of them get me any further. Suggestions?

RJ Toler - 답글

I've connected my Gear2 to my phone. The profile app isnt opening. How do I fix this?

Gregory Lind - 답글

I want to give my daughter my gear 2 and I did a factory reset now it is locked and is telling me to sign in with my account info but I do not know the info I need help

dedhamavonlady - 답글

i think samsung totally abandoned the older models and are only focusing on the newer Gear S models...I have a Gear 2 also but after the new recent software date, i noticed the app is only for the S2, S3, and the Gear Fit 2 but not the Gear 2. The apps and songs that i dowoaded are still on there and works but it won't connect to my bluetooth headphones anymore and i can't find anything on either google or samsung store that still has the older version of gear manager compatible for the Gear 2 anymore and I'm afraid to hit the factory reset to get my older version back in case it deletes all the songs and apps i have on it and won't be able to restore. Samsung + diagnostic wont even recognize the serial number of the watch anymore now either like the model is no longer in their system. Personally, i like the Dick Tracy look better than the round watchface. Their Gear VR is just as useless and can't get any help explaining why i can only get 10 min of play before being told to shut down to cool.

Minhford Chiemingsworth -

My gear 2 does not want to connect to my phone and it has id's on envy advise please

Vernon Botes - 답글

Had my S2 for 6 months now ( worked great every day) and after an update last night it will not pair with my phone anymore? Ive done resets on both phone and watch and no luck. It looks like I have a $250 paper weight!

Mike Atwood - 답글

my samsung gear s2 classic works perfectly fine, no bugs except 1, i cant access the setting application on the gear. it reboots the whole device every time i try to open the application, please help!

Josh Kelly - 답글

My gear 2 is stuck in the reboot cycle. I was doing a hard reset to connect another phone now it will not turn on. Any ideas I have tried recovery, download and letting it die.

Morgan Dell - 답글

My gear 2 is stuck in the reboot cycle

Rachel Ravencraft -

my gear 2 is stuck in reboot

Rachel Ravencraft -

My screen is cracked. Also a little cover on the sensor is now missing and my sensor for my heart rate monitor won't work neither will the sensor for my sleep is that was causing it I will Samsung replace or fix these things for free if I bought for Christmas

Laurie Snarr - 답글

It is stuck on setting up…

Jeffrey Harris - 답글

I just restarted my watch and when I turned it back on, nothing was there. The watch face wasn’t showing up, the touch screen wasn't working, and there were no widgets. If anyone has a solution to this problem, please tell me.

David Bermudez - 답글

My s2 wake up gesture is not working and it started to stop tracking my steps. It all happen after the update. What is happening here?

Jonathan Ynson - 답글

are Samsung going to give me back my money for my gear 2 watch that their software has stuffed up and are not willing to fix the update and make the whatch stay connected mybe someone should start a class action law suit to refund our money

Ian Thompson - 답글

When is Samsung going to fix the update that stuffed up my Gear fit 2 from working correctly

May be someone should start a Class Action  to get a refund for the cost of all the devices that are now no longer working due to their fault .

Ian Thompson - 답글

My Samsung Galaxy 7 keeps saying in my car (for Bluetooth) “phone is not available “? Help please! My friend just passed away & her voice is still in my car but I don't know how to retrieve it. It says priority set #1? What do I do from there? dianelulu6314@gmail.com Thanx!

Diane Vezina - 답글

My problem is it will charge but it wont come on even if I hold the reset button down for 10 minutes, does anyone know how to fix this problem???

Ruth Wann - 답글

My Gear fit2 stops at 20 minutes whenever in workout mode no matter which exercise also the heart monitor has stopped working? anyone else have these issues?

BRYAN - 답글

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